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Cool buck taken awhile back

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This is a buck I caught on one of the older Moultrie flash cameras 9 years ago....Not a giant, but as soon as I saw the non-typical twisted antler I was obsessed with trying to kill him...Anyway, long story short...My son was only 4 and could not hunt yet but a friend's son was a youth hunter that was 14 years old....I sat numerous times and never saw the buck.....After the rut, I had the deer coming on numerous occassions on a regular basis before dark, and asked my buddy if he would like his son to use the stand to get a shot at the buck with the bow...(Since I had a hang on positioned above a ladder stand, he could hunt with his son as well....)


The day of the youth hunt came and my buddy's son didn't want to hunt that day. I told him he had a good chance to see the buck during shooting light, but he was not into it.....Anyway, I went on stand with my friend in the hang on above me and the non typical buck came through a shooting lane I had cut in advance. I made a good shot on the buck, and my friend still jokes to this day with his son that he should have sat on stand that afternoon..Close inspection looked like all of the points on the right antler formed in his G1 for some reason...While going through the pics of this deer, I also had a shed buck on camera that winter that was missing the lower portion of his rear leg and posted the pic below as well....Was the year of the land of the misfit toys, lol..






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That is a cool rack! I love non typical and freak racks. Oh and love the pic of your son hanging from its rack :rofl:


Now he is dragging deer out on his own. This is his 5 pointer he shot during 6 day, man how time flies WAY TOO FAST! 


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