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  1. I have not seen him in a week I was starting to worry but he is back. Maybe one of the kids will get a shot at him next week.
  2. This is getting a little carried away. $7,995.00 for a Remington 7600 Pump Rifle! https://www.gunbroker.com/item/910670013
  3. hopefully a mature doe shows up 👍🏻
  4. With Nj F&W proposing an emergency bear hunt (which needs to be signed off by Murphy), is anyone down for organizing a protest to get him to sign off on this? Our politicians, especially Murphy, are spineless cowards and buckle to anyone that puts a slight amount of pressure on them, the problem is that Murphy has been pressured and lobbied by the “anti” crowd through their protesting; and there has never been a “pro” hunting protest. It gets on the news, gets people’s attention, and gets pressure applied. We would need a sophisticated & clean cut “frontman” to explain the science and legitimate reasons for hunting, explain the North American Model for Wildlife Conservation and so on to the press. Is anyone game to try to organize this?
  5. I had multiple doe showing up on cam everyday sat opening day half a day nothing checked the cam today not one single doe … the 2 same bucks still showing up… lots of Turkey
  6. 1. 50 yard piece of rope , soda / beer can with pebbles in it , attach to rope , 2 hunters attach to belts , cover more ground to kick up game 2.used to walk along the dykes ( meadowlands ) stop, throw a rock into cattails , kick up pheasants , got a few 3.put crushed red pepper in boots to keep feet warm ( never tried ) 4. put Vaseline on new leather hunting boots then put in oven to soften ( never tried ) 5.put car wax in and on shotgun barrel to repel water ( never tried ) 6. quick blind , stand against pine tree , take branches , tie them around you( works )
  7. $650.00 or best offer HOYT Vector 32 compound bow set at 55Lb DW and 29" DL with a HOYT soft case. It has a 5 pin True Glo sight and a QAD drop away rest. It comes with 2 400 grain arrows w/lighted nocks and a brand new HHA single pin sight that I never put on. Bow is ready to hunt. $750.00 or best offer TenPoint XLT Elite crossbow with Acu Draw and TenPoint soft case. Bow comes with bolts with lighted nocks and a brand new box of TenPoint bolts. PM me for more information.
  8. Two episodes in and it’s been good. And
  9. Senior women lost wood provider. Anyone know of a source of seasoned ( wood stove size 16" ) in the Hunterdon area. Thanks
  10. so I had a bunch of Serrano's and decided to try making a fermented hot pepper sauce. Now Serrano's are not that hot, neither are the few Jalapenos I added, but the 1/4 piece of Ghost pepper I had will defiantly kick it up a notch. It ferments in salted water for 1 to 2 weeks. Then you pour the peppers and brine into a pot and add garlic, white vinegar, some Respado Tequila and boil. Finish in food processor with some Lime. Can't wait to see how it comes out!
  11. Anyone else having issue with slow typing? Always seems a letter or 2 behind. I’m using an iPhone.
  12. Not sure how many watch, but tomorrow's race at The Lady in Black at Darlington starts this years NASCAR Playoffs. For those that do watch, I have three moments from this year when a punch in the face was in order after the race. My three are: 1. Brad Kesolowski taking out his teammate Joey Logano when Logano was in the lead in the last lap of Daytona 500 2. Chase Brisco taking out Denny Hamlin in Overtime at Indianapolis when Brisco was to serve a penalty and couldn't win. A win for Hamlin would mean a shot at the season championship. 3. Daniel Suarez taking out Kevin Harvick on the last Lap of the Daytona 400 last week. Harvick was making a move for his first win of the season. Suarez did get hit by Kurt Bush so they both deserve a punch from Harvick.
  13. i will be smoking some brisket this weekend for the first time on a traeger. i was going to purchase a 12-15lb brisket from a butcher but being i was already at bjs i picked up 4 3.5lbs briskets. im curious as to how long they should take as they are not one solid piece of meat like most recipies show. iv been reading around 6 hours with these size cuts. i dont want them done way too early or too late. i am also interested in any tips or tricks you guys have to pull this off. thanks
  14. So with the deer season approaching I thought I'd put this out there for the new guys/girl's. Especially for those who will be hunting alone that may not have a mentor or an experienced friend or family member. Maybe it was covered in hunter safety course classes I don't know mine was in 1970. I showed I could hit a ten inch pie plate at 10 yards, whoop-dee-doo.well anybody could hit paper but when it comes down to the real deal shooting a live deer it's a possibility Buck fever kicks in.So you may not hit where you were aiming for. We've all done it. So your adrenaline is rushing you got a shot you hit a deer now you can breathe now only if you can recover it now the work begins. The tools were not available when I started!!! They are today so I'm posting this link in hopes that it is helpful to the new hunters this season in their quest. Good luck to all.Be safe! Wish you all the best! https://www.outdoornews.com/2014/11/20/tips-for-tracking-deer-after-the-shot/
  15. Will you be watching ! I will be sitting back drinking cold beer (after Church) and enjoying barbeque in the Gazabo and BSing about years past with the family
  16. This is the statement Dwight the owner has sent out ATTENTION- NJ HUNTERS! We are still working with the PA Game Commission who has banned WHOLE deer from being brought into PA from other states, INCLUDING NJ, this season. We have been trying for months to get a special exception from them, to no avail at this point, and we will re-post next week prior to September 11 with details. If the PA Game Commission refuses to grant us an exception, NJ hunters will need to skin and quarter their deer while still in NJ, then bring it in quarters in a cooler (one deer per cooler-cooler labeled with name and phone number on top, as well as the Ely computer paperwork in a plastic bag placed inside the cooler) to leave it at Ely's for processing. We are notifying you ahead of time so you can prepare, if needed. PA hunters can bring whole deer as usual. Please share this information with other non-PA hunters and be sure to check back (facebook or our website) prior to September 11, when our deer coolers open. At that time, we should a definite answer from the PA Game Commission. THANK YOU!! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  17. Other than GunBroker, what websites are good for firearms sales? I know some are filled with Scammers like GunsInternational.
  18. This is crazy https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/us-reports-worlds-first-deer-with-covid-19-2021-08-27/?taid=612960736415690001037cc9&utm_campaign=trueAnthem:+Trending+Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=twitter
  19. Just seen this in a post and thought I would share, the last time we did this it was for the Kosovo Refugees in 1999 at FT Dix, there is still a lot of open barracks space there and it is an ideal spot to temporarily house evacuees. NEW JERSEY MILITARY STEPS FORWARD INTO THE LIGHT AGAIN Here is a blurb from the notice: JOINT BASE MCGUIRE DIX LAKEHURST --As many of you are aware, U.S. service members and our allies are working around the clock to safely evacuate individuals from Kabul. Our installation has been selected to support Task Force MDL. The Task Force will provide housing, medical, logistics, and transportation support for vulnerable Afghans as they begin to arrive in the United States over the upcoming days. The security of our community, including our guests, remains the number one priority, and we are taking the appropriate measures to ensure everyone remains safe and healthy. Understanding the urge for many to help, we will send out information on where and how to provide donations or support once we’ve identified the proper avenues with the appropriate aid agencies.
  20. Biden has to go. Two bombs go of at airport at least fifteen dead. Also three marines are in critical condition. Anuff he has to go. That’s what happens when you make deals with terrorest
  21. May they all RIP and thank you for your service......May all remainder troops and all Americans get out safe.... I'm sure Biden will not respond with military action, he's weak https://www.foxnews.com/live-news/live-updates-taliban-gain-more-ground-in-afghanistan-as-they-close-in-on-kabul
  22. This is the 1st good thing I have see come from Gov Murphy's Office since he took over from Christie. The letter really tells it all not many understand what it is like to serve and then see shit like what is happening now happen, We seen it before in Vietnam and now again in Afghanistan. Pray for those Military who are still suffering the trauma of a war that was destined for failure from the start.
  23. Am planning a trip out to WY for 2022 to hunt pronghorn. I was attempting to book with Table Mountain Outfitters but their customer service is horrible. Never answer the phone, two weeks in between email responses, etc. I’ve been trying to send them a deposit since July and they still haven’t gotten in touch with me about it. So anyway, not going there. I’ve been in touch with Big Horn Outfitters and the rep is awesome! Very on top of things and quick to respond to my questions. Before I send over the cash for a deposit I was wondering if anyone has hunted with them before? They seem to have great ratings online but wanted to see if anyone had first hand experience.
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