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Big Buck Down!

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What a rollercoaster season it has been for me, I normally sit my swamp stands during 6 day and let the clubs and other hunters push the deer to me, well I didn't see anything Monday or tuesday in the swamp and didn't hear any clubs drive the highlands at all so I decided to go after this guy. I had pics of this buck since August, he's the only buck that has stayed around all season. He was very active, I got pics of him on every camera I had up over scrapes and runs all bow season, I never saw him in person till Wednesday night he chased some does by me right at dark and I couldn't get a shot. The deer activity completely stopped Thursday. I figured a club drove the peice Thursday when I wasn't there. Let it cool down Friday and went in this afternoon in hopes the snow would have them on their feet. I got in the stand at 2, by 3 I had a 6 point walk by out of the laurels, almost pulled the trigger on him with the way this season has been, but it was early and I reminded myself of the big one. 15 mins later I had 2 does and a yearling walk by, by now I'm covered in melting snow, freezing cold, shaking like a leaf and had an unexpected cough, the big doe pegged me, got downwind and blew once and trotted off. They stand 50yds away staring into the laurels to my left when I hear something coming. Thinking it's a buck, I turn and see an orange hat! Just reminded myself why I sit the swamps this week. The walks right under me trying to still hunt with a single action shotgun. I whistle, he looks up and apologized and headed towards the road. It's now 4pm, I had a doe blow and then some guy crashing through the bedding area, it's snowing, I'm soaked and the wind is cutting right through me. I almost climbed down but I stuck it out. 30 mins go by and I see a big body at 60yds heading towards me, as he got closer I could see the rack and knew immediately it was him. Luckily he was bedded in the laurels in front of me, not the ones to my left that the guy walked through. He turns at 30yds and gives me the perfect broadside shot. 00 buck dropped him in his tracks and I don't think I've ever climbed out of a tree so fast and ran over to him to confirm it's the buck I thought it was. What a crazy hunt that I'll never forget. By no means a monster but it's my biggest jersey buck and a real good one for the pines. Was a 12 but broke off a brow tine and a sticker.






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Great deer, congrats!! :up: 


He is "the only deer that has stayed around".... that's not a bad thing, only deer staying around for me are the handful of usual dinks.

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That's amazing that you got him after all those guys were walking thru there! Congrats!

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