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  1. I got the same packs from bass pro in ac 2 weeks ago.9mm is not that hard to find anymore..sometimes pricey but easier to get
  2. Thanks guys...except for his dog pissing on my lawn hes an ok dude.i dont think he had any clue about his guns coming here.new mags is something he has to get
  3. He lived in philly ...i can see why he got of there but i asked the same question...... I thought he had to register it..maybe not as long as he gets his fid?
  4. He applied for fid ,how does he go about registering a pistol here that he had registered in PA
  5. Might wanna try PA..i know some stations have ethanol free pumps
  6. Sportsmans warehouse has them in stock $29.99 a box ...little steep
  7. Next week we can have a whole different debate when fauci and the cdc change their minds again
  8. Low or high thats not my point.my point is democrats and lib media wont talk percentages when it comes to the death rate .but all of a sudden they are ok talking percentages when it comes to a vaccine they all want everyone to take no matter how they feel about.
  9. It should be our own choice.if you have underlying issues and your scared,staying locked down might be something you want to consider.but that should be your own decision
  10. Why not use percentages when talking about the death rate from covid.
  11. If you have underlying issues yeah i get it. Fact is our bodies have natural immunity to things like this.but calling someone stupid for not taking a vaccine that cdc and that dope fauci say just a few days ago is perfectly fine and now pull it from use . They dont wanna use percentages when it comes to covid numbers like almost 99% of the people will be absolutely fine.they wanna say 500,000 people died.but when it comes to issues with the vaccine they say its just a small percentage like .08 of the people.they are all liars.nobody knows.they have everybody fooled..just ask all the people in
  12. Id becareful who i call stupid.it just might be the people who ran out and got the vaccine the stupid ones
  13. I was supposed to have j&j this morning..my wife had hers last friday..she is still a little dizzy at times..i chose not to go and wait.too scary for me
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