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Winter Bow/Mature Doe taken tonight

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The nerves of the deer are just about shot this time of year! 3 times in the past month I have been trying to harvest one of the many deer on a cull program in zone 6. I truly think that during Winter Bow the deer inspect each tree as they walk, and it is tough. Some of the does are among the biggest I have seen in a long time as well being extremely smart. Trying to draw the bow is the tough part. At any second, the field could clear like there was never a deer in it if I get picked off. 


Tonight I was fortunate enough to get a good heart shot on one of the matriarchs with 5 minutes of shooting light left.. At the shot, she turned and ran 50 yards straight away and was dead on her feet. The thunderhead took out her heart....Why I switched from them many years ago is unknown, but from now on, my son and I will only use them with the compounds. Huge thank you to Rusty for the opportunity to play a small part in the deer cull. :up:





doe bow.jpg

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