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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings to all, I'm here to tell you about a new hunting tournament available in New Jersey and other states. It's called Double Team Outdoors! But first, you don't know me. . .so please let me introduce myself. My name is Joel (formerly a Pennsylvania native . . .specifically Stroudsburg, PA and Mt. Pocono, PA. . .Just across the border from NJ) and I am a huge advocate for getting the next generation involved in the outdoors. As many of you know, our numbers are dropping immensely. I have been involved for the past 8 years now with a national organization called Polestar Outdoors. We have taken youth on over 1100 hunts for everything from rabbits to antelope to deer to elk, etc. We have had several hunts featured on The Best of the West show, etc and most can be found on Youtube. Many of our pictures and info are on our web page at www.polestar-outdoors.org or find us on facebook and instagram. Recently, a friend of mine and I have begun Double Team Outdoors: The Worlds Greatest Hunting Tournament! Again, the goal of Double Team Outdoors is to help get our young people involved. But, we can only provide the opportunity. We need YOU to come alongside these young people, get involved, and join the tournament with them. We have partnered with some AWESOME COMPANIES and have some incredible prizes and benefits for those who join the tournament. Companies like Quietkat, Scentlok, Blocker, Buck Knives, The Best of the West, Maven, Exodus Trail Cameras, Star City Whitetails, Polestar Outdoors, OZ, have come on board and others are wanting to come on board! Please check us out at www.doubleteamoutdoors.com. You can find out all about the tournament! We are also on Facebook and Instagram at Double Team Outdoors. NEW JERSEY IS IN ONE OF THE EASTERN REGIONS OF THE TOURNAMENT! You can find the rules of the tournament and pre-register also at our website. The website will be fully operational next week and we can't wait to see all those spring gobblers that our tournament teams will enter into the tournament! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. If you feel the same way about bringing up the next generation in the outdoors, would you please LIKE our pages, SHARE our pages, and JOIN the tournament! WE ALSO ARE LOOKING FOR MORE PARTNERS! Thanks for your time, Happy Hunting, Joel Proffit Double Team Outdoors
  2. OK, sorry for the delay folks! I had to think through a good prize distribution approach here for the 12 youth hunters who participated so each one could get a prize! We have a total of seven (7) physical prizes donated by our generous members as well as various monetary donations. I've increased the site's donation to make the total for monetary prizes $360! With that, here is the prize breakdown: The five (5) youth hunters who entered a turkey will each select one (1) physical prize from the member donations in order from top NWTF score to lowest score. The last two available physical prizes from the member donations will be awarded to two randomly selected youth hunters from remaining seven (7). EACH of the 12 youth hunters will receive a $30 giftcard to Amazon.com! I will coordinate shipment from Amazon to the winner. You can select either a physical gift card mailed to you or an eGift card that can be emailed or texted to you! Below is the summary for the final Prizes Awarded, Scoreboard, Donations! I will updated the Prizes Awarded as each youth hunter selects theirs! I'll also add a Random Result link for the final member donation prize! Prizes Awarded: Rayna (nb6624): Custom box call from Browns custom calls (Thunderchicken) + Amazon eGift Card (SENT) Hunter (Swamprat): Camillus Titanium bonded stainless steel boning knife and sheath (LPJR) + Amazon eGift Card (SENT) Christopher (LPJR): New Tasco 8MP Trail Camera (Swamprat) + Amazon Gift Card (SENT) Declan (Bonefreak): Dead Ringer Super Freak Trauma broadheads + Amazon Gift Card (SENT) Nate (Devil Horns): MAD SUPER SLATE turkey call + Amazon eGift Card (SENT) Lily (bushden): Amazon Gift Card (Please PM @BowhunterNJ with your choice of physical card or eGift card) Mark (Nomad): Amazon Gift Card (SENT) Maria (resquecfd): Amazon Gift Card (SENT) Cole (allmann): Amazon eGift Card (SENT) Aidan (Swamprat): Amazon eGift Card (SENT) Gabby (Buckfever1974): Amazon Gift Card (SENT) Chris (Devil Horns): Amazon eGift Card (SENT) Individual Scoreboard: Rayna (nb6624): 72.0625 points Hunter (Swamprat): 66.5000 points Christopher (LPJR): 66.1250 points Declan (Bonefreak): 22.6250 points Nate (Devil Horns): 21.7500 points Lily (bushden): 0.0000 points Mark (Nomad): 0.0000 points Maria (resquecfd): 0.0000 points Cole (allmann): 0.0000 points Aidan (Swamprat): 0.0000 points Gabby (Buckfever1974): 0.0000 points Chris (Devil Horns): 0.0000 points Rayna (nb6624): Hunter (Swamprat): Christopher (LPJR): Declan (Bonefreak): Nate (Devil Horns): Contest Donations Monetary Donations: $360 Donors: BowhunterNJ Anonymous Bonefreak hunterbob1 nb6624 rackemup B B Devil Horns Item Donations: Member: @LPJR Donated Item(s): New Camillus Titanium bonded stainless steel boning knife and sheath. Razor sharp knife with a lifetime warranty. Member: @Trophy8 Donated Item(s): New MAD SUPER SLATE turkey call Member: @Swamprat Donated Item(s): New Tasco 8MP Trail Camera Member: @Gobblengrunt Donated Item(s): TWO (2) New Turkey Mounting Kit Member @Live to Hunt donated the Super Freak Trauma broadheads that he won at the W&W Christmas party! Member @Thunderchicken donated a custom box call from Browns custom calls!
  3. Alright ladies and gents, here are the final results and prizes for the NJ Woods & Water 2019 Adult Turkey Contest! We had a total of $200 in Individual prizes and $200 in Team prizes. Congratulations to all the lucky turkey hunters who managed to knock one (or two or five, hi @gobblergetter ) down this season! Team Prizes: Team 1 took the prize for the Team Contest with 143.0000 points! Congrats to @B B and @vdep217! Each will receive $100! Individual Prizes: 1st place: @B B with 87.5000 points wins $100 2nd place: @nb6624 with 66.7500 points wins $65 3rd place: @Bonefreak with 65.4375 points wins $35 Total Prizes Awarded: @B B: $200 @vdep217: $100 @nb6624: $65 @Bonefreak: $35 Congrats to this year's winners, well done gents! I'll PM each of you to coordinate payment! Teams and Scoreboard: Team 1 (143.0000 points): B B: 87.5000 points vdep217: 55.5000 points Team 2 (0.0000 points): Deadeye: 0.0000 points BEAR: 0.0000 points Team 3 (77.5000 points): Bone collector 85: 77.5000 points resquecfd: 0.0000 points Team 4 (59.0000 points): Russ 11: 59.0000 points crawdad: 0.0000 points Team 5 (132.1875 points): nb6624: 66.7500 points Bonefreak: 65.4375 points Team 6 (57.5625 points): Septicdude: 0.0000 points Cousin Brown: 57.5625 points Team 7 (93.2500 points): Nomad: 51.2500 points rgw: 42.0000 points Individual Scoreboard: B B: 87.5000 points nb6624: 66.7500 points Bonefreak: 65.4375 points Cousin Brown: 57.5625 points vdep217: 55.5000 points Nomad: 51.2500 points resquecfd: 0.0000 points BEAR: 0.0000 points
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