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  1. Heres a buck from cranford ..just the other day
  2. How is that not racist to have a gun buy program only in patterson newark east orange and atlantic city...but having an id to vote is
  3. I shoot a parker hurricane xxt...out of business..i need to get a custom set
  4. Im looking to replace my string and cables. ..any input on quality and where i might be able to get it done..im in howell and work in lawrence twp so either area would work
  5. I now wrap at 160 to 165...saves me a few hours..meat is more moist..and if you spritz every hour through out you should maintain that nice bark
  6. Last few i did i found that wrapping at 160 pour some juice in with it....helped speed up the lull ..first few took me 15 to 18 hours to get to 205....last ones around 12 to 13
  7. Looks good...keep us update with some pic
  8. Hello ,welcome...great group here
  9. If i didnt have a dog that eats other dogs id get one for sure
  10. Piebalds are actually inbred ..you should shoot them ...albinos or even black deer which ive never seen either are more rare .ive always heard are bad luck to shoot.
  11. I did mine yesterday almost 2 hours til hopper was just about empty..so much oil on everything..i wanted it cooked
  12. If anyone has any tips id appreciate it...not entirely new to smoking but not a pro by any means
  13. Not a bad pick of keepers there...nice job
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