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  1. was done last friday,bagged up all the stuff and dropped it off to a friend to send to auction. At least the stuff should sell this year as all the fur I had there last year has sold. Sent a few to be tanned. Looking forward to next year. Going to try N.Y. if I have the time
  2. another reason to check snares as early as you can. I tried the 1x19 this year and will keep to that.
  3. Nice,has been tuff with the high water,keep waiting for it to go down and then it rains again before I can get out
  4. there is a market for the meats if you can find someone to buy them,rats and coon anyway,there is also a market for the skulls,teeth,claws.pecker bones and glands. If I'm eating them its only the rats and beaver.
  5. fold mine on the swivel with the clip,killers on the ring
  6. have a few tanned ones for $35.00 each,all reds
  7. not sure if we talked today,had a table full of mole traps
  8. was a beautiful day,got home from the convention and dyed some traps till I ran out of propane
  9. Tough year wondering how every ones making out. Going to set a few tomorrow.
  10. Its amazing how many endangered species show up on trail cameras,its almost like we are overrun with them
  11. anyone have much luck with baited conibears?
  12. I put mine on hangers ,need to keep the air flowing between them otherwise they might mold. Probably better in garage as long as it doesn't freeze.
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