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  2. it's not just the foxes that plague me... One day bear takes a dump, another day he bent my mounting braket straight down so camera aims at ground...
  3. "concurrent with fall bow season" for bow and arrow only- case closed... Move on.
  4. Those natives definitely paved the way - amazing how much it looks like today's modern designs...
  5. yes I think we went over this a few times and it's never crystal clear . You can always shoot fox and coyote while in act of deer hunting. However I think it "may" not start until fall bow opener and not the early season?
  6. all good advice - you can't go wrong with a magnus or anything VPA makes... A simple, 2 blade magnus stinger (no bleeders) would probably be about your best option overall.
  7. basically they are dogs - and most dogs especially males are "markers". They love to leave their mark in high traffic areas. Probably nothing more to it than that. Letting the deer know - hey I am here, I may not eat you now, but have some more fawns next year and I may get a few... I too have seen pics of them peeing or dropping the deuce on my minerals as well.
  8. Nothing wrong with that. I lived on fresh yellowfin all during the 90’s summer and fall. And mako - which I actually gave a slight edge over tuna. But then when u start getting into the deep water fish. Yeah hard to see much separation from monkfish, tilefish, and then of course seabass has to be in that conversation. Then the southern snappers and groupers are right up there at the very top as well. Mahi - I leave it a notch below all the others I listed but still excellent about where I put fluke.
  9. do not net blues - I have seen 10lb choppers chew through nets in seconds... use heavy enough leader where you can lift them... In RI recently, i played a big blue to boatside and just grabbed tail with one hand and leader in other and gently lifted aboard for pic and release. I regret killing hundreds if not thousands of blues back in the day on party boats, when it was nothing to chum up 20-30 ten to eighteen pound fish and gaffing was the only option on high rails... Every fish caught was a fish killed... And now look at the state of that fishery off NJ....
  10. JHbowhunter


    mmmm mmmm good!
  11. My starting “4”. 125gr Swhacker’s with 2 1/4” cut. 125gr VPA non-vented in 1 1/8” cut. The VPA’s have put 17 bucks on the wall. The Swhacker’s put two more on the wall last year (both 6.5 yr old mature ten points) and two doe in the freezer. The VPA’s blow through deer like hot knife through butter and bury deep in ground on every deer. The Swhacker’s take every bit of my arrows energy to penetrate and even reach the other side. 3 of the four made an exit hole but did not stick in ground, and only the largest ten point did not get exit but he only ran 40 yards and dropped anyway. Got some replacement blades all were un- damaged.
  12. Ever since @JerseyJaysTaxidermy and I rescued a fox pup from my storm drain a few years ago, my disdain for these animals has started to grow. They continually defecate and/or pee on my mineral sites, and this spring had two of them carrying opposite halves of a fawn... Recently during the drought, I set up a small watering hole I can refresh with 150' of hose every other day or so. Put a cam on it to see what is using it.. Very little deer use so far because after I set it up, we got rain and the swamps and creeks were refreshed. However - this fox decided to drop a deuce in it... Why? Just Why? It's like they are taunting me.
  13. nice day - always fun even when it's a ton of action with the "just unders". You always feel like that next one will be the doormat.
  14. Totally agree - the 3 blade COC is not for everyone, because of sharpness... They are a great design, great at penetration and are tough on the bone too. Just have to be razor sharp to hunt with and get blood.
  15. You are the crabbiest guy I know!
  16. That is a great series... May go watch it now thanks for the reminder! Good luck this season. I may struggle with the juggle of fishing vs early bow season this year... My passion for bowhunting has been eclipsing my love for fishing the past several years.. I may tilt the other way - time will tell.
  17. you can't judge a BH by hitting them dead center Pump House! A sharp piece of Obsidian tied to a stick will do exactly same in that spot!
  18. damn - that really sucks... Do you know who owns it?
  19. because you have to sharpen them.. If they are dull, the vein and arteries just roll around them. I never shot them but I have sharpened for many hunters and noted how difficult they were to get as sharp as the VPA - same head basically except VPA has softer steel but no welds full machined steel - Montecs have harder steel and harder to sharpen and are welded... Need to ensure you are shooting shaving sharp before firing a shot and I suspect far too many buy these types and do not keep them sharp or know how to sharpen
  20. awesome Dennis - i gotta figure a seal way out there is on a suicide mission? Or maybe they are adapting to the GW crush on the shoreline hunting them, and the smart ones are moving to the deep?
  21. only ONE MAN can confirm what it is - @Tarhunt, my poor buddy with 2,000 staples in his knee right now would love to be out killin' every pest and bug on earth... If we are seeing a surge in freaky insects - he might be at fault for blowing out his quadracep - knee tendon!
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