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  1. Pretty good counting. 18 fox, 46 coon and 1 skunk
  2. $800 is pretty high. Tough to tell. I sell to NAFA. Depends on how the fur grades. Depends on the buyers.
  3. This was #22 for me this year. Another small male with bad shoulders
  4. Snared female red fox VID_20190203_073017.mp4
  5. 632lbs and 526lbs. Not sure on their ages yet.
  6. Both my 2017 bears made it into Boone and Crocketts Fair Chase magazine. These were the entries from Jan 1 2016 until the publication of the magazine. Mine are tied for 4th and 5th
  7. I set 15 snares yesterday behind my house. Connected with 2. Big female and mangy male.
  8. I havent seen a grey in years. Last one I caught I let go. That was 4 years ago
  9. Yes, all Jersey. Almost all from Allamuchy
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