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Drop Tine

2013 Weapons Trifecta COMPLETE ! ! ! (Shotgun, Bow, X-Bow)

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Tagged out on this Nice, Rainy Day X-Bow Bird this morning... and this now completes my 2013 Weapons Trifecta biggrin.gif

2013 My X-Bow Bird
Weight; 19 lbs.
Beard; 9 ¾”
Spurs; 7/8”
NWTF Score; 56




Thank You Again Mike K. aka 2barrel

Mike made this great sounding Custom Slate over Glass pot call and Custom one piece strikers...




2013 (Ice Breaker) Gobbler (Shotgun)

Weight; 19 lbs.
Beards; 10.5”
Spurs; No Spurs
NWTF Score; 40



2013 My Bow Bird
Weight; 19.5 lbs.
(Double) Beards; 10” & 4”
Spurs; 7/8”
NWTF Score; 65


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Way to go Paul! 3 great birds too! You're laying the smack down on them!

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