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Hunting / shooting Club taking applications

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Anyone Interested? It's the club I belong to..

Barbertown sportsmens club



Club is in zone 11 (kingwood area)

Dues are $1600/yr for hunting/shooting members

Dues are $450/yr for shooting rights only.


Approximately 18 leases totaling over 800 acres bit this might slightly change soon.

Land leases in zone 8,10,11

Approximately 25 members. Some hunt alot, some barely ever.

Members are allowed 2 does per year.

Members are allowed 1st buck to be any size, any other bucks must have at least 6 points.


Club has rifle range and trap house for your personal use.


Club has beds available for overnight stays.


Year round use.


We do not stock birds. We are primarily bow for deer. We don't organize drives.

Turkey hunting is available but not many turkeys around anymore.

Hunt any game legal as long as you dont interfere with the deer hunters.




If you are interested, please send me a quick pm about yourself..






Years hunting

Where you currently hunt

How often you hunt / time of the year?

Primarily hunt weekdays or weekends?

Hunt Bow/gun?

Join solo or with a small group?

Etc. Anything else you might want to add.






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