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My new bow... been a long time coming

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I purchased an Elite Tempo. It is the smoothest bow I have ever shot. Great let off and you almost have to push forward to let it down.


Smooth roll over and such a pleasure to shoot.


I made the purchase from Bob and AJ's Archery World.


They took the time to go over the new bows and found what worked for me.


We went through about 5 releases until we found one that fit my style.


Great carbon express blues.. I can't wait to bow hunt this year.





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Looks great do some 3D shoots have fun with the new toy..

I am hoping to join a local club and shoot with my daughter and friends. 3D is something I have always wanted to try. To me it is great practice and sharpens your judgement.


My 5 year old doesn't know it yet but she is getting a Darton kids bow. She has a my first bow now. She has been shooting this for about a year. Her birthday is in May. I plan on taking her to the store and getting her fitted, if it works. If not we'll just continue with what she has.


I forget who posted the pictures the other day of an Elite bow, but my Tempo is just a pleasure to shoot. I am going to be practicing my butt off. Kansas in November.

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Looks great, good luck with it this season :up:   Never shot any of those bows

I have shot Jennings, golden eagle, high country carbon 4 runner, bow Tec tomkat, Mathews, for me I liked the elite.


The Halon 32 is bad ass but I kept coming back to the elite.


Been looking at this for about 3 months.

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Congrats Lou! Looks great'

You need to try this. I can hold it forever. Shoots smooth, draws smooth and flings arrows like no body's business.


I have the block and am going to set up something nice for back yard.


You'll have to come over.


Next issue is broadheads... muzzy, g5, slick trick, or some sort of mechanical.


I have never used mechanical. Killed deer with muzzy, thunder heads and steel force

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I would stay with fixed blades.... My opinion is you get better penetration with fixed blades and G5's are nasty either strikers or the montecs... never been a fan of expandables but to each is own...

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