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Chicken Little

Licensing Question (Bachelors degree needed)

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I typically hunt in 55 (Reg Set #3) and purchased a "Buck Permit - Bow " which I have not used.

I also purchased a "Antlerless Deer Archery/Bow Permit" which I have tagged 2 Antlerless with, so I have "Tagged Out" in 55.

My buddy is in 35 (Reg Set #5) and just invited me to hunt his property, so I went out and purchased a 35 "Antlerless Deer Archery/Bow Permit" and the Shop where i purchase said my Buck Permit purchased when I purchased my 55 permits was not Zone specific and I can still use that Antlered Buck Permit in 35.


In the end, in 35 I am shooting mainly Does, which it is unlimited, but if a MOWNSTA walks by, can I shoot it in 35 with my current permits?

I know I am done with any deer in 55 during Permit Bow since I took 2 anterless.

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Yes,  your buck tag can be used in any zone that you have a permit for.  

Cool...I was confusing myself, so thanks for the confirmation...of course, it has to have 3 pts on a side if in 35 wjich is a bit different than 55 with no restrictions

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Buck stub can be used in any zone with a zone specific permit. You can hold as many permits as you wish, but can only have and use one buck stub

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