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  1. And an even smaller spike walked by.
  2. Moon underfoot 9:02 am. Best action 8-10. If u believe that stuff. Just had my one true companion this rut walk by. A tiny spike I see every hunt no matter which stand. Always alone.
  3. No the mature squirrels are locked down
  4. The better question is what is the ratio of bucks vs doe 1.5 years or older for both genders.
  5. Today is by far the best rut action have ever seen -for squirrels. Major chasing
  6. Out back in z5 no wind was a slight breeze walking in but calm now. Deer were on feet under light of the big white ball but as has been the case the orange ball puts them to bed it seems.
  7. I think this moves you into "master-baiter" territory
  8. I swear it came across on FB feed!!!! Just passing it on! We might be wasting the best part of bucks and boars!!!
  9. I think if you seriously count buttons as bucks, it's not that skewed. I saw 4 mature doe last night, and 11 fawns. Some would view that as 15 to 0... But there were at least 5 buttons in that group. Which would make that small sample 10 to 5, or 2 to 1.. If I expand the area to a square mile and lets say for sh#ts and giggles, there were 4 bucks locked down with does and not moving to even be seen, that each pair is 1 to 1... Throw in a few dinks that can't get a date and there you have it. Again you can't just look at a field of 20 antlerless deer, and see one antlered buck and say "20 to 1". All it takes is 6 of those antlerless to be buttons and now its better than 3 to 1...
  10. Somehow this came across my FB feed and I though it was too interesting to "not" share. Wasn't sure if it should go in playground or game recipes... Seems this might be a delicacy in China - just wonder if this woman will ever get a date after this footage? Anybody want to try this on big game?
  11. yeah and i forgot my release to start the day, but unlike you have a spare in my pack! lol
  12. @Lunatic what do I win?????
  13. Oh @Rusty please help us out here!!! With 1 to 1 ratio, would bucks seek longer and harder and deeper into the winter, or would they have far less stress because everthing is bred first time around and in short order? I say the doe population determines that and in the absent of any doe estrous, the rut would stop. WHAT SAY YOU????
  14. done for today, off tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday... It's been a grind!! I passed up a good buck Sunday before halloween, said "i wanted to hunt more - no tagging out on a buck like many already on my wall" - well I am sure getting what I asked for. Saw a quick chase at first light, heard that one deep grunt in thicket, and that was it.
  15. Yes Prefer 4.5 and older but I have shot some decent 3.5. Why you ask?
  16. It’s a special hunt with its own regulations.
  17. Heard deep grunt in the thick autumn olives. Like only a mature buck can make. Been waiting all week for this spot to have a mature buck move in. Hope he shows himself by 10
  18. Had a doe coming my way the get chased by something full speed. Could not see the head through tall Norway spruce trees
  19. I suppose there are worse things in life.... if u shoot a good buck maybe next time on purpose?
  20. Congrats Kurt another slammer - dream season for you
  21. Very nice buck - congrats!
  22. Out in Z5 to a good rut funnel in the thick - got some good intel last night. Short drive by truck which is key to my bonehead move yet good recovery. I went to a stand via quad last night and broke a big rule. “ when release comes off hand while un-dressing it goes back on the bow which gets hung in garage. “. But I was gonna go back to same area and park but go in deeper this morning. Left bow on the quad rack and decided to hang release on hand bar by throttle. Can’t miss it there. Well that changed as I ended up grabbing bow and driving truck. Get to spot grab bow AND NO RELEASE. Never break one’s own rules. But my second rule bailed me out. I keep same exact release as backup in my pack. It’s a good True Fire not cheap but best insurance policy I have! My brain as a bowhunter barely functions at this time so I need all the help I can get. GOOD LUCK!
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