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Ohio trip

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My trip to Ohio got cut short by a few days on the front end and a few on the back end, so 8 days ended up being 4.5 but it was fun. Weather was pretty warm but we saw deer and did okay for our first hunt on the property. I went out in late September and set up a few things and put a few cams out. One didn't work, one did. It was over 2 old scrapes on a bench along a steep hillside between 2 bedding areas about 500 yards apart. I pulled the card on November 7th and the 16 gig card was full, last video was on 11/2, so I probably missed some good stuff but I got some great action on video anyway. I put a sampling of the best of it together here. Turn up the volume, there are some vocalizations captured on video and antler sounds during the buck fight. My stand is along the bench, 38 yards from the scrape. You can barely see it in the video on November 8th, the day after I pulled the card, when I hunted somewhere else and the 12 point walked by in broad daylight.



I had the big 8 that put on the show on October 28 around me for 30 minutes making rubs on Monday afternoon, my brother hit the split brow 12 point in the shoulder blade and we never found it. I saw it that morning from my stand over 1/4 mile away crossing a creek and going up a steep hill, he looked none the worse for wear. We also saw the big crab claw buck one morning walking in at about 10 am for a 10 am to dark hunt. It rained early so we skipped the first light hunt and headed in. He walked out of a brushy hillside and stopped in front of me at 15 yards, did not have my release on. He looked bigger than in the video, had those really cool butterscotch colored antlers. I passed the 8 point in the video on October 18 on the first morning. I got down from my stand because the wind was all wrong about 8 am and moved about 200 yards to a saddle I found crossing a steep ridge and stood there on the ground. he came up the saddle about 9:45 following 2 does. There is a stand there now.  :up: The non-typical in the fight sequence with the 8 point is the only big buck on video we didn't actually see in 4 days of hunting. Surprised by that but there was a lot of grunting, chasing and cruising going on last week, and the week before, as the video shows. 

Bench scrape cam.wmv

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