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Cool pic. How many do we walk past.


I mapped wetlands for a few years and I can't count the number of times that deer let me walk past, unnoticed, only to jump up when I turned around and almost stepped on them.  

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Cool picture and like mikejd said, how many do we walk past?  


Not to hijack this thread, but I remember a smasher 8 my buddy and I were hunting in zone 3 maybe 25 -30 years ago now.  We only hunted 6 Day back then, and we had a ton of sign and had seen the buck at times out scouting the area.  He and I put in lots of time that week, me mostly in a climber over the buck's scrape line and my buddy Dave mostly still hunting.  On the last hour of the last day, we decided to walk to see if we could find sign in the light snow that had fallen a couple days earlier figuring at least we may learn something.  We walked out onto a small peninsula in a lake he lives on which was far from any visible homes, and wouldn't you know that the buck was bedded right on the very edge of the peninsula with its back to the lake.  As we approached, clueless that it was there, it jumped up, turned, and jumped into fairly shallow water and bounded across and up a steep ledge into the woods never to be seen again.  We both stood there with our mouths open.  The sign around his bed indicated he spent most of 6 Day right there or at least by day.  His bed was maybe 75 yards from my climbing stand, but I wouldn't have seen him because of a small hump on the peninsula and because I had my back turned that way while hunting.      

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