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So Many Gobbles This Morning.

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This morning might have been the most gobbles I've ever heard in one day. They were FIRED UP!!!


Original plan was to kill one from the blind with my bow...My buddy Jon was filming. That almost worked.


I roosted them last night. We setup in a good spot pretty close to the roost but compromised a bit so we'd have a great spot to film. Took a while, but we worked a couple birds in to about 50 yards just on the edge of the thicket and field. After a while, they finally gave up coaxing us (the hens) to them and left. Public land, so these birds must study a manual on turkey hunting.


After they moved away a good distance we tried to reposition and got close to either the same bird or a different one, we got to within about 40 yards or so (couldn't see him). He must have seen or heard us moving into position to setup because he went dead silent before we even started calling. Gave him some time and then made another move.


As we were moving through we heard another bird up ahead. We split apart and Jon went slightly ahead. This one also wanted us to go a different direction and then another bird joined in off to my left. Once it seemed like I was out of the game  I silently slipped back on an angle and almost called them through Jon. He saw them at about 50, but they hung up again and wanted to play "come to me" again.


So we decided to slip out around in the direction they wanted to go instead. We had to cross through a big swamp and swing way out around to prevent busting them out.


Finally when we figured we were far enough ahead, we setup....Jon in front and me behind. Before we could even call...here they come. Two nice gobblers silently slipping along. They ended up in our laps without ever making a peep and Jon blasted the lead gobbler.


18.5# 1-1/4" spurs and a 9.5" beard.



I can't even venture a guess at how many gobbles we heard today....It would probably seem unbelieveable. It was nearly non-stop all day, just running into birds gobbling like crazy on their own.


I'll see if I have any pictures to add from my email.


4 or 5 years in a row Jon has killed a good bird on opening day now. SWEET!


Jon Turkey 2013.jpg

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Great story, and hunt.....congrats !!!! Hope some birds are around Friday

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Thanks guys. Definitely a great day. Jon and I always have a blast turkey hunting together and we're fortunate enough to almost always carry a bird out which makes it even more fun. We're hoping to get out two more times this week to try and fill my tag.


Other than being a little chilly this AM, it was really a gorgeous day. That's one thing I love about turkey hunting....amazing weather. Good luck when you guys hit the woods!

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