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Found 3 results

  1. Ok this is getting personal now with a fox...Ive been tryin to snare this one fox for 3 weeks now at first I thought I was just setting in the wrong trails but with the snow we been getting I noticed that he's avoiding the snares , tracks come to within 2 feet of the snare and he turns around to go another way....Ive tired brushing the snares in, setting more snares at different spots and even ran a few trail cams to figure him out but he always misses the snare ...any advice from the more experienced trappers??? This is on my property and I'm just having some fun with this but starting to get alittle aggravating..
  2. Heres my rant. Maybe some of you have been affected also by this. I use Bushnell Aggressor Wireless cell cams and have been since they came out. In October I had 1 that started eating batteries in 6 days and it was only 6mos old. I contacted Bushnell since it was under warranty still and they said send it in. It took until Nov 13 for them to look at it and decide it needs to be replaced and not repaired. I was told they have no Aggressors and I would get a new Impulse cam. Cool! I was very interested in this cam anyway. After a few week of nothing I contacted Bushnell again and was told Id get it by the end of the following month because of issues with the cam. This has been going on now since the end of Nov. The date keeps getting pushed back by a month and the issues with the new Impulse keep adding up. Finally I asked for a refund if I provided them with my original receipt, and was told NO! Yesterday I called again and requested the same thing after being told March is when it "should" ship . No again I was told and then the agent got an attitude and said if I want something done about it write a letter and maybe it will make its way up the chain. I cant believe how they wont stand behind their product at all. Why have a "no hassle gaurantee" if you wont honor it? I spent $400 on the Aggressor and its being replaced with a $300 cam that does not exist per say. When I tell the guy Im getting beat out of my $400 he said yeah for now but when the cam does finally get fixed and come out it will be great. F U!!!!! Completely sucks!!! They can shove their Impulse. Covert here I come!
  3. WE HAD A SUCCESSFUL NIGHT !! The Grandsons Jake & Colton GOT BLOODY, helped gut, carry & load. HARVEST CONFIRMATION 828030W
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