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Nasty night

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But out sitting in the blind.

Hunting partner ran out of time trying for his last deer to fill the freezer.

So I'm out trying to get him a last doe.

Glad for Sunday bow hunting as with a hectic work schedule been only day I can count on getting out.

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A great friend dropped off a big bag of venison for me. I had thoughts of buying a bag of corn and trying to get one, but his generosity knowing I had a bad year all around kept me from going that route.   

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Had 7 skippers, 2 does and 2 shedders come in .

was waiting for a shot on the biggest doe when I saw this doe coming across the field.

watched this doe for 20 in the binocs  minutes before finally taking a shot sure it was a doe..

as she was as big as the shed bucks body wise.

actually waited till she had walked straight away from me checking for jewelry .

took another ten minutes for her to finally turn broadside at 15 yards, and sent a Freak Nasty through her heart into the offside shoulder.

She ran full out for about 165 yards across the hay field , dying about 80 yards from my truck.

Leaving a blood trail Ray Charles could follow.






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