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Found 1 result

  1. Well yesterday was beautiful weather and the trout were rising steadily throughout the day on the Musky. I always bring a little scoop net with me to scoop the surface film with and noticed a mixture of flies. My entomology, while never good, was certainly better when I fly fished more frequently. From what I could tell there were some sulfur duns later in the afternoon and the last hour, pretty large ones (maybe size 12-14)...but very sparing on the hatch. Throughout the day, a mixture of caddis (around size 14-16) in tan body, and some pale green body...and the last hour saw some black wing/bodies coming off. Not sure if that was entirely random or there is a timing of "body color" hatches. Certainly a strong caddis hatch in that last hour. Also saw some small BWO coming off (around size 18-20 I believe) throughout the day. There was also another fly that I couldn't identify...maybe the last 2-3 hours of light it came off from time to time (from what I noticed, could have been coming off before then). I grabbed one out of the surface film and noticed it has a green body and bluish opaque wings. I would have thought BWO except the size of it, which was probably around a size 14, so I'm not sure what it was. Next time I'll have to take some pics of the duns to help with an id, I was too into trying to figure them out and cycling through flies I did manage to land a number of them, but it seemed like faked out hatch matching. One odd thing was I got a fair number of "swipes"...and I'm not sure if I was missing them or they just missed or refused the fly...as if they swam up to attack it, swiped at it, created the splash of a take, I waited for them to go down before setting the hook and just came up empty (this happened dozens of times with various flies). They refused 95% of the casts but then would take one. I kept cycling through flies that they'd swipe at put the ones they didn't away. This at least kept showing them something different from time to time, even if I couldn't match whatever they were taking consistently. Another angler who lives nearby came down the last hour or so, said he fishes it almost daily. He gave me a fly to try (CDC emerging sulfur I believe), but to no avail. Same situation, a few swipes at it, but no hookups. I went back to what was at least rendering a take from time to time. Fish caught on BWOs, mixture of caddis, and occasionally a sulfur. I dropped from 6X to 7X in hopes that they were being a little wary, it did help out with the hookups but not drastically so. Ultimately I'm definitely missing something in my box...because I felt like I should have had way more hookups with the surfacing action that was going on! All in all, a great day on the water and perfect weather. Definitely a ton of fish in the river, and I'm pretty sure stocking is over, so hopefully the crowds die down, making June an awesome month to hit the rivers and enjoy some dry fly action!
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