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My New Xpedition Xplorer SS

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I've been all over the map on which bow to buy. I've posted here a bunch and gotten some very solid advice both publicly on the forums and privately via PM and even phone. I finally pulled the trigger on the Xplorer SS, sight unseen. This sub-forum and the other sources made it pretty clear that the bow I finally chose was a great choice. I ordered it 12/5/16 and picked it up tonight, 12/10/16. A super fast turn around by any estimation. 

2017 Xplorer SS
Black riser
Defcon Limbs
28/65# (67# actual)
Spott Hogg Bulletproof sight
Fuse carbon stab
Treelimb standard 3 arrow quiver-spraybomb black

356gn arrow: 306
400gn arrow(my hunting setup): 296

Bow was set up by both Jimmy and Mark at Agony Outdoors in Waldwick, NJ (201-444-7270). 

First impressions:
This is one tiny a@@ed little bow. Super compact. And very manageable weight wise. Fit and finish is very nice as well. The setup of the bow was spot on and accomplished without my knowledge as I didn't think I would see it for another week at least (Thanks Blake!!!). After throwing on a safety "release" and drawing the bow a couple of times it became immediately apparent that this is a completely different animal from what I had been shooting. We hit the target room and Mark set up my peep and kisser button for me. I strapped on a real release and did just a touch of shooting. 

Draw cycle:
The draw, to me, is very "linear" feeling. It's not as "round" as my single cam (no real surprise) but just a straight build up of energy to the drop off. There is a tiny little hump and then she drops off. The drop is something for me to get used to. My last bow was so easily guided into the wall as to almost feel like I was cheating. This is gonna take a minute. However once I get there I know the transition will be seamless. 

Release and hold:
The bow comes to the wall and just holds. I've drawn several different bows and this one is just what I have been looking for. It just holds. It's not a huge valley, nor is it tiny. It just kind of "is". It's not yanking me forward a la a Hoyt, nor is it the grand canyon of my single. It just holds. Solid. And very, very steady. There isn't a lot of wobble. No shake. It's maneuverable as all get out, but steady. On the release it just... goes. No fanfare. 

The shot:
Pull the trigger and off it goes. Just like that. Very quiet. Honestly if I hadn't pulled the trigger I wouldn't have known that it went off. No shock on the shot. No vibe at all. Just the smack of the arrow hitting the target. That smack of the arrow impacting the target is what really made me know that the bow popped off. It certainly wasn't anything else. Everything happens just so, very, well. 

All in I have no complaints. The bow is fast, quiet and smooth. It's beautifully put together and a joy to shoot. I'm going to get it sighted in and have it in the woods next week. I'm super pumped about it.

Thanks again to Jimmy and Mark at Agony Outdoors. And thanks to the crew at Xpedition and Blake for putting out, and getting the word out about some very nice bows. 


(Pics to follow)

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Congrats on your purchase. I shoot a 2016 Xcentric 7 and am happy with my decision. Xpedition has a couple in their 2017 lineup that Im interested in but think Ill get a few seasons under my belt with the 16. Good luck with the bow Topher

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Thanks folks. 


If anyone is ever up in northern NJ and wants to give the bow a try shoot me a PM.  I'm a 28" draw so fairly common.  It's your to take a few shots on.  My only caution is that you may want to take one home shortly afterwards.

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