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  1. Some skulls that got done up and a pic of our Euro leaf wall panel that we make in house and dip in camo and or burl wood finish.. Be sure to check my add in Hunting digest for coupon offer if looking to get a euro done.. Thanks!
  2. Anyone that has any of the below Mathews bows I am presently giving 10-15% off retail on Firenock Titanium kits, for a limited time only.. MA5TRG:Mathews 2015 TRG 33pc (2015/03/22) MA5WAK:Mathews 2015 Wake 31pc (2015/03/22) MA5HTR:Mathews 2015 HTR 29pc (2015/01/20) MA5SDX:Mathews 2015 Chill SDX 27pc (2015/11/20) MA5Z20:Mathews 2015 Z2 20pc (2015/02/27) MA4CRE:Mathews 2014 Creed 23pc (2014/07/01) MA4CHI:Mathews 2014 Chill R/X 23pc (2014/07/1) MA1Z70:Mathews 2010/1 Z7, Z7 Magnum 20pc (2015/02/27) MA2HEL:Mathews 2012 Heli-m 19 pc (2015/02/27) Less weight & increase accuracy.. If you
  3. If you're looking for arrows that can offer better performance / accuracy than standard factory Fletch and still be competitive with factory arrow pricing, this is the ticket.. *The Rampage .003 AV2 Hunter build arrows at bare min build come spine index, cut squared point end with AV2 vanes. They are still built with Black Eagle factory Half out and nock so that we can offer an arrow in its class that wont break the bank, but offer better than average performance gains. *The Rampage .003 AV2 Hunter build arrows is a great build for a great price point, You get Firenock Alum,, Half out
  4. I did a built a set of 29.5 ( raw shaft ) BE Challengers using Firenock Aero Concept system, Also on AV3 vanes, BE G nock bushing with Firenock G nocks all spine indexed out of a 29 dl / 63 lbs Athens TRX with Ti bolt kit / Ti Aero rest.. Whole different ball game of shooting.. Previously my bow before up grades with Rampage ( 334 gr ) arrow zero at 20 was just about getting me to 24-25yrds dropping 6 inches at 30yrds. With upgrades an my zero sight in was about 1/2 high at 20 yrds I was getting 30 yrd pushing 32yrds if I held forum.. With that same pin, I was getting approx 14 inches
  5. I did a set on arrows for a guy who wanted to try AV3 vanes. Arrows are Black Eagle Rampage 300 spine ( 29.75 raw shaft length ) with the factory stainless half-outs and nocks. He hit a 2 inch orange sticker on the target at 20yrds, 30yrds and only hit approx 4-5 inches low at 40yrds while using the same first pin that he just briefly sighted in. ( his previous Matthews Monster Chill with factory blazer vanes at 70lb had a different pin for each of the above yardages ) He also brought someone else with him to see if there was much noise or if any coming from arrows with AV3 vanes, only noise
  6. New shop sign I painted up for shop. decided to go green to make it stand out more..
  7. Some stuff we had roll out of the dip tanks this week. Custom dip on an, Athens Harpoon fishing bow ( fish hook riser )in Metallic blue base / gloss finish , Athens TRX and Convixtion limbs Predator 3D camo / Kryptek Highlander camo. Ram Cat quiver hood highlander camo.
  8. RH, 60lb, Blood trail camo, Black cams..If you like a compact bow, check this out..
  9. Cuts weight off, cuts vibration down equaling better flatter arrow flight..
  10. Best vane's on the market right now.. Cut, squared, beveled, indexed with Firenock AV3's and Firenock inserts... Our built arrows not only look cool, but they perform better!
  11. I've learned something new recently, thought I share it.. " You can put your cock vane or feather any way in the arrow rest " For best results in shooting you always want your spine up or down. Out to the side will be more prone to oscillation when in flight causing unstable arrow flight.
  12. Just got Firenock certified..We'll be getting some of these nocks and arrow components in.. Top shelf stuff.
  13. Obsession Evolution bow just rolled in the shop in Blood Trail Stormy Hardwoods camo riser with Gunmetal camo limbs / black cams. 29 DL RH 60lb. I also have a Knightmare GT that should be rolling in soon in the same camo , but with Red cams followed by another Evolution bow in Stormy Hardwoods original with a titanium bolt kit upgrade which will make the bow even faster , quieter an it will have less vibration.. 2 of the pics is off the net of a similar bow to show what a full set up could look like.. Obsession offers many camo options..
  14. Ted's Taxidermy & Bow Shop has now added New Breed Archery to our dealer line up.. These bows are super light weight and hand built by one builder. Even the 37 ATA Cyborg comes in at only 3.9lbs an goes up to a 32 dl.. Show below are the Cyborg and Genetix bow in Predator 3D camo. Other lines: Athens Archery Ross Archery Obsession Bows Scorpyd Cross bows
  15. Just Hunt


    I think Athens is going to be making a splash at ATA this year.. A little peek at the new riser and Next Vista Black camo for 2015
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