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Found 30 results

  1. If anyone has a son or daughter getting into hunting or knows someone down on their luck they can have this stand. It does need a new seat and for safety’s sake I’d probably put new cables it, I’m not sure how old it is. I’ve had this in the garage for 4 or 5 years and would rather see someone using it. Im located in Andover
  2. I have a brand new pair of unused mossy oak 6 pocket bdu pants size 32 waist if anyone wants. Also have some used camo items fleece jacket, etc. Heavily used mostly but if you are here for the pants & need any in large, they're free & can hold a hunter starting out over until they buy new, a couple of gun cases too. Wall twp. PM me if u want
  3. Free 22 in Barnett crossbow bolts 6 pack Great meadows west of hackettstown
  4. Free to who needs/wants them. Trad guys will make out! Feathers- a bunch of 4"&5", left and right wing. Some barred,some solid. Approx 2-300. Free Vanes- All types for hunting or 3D/target. A ton of them. Most unopened. FREE located in Monmouth county Howell. I work up in northern NJ, so I can meet you on parkway or wherever, around 3pm.
  5. 15 Long Arm All Birch construction. (Top & bottom built together, one piece) Glass Doors with Lock Two door storage on bottom. Excellent condition. 46-1/2" wide x 77" tall x 17" deep Call 201-256 7679
  6. My daughter gets medication delivered very Friday that needs to be refrigerated. It's kept cold in a Styrofoam-lined (sometimes with bubble wrap)box and 2-3 24oz gel packs (occasionally get ice bricks). Makes pretty good coolers ... I hate throwing these away ... anyone want some? For pickup in Fanwood, NJ.
  7. Needs to be Cleaned up some ,South Jersey Pomona Galloway TWP
  8. My Dads lucky coat.....(Large).with hood. Can be lucky for you to..... Free.....pickup in Rutherford. Call 201-870-2683
  9. Looking for hunting clothes for my 13/14 yr old. He wanted to learn how to hunt at age 10 outfitted him...went hunting 3 times. Now he says he wants to hunt next year...can't afford to outfit him again for him to never get out. He scheduled for NWTF youth turkey hunt April 21. He would need an adult medium/lrg 5'10 and 165lbs Thanks in advance Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  10. We had a small fire in house back in September and had to replace our floors on first level and paint. My wife, decided to order a new kitchen table because she wants a new one to better match new floors. Table is being delivered next week. She wants me to bring this to Restore to donate but I’m too lazy and it is too cold for me to take the cover off back of pickup and truck it there. Need to have out of house today (12/29)or tomorrow (12/30). It is in really good shape. 72” x 48” with leaf in it or can take lead out and it would be 48” round. Comes with 4 chairs. We purchased from Domain about 15 yrs ago. It is very well made.
  11. Got some logs cut, free just load as much as you want. Located in Warren 07059
  12. Lee Ron

    Fake people

    How do you guys weed out the bullshiter s on this site i know 1 fella who uses this site and the other one as well and he talks so much shit on these sites I find it hard to believe not gonna throw him under the bus but beware friends
  13. Doing a bit of a clean-out and looking to move some items. I have a few soft cases for bows. If anyone needs one, PM me. First, a soft case made by Allen. The camo pattern says Photoflauge. Probably, sold by Dick's SG. There is a side pocket for bows. The case measures 40". Next is a soft case that measures 36". For pick-up only: Items located nearby Fairfield, NJ.
  14. dog man

    coyote Hound

    Free coyote Hound to the right person! 9 years old. will run all day. Will need GPS collar to run him. If interested contact Dog Man [email protected]
  15. I have a few arrows that are too short for my bow. If anyone can use them, please pm me. Would like to see someone get use out of them. They all appear to be brand new, cut, nocks installed, but no points. The lengths of the shafts (excluding nocks and points) on the Easton arrows is about 24 9/16". The scout arrows have an overall length of 26". Easton - 2315 XX75 in Real Tree Hardwood Green HD Easton - 2314 XX75 in Advantage Timber Scout - UPC 2356079535 For pickup only - in the Fairfield area.
  16. Before my LightForce 170, I had this Motor Trend Flashlight. If memory serves correct, it was 12,000,000 candle power, was rechargeable with both AC and DC adapters (which I do not have), has a halogen bulb, and uses a FIOS type battery (not included). If anyone can use it, please PM me. For pickup only - in the Fairfield area.
  17. Free 1 gallon pickup in newton. Sent from my SM-J727V using Tapatalk
  18. I have a few sets of older Turkey decoys. They are older but birds have been shot over all of them. would like to give away to a few people, want a few people to be able to use them if they need some or can't afford any. Plus I have a few other hunting things for free too. Must be picked up. Jackson area or near by. Pm me First set
  19. Went fishing over the weekend, my Dick's neoprene waders started to leak a little. I was going to trash them - I don't have the patience or know-how to try to fix them. But I saw the "free stuff" posted earlier and thought - well, if someone wants to fix up a pair of waders they are welcome to come over and get them. Other than the small leak, they are still in good shape. I'm sure the leaks are fixable, just some leakage in the crotch area. They are Dick's Field and Stream neoprene waders - kinda like this but mine aren't stockingfoot - mine are bootfoot (size 11). If anyone wants them, PM me. Sorry - I don't have anything better than that to give away
  20. Take off a Stag. 0 rounds. $5 pickup only.
  21. We went out to the range the other day and shot through about a hundred new shells and now I have a bag full of empty hulls, does anyone want them? They're once fired 20 gauge 7.5 and 8 target loads from Dicks, nothing fancy. I'm just trying to not throw them away. Down the line if we keep this up I'd like to stat reloading but at the moment its not in the cards. I live in Highland Park and would be more than happy to box them up if someone is willing to cover shipping. I'm open to other suggestions on how to responsibly get rid of them.
  22. The thread about the guy falling from the stand got me thinking. I have a new harness that came with a stand if anyone needs it. Located in Atlantic County.
  23. This is another pay it forward post. I bought a vortex binocular strap. It was the wrong model for me. It's a side strap. Instead of returning it, in giving it away. Only take it if you really need it. All I ask in return is that you pay it forward at some point in the future. Give something away to a hunter/fisherman. Hopefully someone can use this. It's brand new. Have a good season guys.
  24. http://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/guide-gear-hunting-hang-on-tree-stand?a=585712 I have a free stand that can go to a good home. I would prefer it to go to a youth or someone just getting started. I made a larger seat for it, custom job. Stand was used two seasons and was repainted last year. Also comes with a brand new harness. The link above is the exact model. Located in Randolph, Morris County. PM me if interested. Leave your cell phone if you want me to call or text. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
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