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My zone 9 gobbler

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Spent the entire day on Monday looking for a bird but couldn't get a gobble.  Then today, as soon as the sky started getting a little light, I heard gobbling from an adjacent property.  I sat in my blind and made a few calls but received no reply.  I would call and then wait for about 10 minutes.  I repeated this for about 45 minutes when, after one sequence I received a reply.  I waited a bit before answering and when I did, the gobble sounded closer.  The bird was certainly coming in to my calls.  We talked to each other and I heard him getting closer and closer, but he wasn't alone.  The gobbles now sounded so I loud it was though they were in the blind with me.  I stopped calling and after a few minutes I caught the movement of three gobblers coming in to my calls from my right side.  The three were close together so I had to wait for some separation.  When the one I thought was the biggest separated from the group I squeezed the trigger and he fell.  The other two didn't even flinch.  They gobbled and then did a dance on the body of the bird I had just shot.  This went on for about 5 minutes until they got tired of it and walked off, gobbling the whole way.  The bird has a 9 1/2" beard, 1" spurs and weighed in at 23 pounds.  My nicest turkey to date.


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