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Found 40 results

  1. SO my 10 year old daughter asked me over the weekend when she could start shooting a crossbow to go hunting with me? (what took so long) I said as soon as we can find one for you!!! Thus my search begins..... Any recommendations for a crossbow for her?? She has fired my tenpoint stealth, but it is a little big for her If I get something with Acudraw(which I think is now down to 5 lbs to pull), is it still legal to hunt NJ? I have a big blind and also a shooting tripod, so that side is taken care of, but I guess I will be looking for some youth size camo if anyone has any they are looking to move along. Thanks for any suggestions and ideas.
  2. I sat with my buddy and filmed him Rattle in and Take this nice 8pt at 20 yards. While we were setting up I made 2 mock scrapes and had Hot doe lure on my boots, walked to the wood line and back and the buck came out followed it on a string! Congrats to my buddy Ray for a great shot and nice buck!
  3. My mom got out and only had 1 day off from work and was able to connect on this awesome bear! Perfect shot with the bow
  4. We headed up to a private club up in Sussex and I was able to get my girl on her first pheasant and the guys shot em up like always! Goodluck to all the bear hunters out. We are all sitting now, 1 bear down already👍
  5. Mom Shoots a Big Zone 36 8pt. She drops him in 40 yards!
  6. Opening day of Squirrel is Saturday don’t normally start going till pheasants start but figure I’ll share some shots of a harvest from last year to get those going out pumped up for opening day lol !
  7. Hoyt Kobalt Bow AND Arrow Quiver (Righty) Great condition. Good sight. Whisker biscuit. Peep sight. Weight: 40-50 Length: 25.5-28
  8. Sitting in the garage for too long. Hopefully someone wants it so it can be put back into use. Don't want to wait for 20 posts and 2 weeks to post on Archery Talk!!! $150
  9. https://youtu.be/0WiI6MGay3chttps://youtu.be/0WiI6MGay3c So I'd figure I would share my shed hunting so far for 2019, I'm at 49 NJ sheds, this video is 1-25, once I hit 50 Im making a part 2 video. Alot of people been telling me to make more shed hunting videos so here ya go.... sorry if I found your target sheds lol
  10. So, i got a Winchester SXP Black Shadow Deer gun a couple weeks ago. Due to Murphy's new laws for private transfers, i had to meet the guy at a dealer. FBI delayed me! But the next day, after hours upon hours of anxiety, i was cleared. I go in to puck it up today. This is my first ever slug gun, in excited to start testing different brands of ammo and see how this thing shoots. If anyone on here had or has a Winchester sxp, i would love to hear from you. My plan is to get a barrel for turkey season sand switch out barrels as needed. Hopefully this 12 guage is the only one I'll need for a while.
  11. Good day all, I am representing a fellow sportsman in the sale of a beautiful property located at 290 Hopewell rd in Medford NJ 08055. Its a beautiful custom home set on 24 acres of private land with private lake access. The current owner regularly hunts the land and has several mounts to show for it. They style of house, the ready access to sports. Its like a home in the mountains but right here in South Jersey. Have a look- https://www.century21.com/property/290-Hopewell-Rd-Medford-NJ-08055/43970878/detail A fellow hunter will truly appreciate all this property has to offer. Please reach me at 856-340-5479 with any questions.
  12. We have a club that leases approximately 140 acres in the Oxford area. We are looking to bring the membership up to 10-12 members, The dues are $600.00 a year. We do not stock birds, It is primarily a deer hunting club, but some of the members hunt small game and turkey. If you are interested or have any questions please PM me. Thanx Jim.
  13. Blue Bend Switchgrass for sale. Duck/ Goose blinds. $7 per bundle $80 per dozen Cut to order. Please call or text (267)997-2879 Located in South Jersey Veteran owned and operated
  14. If you believe in hunting Moon Phases here they are for October And November 2018
  15. Looking at Tarhunts post on his buck (The PALMANATOR) is pretty dam awesome. I never had the opportunity to follow a buck from year to year and have history. I would love to see others pics with bucks you have history with and story behind it.
  16. What do you think about hunters posting pictures of themselves with the animals they kill? Do you agree with it? Do you think this hurts the future of hunting or is it good?? What’s your thoughts? THIS POST IS NOT ASKING HUNTERS TO CHANGE THEIR MINDS
  17. Hey there! Garrett Kazar owner of Andover Hunt & Fish Stop in for great prices and amazing product! A one of a kind Mom and Pop shop offering the best of the best in hunting, fishing, ammo, licensing, firearms, & much more!!! Also offering guided hunting and fishing services as well as the only kids summer fishing camp around! Don't forget to ask about our boat and kayak rentals off Lake Aeroflex! Starting out on this site as a new way to advertise all our amazing prices, sales, and promotions! We Look Forward To Providing You With All Your Sportsman Needs! 196 Main Street Andover, NJ (973)-786-7382
  18. Thought I would share one of my hunts up in North West Territories with you guys. I hunted with Nahanii Butte Outfitters. This was 2012 my first time up there.
  19. I found couple so far jw if you guys are out or waiting till February. I still have deer on my cams with there racks
  20. This is my first year deer hunting and I put out some sugar beets and corn in the woods I grew up next to in town. Growing up I never had interest in hunting but I know there was always hunting activity there and a deer population but I now I want to get into hunting. We always played paintball and rode dirtbikes all throughout the woods. The woods has since changed and all of us grew up. There's no more signs of any quads or dirtbikes whatsoever. I didn't even see boot tracks when I went out there to scout but saw a bunch of deer tracks. Here's some cam pics I have gotten. There are plenty more but the issue is they are all in dark hours. None of them are in daylight. I have since moved the camera and bait pile and will post more pics once I go back and check it (another day or two). I've been out there hunting a few times and haven't seen anything during huntable hours. Any tips or suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  21. Hey all, It's almost that time of year! I am the marketing manager for the Lodge at River Valley, a members only fly fishing club situated along 2 miles of the Musconetcong River in Asbury, New Jersey. This year we are planning to expand a limited hunting membership. We are looking for a few bow only members to join for deer season, limited to 6 members. Members will have access to overnight accommodation (at a rate of $65/man), as well as free range on over 240 acres of farm and woodlands that are prime deer habitat. Full kitchen is available for use. The herd at River Valley is about 45-60, with 6-8 unique bucks. The entire property is managed for regenerative farming and wildlife, which has a halo effect of positive stewardship to the deer population. We are located in Zone 7, known for it's large population of trophy bucks. Additionally, we currently host 4 clay shoots a year at the Lodge, and will be hosting our first wing shoot this fall. The Lodge is home to 2009's trophy buck of the year. Taken by shotgun, it is the 4th largest buck ever taken in New Jersey (NJ Deer Hunting Records). Pictures attached. The genetics of this large buck are still very much influencing the current herd. Membership starts at $1700 per person for the season, up to 6 members. Also included with membership are dining privileges at Hawk Pointe, a course just down the road from the lodge. Please send me a message or reply to this thread if you are interested or would like some more information. Check out the Lodge website for pictures of the property. Cheers Alex Ford
  22. We have never tried using mineral sites. Recommendations on products to use? Also how long does a mineral site last? I have plenty of crops around in the spots that I hunt so I wanted to start off the season with something like a mineral site and maybe some attractants or deer scents. I am looking for a quick and effective way to set up the mineral site. Any info or pointers on the mineral site information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  23. Had and awesome trip phesant hunting, went out for couple of hours. Killed a couple birds each. No misses on the day, Made a video from the trip. Hope ya like it!!!
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