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Found 31 results

  1. Davidssimpsonrealestate

    Hunter's paradise for sale in South Jersey !

    Good day all, I am representing a fellow sportsman in the sale of a beautiful property located at 290 Hopewell rd in Medford NJ 08055. Its a beautiful custom home set on 24 acres of private land with private lake access. The current owner regularly hunts the land and has several mounts to show for it. They style of house, the ready access to sports. Its like a home in the mountains but right here in South Jersey. Have a look- https://www.century21.com/property/290-Hopewell-Rd-Medford-NJ-08055/43970878/detail A fellow hunter will truly appreciate all this property has to offer. Please reach me at 856-340-5479 with any questions.
  2. We have a club that leases approximately 140 acres in the Oxford area. We are looking to bring the membership up to 10-12 members, The dues are $600.00 a year. We do not stock birds, It is primarily a deer hunting club, but some of the members hunt small game and turkey. If you are interested or have any questions please PM me. Thanx Jim.
  3. ultimatenjoutdoorsmen

    Mom Shoots Big 8pt!

    Mom Shoots a Big Zone 36 8pt. She drops him in 40 yards!
  4. S.Beach

    Blue Bend Switchgrass

    Blue Bend Switchgrass for sale. Duck/ Goose blinds. $7 per bundle $80 per dozen Cut to order. Please call or text (267)997-2879 Located in South Jersey Veteran owned and operated
  5. Live to Hunt


    If you believe in hunting Moon Phases here they are for October And November 2018
  6. Live to Hunt


    Looking at Tarhunts post on his buck (The PALMANATOR) is pretty dam awesome. I never had the opportunity to follow a buck from year to year and have history. I would love to see others pics with bucks you have history with and story behind it.
  7. What do you think about hunters posting pictures of themselves with the animals they kill? Do you agree with it? Do you think this hurts the future of hunting or is it good?? What’s your thoughts? THIS POST IS NOT ASKING HUNTERS TO CHANGE THEIR MINDS
  8. AndoverHuntandFish

    Andover Hunt and Fish

    Hey there! Garrett Kazar owner of Andover Hunt & Fish Stop in for great prices and amazing product! A one of a kind Mom and Pop shop offering the best of the best in hunting, fishing, ammo, licensing, firearms, & much more!!! Also offering guided hunting and fishing services as well as the only kids summer fishing camp around! Don't forget to ask about our boat and kayak rentals off Lake Aeroflex! Starting out on this site as a new way to advertise all our amazing prices, sales, and promotions! We Look Forward To Providing You With All Your Sportsman Needs! 196 Main Street Andover, NJ (973)-786-7382
  9. Thought I would share one of my hunts up in North West Territories with you guys. I hunted with Nahanii Butte Outfitters. This was 2012 my first time up there.
  10. Njhunter77

    Any one out shed hunting yet

    I found couple so far jw if you guys are out or waiting till February. I still have deer on my cams with there racks
  11. This is my first year deer hunting and I put out some sugar beets and corn in the woods I grew up next to in town. Growing up I never had interest in hunting but I know there was always hunting activity there and a deer population but I now I want to get into hunting. We always played paintball and rode dirtbikes all throughout the woods. The woods has since changed and all of us grew up. There's no more signs of any quads or dirtbikes whatsoever. I didn't even see boot tracks when I went out there to scout but saw a bunch of deer tracks. Here's some cam pics I have gotten. There are plenty more but the issue is they are all in dark hours. None of them are in daylight. I have since moved the camera and bait pile and will post more pics once I go back and check it (another day or two). I've been out there hunting a few times and haven't seen anything during huntable hours. Any tips or suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hey all, It's almost that time of year! I am the marketing manager for the Lodge at River Valley, a members only fly fishing club situated along 2 miles of the Musconetcong River in Asbury, New Jersey. This year we are planning to expand a limited hunting membership. We are looking for a few bow only members to join for deer season, limited to 6 members. Members will have access to overnight accommodation (at a rate of $65/man), as well as free range on over 240 acres of farm and woodlands that are prime deer habitat. Full kitchen is available for use. The herd at River Valley is about 45-60, with 6-8 unique bucks. The entire property is managed for regenerative farming and wildlife, which has a halo effect of positive stewardship to the deer population. We are located in Zone 7, known for it's large population of trophy bucks. Additionally, we currently host 4 clay shoots a year at the Lodge, and will be hosting our first wing shoot this fall. The Lodge is home to 2009's trophy buck of the year. Taken by shotgun, it is the 4th largest buck ever taken in New Jersey (NJ Deer Hunting Records). Pictures attached. The genetics of this large buck are still very much influencing the current herd. Membership starts at $1700 per person for the season, up to 6 members. Also included with membership are dining privileges at Hawk Pointe, a course just down the road from the lodge. Please send me a message or reply to this thread if you are interested or would like some more information. Check out the Lodge website for pictures of the property. Cheers Alex Ford
  13. bruiserbucksoutdoors

    Questions about mineral sites

    We have never tried using mineral sites. Recommendations on products to use? Also how long does a mineral site last? I have plenty of crops around in the spots that I hunt so I wanted to start off the season with something like a mineral site and maybe some attractants or deer scents. I am looking for a quick and effective way to set up the mineral site. Any info or pointers on the mineral site information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. ultimatenjoutdoorsmen

    Awesome Pheasant Hunt NJ

    Had and awesome trip phesant hunting, went out for couple of hours. Killed a couple birds each. No misses on the day, Made a video from the trip. Hope ya like it!!!
  15. For those of you that are diehard topo and aerial researchers when it comes to hunting, thought I'd pass along a great app that I've used on my in and out of state hunts. The pro version allows you to overlay layers with transparency, save static images to your phone/device for use when you don't have reception, etc. Plus if you're a GoogleEarth fan, you can customize your GE view and then export it to KML and load the waypoints into the Gaia GPS app. Really an all around awesome tool, I highly recommend it! Here is their main site: http://www.gaiagps.com/ You can check out their blog too for some examples of using the app: http://www.gaiagps.com/blog/
  16. ultimatenjoutdoorsmen

    Big NJ Bucks

    Some Big NJ Bucks we've gotten in the past few years.
  17. ultimatenjoutdoorsmen

    Doe kill Video

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uN8RN0vtwQg Doe Kill by Eddie Robillard. Doe dropped a good 5in on the shot or it would have been perfect shot.
  18. ultimatenjoutdoorsmen

    Deer Drive Kill

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lD-3Pr1830Y Deer Drive Bow Kill!, Reason im holding Signal 11 lures in the pics is because earlier in the day he was on trail cam hitting a scrape With Sig 11 in it, which led to us pushing the deer. Good winter bow buck.
  19. ultimatenjoutdoorsmen

    WhiteTail Buck Sleeps in Snow!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oe4UmxibQ8w Snuck Up on a group of Bucks bedding, and Caught this buck trying to snooze.
  20. ultimatenjoutdoorsmen

    Monster NJ Buck Kill

    Giant 6pt taken with the bow, 131inches!!!! Filmed only with bow cam because of rain, so not the best footage. But ENJOY!
  21. Hello, My family owns 71.17 acres of land located in Tabernacle and Woodland Townships in New Jersey. The land has been in my family since 1964 and has been preserved. The land is located in the Pinelands Preservation District and is ideal for hunting, horticulture and recreational use. We are seeking a buyer, as our preference is to sell the land. Please contact me if you are interested. [email protected] We will entertain all offers. Thanks! Land info: The land is zoned for horticulture and contains pre-existing cranberry bogs. We received Letters of Interpretations (LOI) from the Pinelands Commission and the land was allocated .75 Pineland Development Credits (3 rights), but the PDCs have been severed from the property. We do still own the certificates which could be sold separately. All 3 Parcels are located in the Pinelands Preservation Area District: LOI #1065 -- issued by Pinelands commission. Block 1805 Lot 1, Tabernacle Twsp, Burlington County, Vincentown Rd 40.80 Acre parcel (25.98 acres wetlands) LOI #1776 -- issued by Pinelands commission. Block 1802 Lot 3, Tabernacle Twsp, Burlington County, Chatsworth Road Block 801, Lot 82, Woodland Twsp, Burlington County, Sooy Place Road 30.37 Acre parcel (27.02 wetlands) Total Wetlands = 53 Total Acres = 71.17 There is standing water year round in the bogs and waterfowl may be present. Structures: There are no structures currently on the land. There once was a log cabin but it burned down back in the 1970's (no remnants remain today). The land is not buildable, you can not build a home. You may be able to build structures if related to horticulture activity; you would need to get approval from the Department of Environmental Protection. Price: The state values the land at $1000 per acre; that's what I'm taxed on. Jay Renwick the Tax Assessor has shown me sales as high as $2000 per acre. Lease: If we are not successful in finding a buyer then we would consider leasing the land. We would want to cover the cost of the property taxes which are currently $1996, which comes to $28/acre. From what I've read that is a very reasonable position. Some said prime hunting in NJ goes from $35 - $75 per acre. Those who have walked the property say there are deer tracks all over the place. So I think it could be considered prime. There is a hunting club located right next door so I think that is a good indication the land would be considered a very good area. Work Arrangement: We would also consider entering into a mutually beneficial arrangement to work the land if a local farmer wanted to grow cranberries or blueberries. Directions: The property is located near this address: 1136 Chattsworth Rd Tabernacle NJ 08088 Please make arrangements with me if you want to visit the property, Thanks!
  22. Come one come all!!! Have fun, have a ball!! Eat, Drink, and tell lots of stories! May 2, 2015 1PM - 3PM $15 All you can eat - Cash Beverages Wings - Pulled Pork - Fries - Garlic Bread Pre order tickets Call Scott - 609.213.2810 Tickets will be sold at the door - limited seating available Pre order encouraged Place: Whistler's Inn 901 US Rt. 130 South Connaminson, NJ 08077 https://www.facebook.com/events/786254438128389/
  23. I've looked at the Gopro / Spy point / Covert cam other action cam stuff an really wasn't satisfied getting those as primary cams, So I'm opting for a hand held cam something I can put on a arm in the tree with a screen so I can see what I'm pointing out. Some of the cams are less the the little action cams while some are in the same price range having surround sound, touch screen wide angle etc.. The Panasonic seems off the hook for the pic quality / value http://www.bestforhunting.com/best-video-camera-for-hunting/