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pre trapping season poem/advice/warning

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first the poem:


Horay its the first day of trapping season, I jump up from my bed

thoughts of catching furry critters keeps running through my head


8 long months I hung out with the wife,

now that trapping season is here she wants to stab me with a knife


horay its the first day of trapping season


cable restraints are made, the traps are dyed

the coon bait smells like something died


horay its the first day of trapping season


traps will be set and cable restraints will be tied to every tree

that reminds me I hope I didn't forget the TP.


horay its the first day of trapping season



we all know fur wont make you rich this year so trap for fun and get the youth involved, they are our future, dont shy away from coon, they are fun to catch and their numbers need to be kept in check to prevent rabies outbreak again and its closer than you think. slow down and try new things and go back to basics to undo bad habbits.



we are being watched hard and we never been as vulnerable as we are now with Murphy being our new gov. dont post pictures of animals in traps!!!! dont post pics of bloody, mudball, jelly heads, animal's wraped up or the worse. those pics will be removed for the sake of saving our tradition. If they are removed dont feel it is a personal attack on you because it isnt, over the last couple years some of the pics posed on forums been used against us and we are fighting to keep our right to trap. all that being said feel free to post clean respectable pics and stories like you would for deer. us trappers know what traps were used so their is no reason to post trap pics.


good luck boys and girls, have fun and be smart. remember we are being watched hard by the public.


trap on

rgw out

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i remember when trappers posted anything (NJH days). now a days i wouldnt post a picture of my trapping truck. god forbid theres a picture of a peice of cable. hope everyone enjoys the season. I will run a few short lines again this year. remember, only post pictures of the cleanest fox laying over a beautiful piece of barn wood lol. oh yeah, with the sunset in the backround, or sunrise. 

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