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Ton of stuff For Sale

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I'm weeding out a ton of items I have laying around for my escape from NJ.


I'm going to try to load pics but I'm not very good at it. All items located in Howell Monmouth county. I'm working up in Passaic during the week and travel the parkway. I'll be adding to the list as some stuff sells and I keep digging it out.


1- Leupold RXll range finder. Comes with original box,Cary case and neck lanyard. $100 ****** SOLD ******


2- 2 new packs (3 per pack) G5 Montec 100gr. $15/ pack ******Sold******


3- 2 new packs (3 per pack) G5 Stiker 100gr. $15/ pack


4- for all the guys that want to work on your bows/xbows. Sure Loc X Press with parallel limb adapters. In awesome condition. $150 *******Sold*******


5- Nikon Buckmasters 4.5-14x40 mil dot scope. Glass is great,no scratches, comes with original box and factory lens covers ======$90=======


6- Axcel Armortech-Hd micro adjust .019 bow sight. ========$70=======


7- New version Sure Loc Leathal Weapon SL .019 bow sight with soft side factory case and paperwork. =========$120=========


8- Bowtech 82nd Airborne R/H I believe 50-60. Comes with HAHA slider sight,Octang quiver,QAD Ultra drop away. Set at 28", and I have a set of 29" mods $175 ******SOLD********


9- Bear INSTICT youth bow. 26" draw, up to 50lb draw weight. R/H comes with stabilizer, 4 pin cobra sight. Just needs a rest. $90******SOLD******


I'm going to try to post pics like I said,if it doesn't work out,I can text pics.

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Yes Tinemaster, it basically comes ready to hunt. All you'll need is a release a d arrows. Located in Monmouth county Howell township

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Thats a helluva deal on the 82nd Airborne. I have the Old Glory that i still shoot, great balance between speed and smoothness. If someone doesnt snatch it up i may even though i dont need it

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Ok one last price crop. See above in opening post,anything that has equals ( = ) by price has been dropped

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