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  1. Nj classifies them as fore arms but on the federal level they are not.
  2. Glad I could help. Tell them good luck for me. Hopefully see you on the next ww fishing trip
  3. I went with the helium because I wanted double step
  4. Any one looking for costa sunglasses. Great price and on blue mirror glass https://www.amazon.com/Costa-Del-Mar-Sunglasses-Mirror/dp/B00AB1ZCBA/ref=mp_s_a_1_14?dchild=1&keywords=costa+sunglasses+for+men&qid=1606480693&sprefix=costa&sr=8-14
  5. Had Nick (swamp rat) and his son along with my dad's friends grandson out this morning. Birds cooperated and was a pleasant hunt. Got our limit and left birds we could see running around in one of the back fields. Brownie did well.
  6. Hang and hunt for the most part. I use mine as I would a climber but don't have to look for that perfect tree. Remember these whole set ups are less than 20lbs combined. Mine is 18. 3 helium sticks and x stand expedition. Takes me about 10 minutes to be sitting
  7. vdep217

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Add a dab of cream cheese as well they are awsome
  8. Dan check out the x stand expedition. The seat is great and the hitch receiver makes hanging very easy
  9. Hawk helium sticks and x stand expedition. Will be adding a double aider for first stick and single for 2nd. Went to daisy chains instead of cam buckle straps. Right at 18 lbs
  10. 308 would be my opinion. Will get the job done on deer and bear and can shoot it all day on the bench
  11. Nice day out Charlie. I'll run into you to say hi one of these days
  12. I have the full size but 3. I get about 17 ft with them. Easy to set up rock solid. Was debating go with an aider or 4th stick. Im gonna go with a double aider on 1st and single on second should be able to hit 22 ft or so when needed
  13. I'm looking at the double aider you think it will be as difficult coming down?
  14. If any one is looking camo fire has them for 99 bucks today
  15. I just shot my muzzle loader with a load from last year. Its still dead on no issues
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