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Does not matter if he actually said it or not. The media's obsession with this man is pathological bordering on the insane. I feel no need to defend his remarks in the same way there is no need to defend any truth that is based on facts. Again immigration is but a tool to progressives who's ultimate goal is absolute power and who better to help them consolidate that  power then a collection of people starved of life's basics who make for great election day fodder. The ultimate irony is that progressives, liberals ( what ever these fascists fancy themselves ) are the true racists and intolerant ones. Lucky for them America has be so " transformed " that no one can figure that out.      

Very well thought out and intelligently stated.  Power is the ultimate goal for them.  It would be much better to radically transform the countries they came from so that they could stay and  live under a system like ours which is ultimately what they want because they come here(at least some of them do).  The problem is that the process to change a system of gov't that does not value individual rights and freedom to one that does often requires revolution and that requires blood and sacrifice and some form of support from another country that has an interest in supporting the revolt.  The US doesn't do that anymore. 


The democrat fascists in this country talk a good game about freedom and rule of law but ultimately want more people dependent on the gov't instead of being independent and self reliant so they can stay in power. 

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