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Target Buck 10pt down!!

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Congrats Johnny!



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Thanks Rick. Hope you get that problem fixed with that women harassing you at the county parks hunt

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Big thanks to SQ2HUNTER. He and I are hunting the same area and he came up to me to meet me a month ago one day I was in there to introduce himself. We started talking since then about hunting and fishing. He said since I've been hunting there the past couple years he would give me room to go for the 10pt. We both have had him on camera all year plus I had him on camera last year. True to his word he left that area alone for me(even though it's public land). True sportsmen and now a good friend.


John, this is what it is all about. Class act by SQHUNTER......


I watched and had pics of a mature, 3.5 or older triple beam buck this summer. A friend's son started showing me pics in August of "an awesome buck he has on his camera".....Same buck, same area.... I made a decision then and there to not hunt for the buck in September. I have permission and a stand on the property next door, but seeing how excited the kid was I wanted him to get the shot at him. I gave some tips to keep the deer close, and a week ago I get a text that read "Holy sh^%! I just shot the biggest buck of my life and he is down!" He not only made a great shot on the deer, it is in fact the biggest buck he has had the chance to take to date. It dressed at 205 lbs and is a beautiful non typical. The kid is on cloud 9 still and I am so glad for him......

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