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Bear Down

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I decided not to hunt because of the weather forecast for yesterday morning. I did hunt the afternoon and saw nothing. I went back at it before first light this morning. A bear came in above me off my right shoulder at 8 AM. I tried to turn in my chair but the bear heard the fabric on fabric sound and bolted. Not surprised since he was only fifteen yards away. a few minutes later another ,bigger bear came strait down the hill. I think he was headed for my bait below me ,but when he crossed the trail of the spooked bear he got nervous and meandered away. I thought about the first bear and it came to me that I could have shot him without shifting if I could shoot the crossbow lefty. IMG_3242.JPGIMG_3242.JPGI picked up the x-bow and shouldered it on my left shoulder and said no problem ! At 10 AM another bear came up the same trail as the first one and I smoked him lefthanded !

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