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    B B reacted to bushden in 1st Deer down for 10YO Grandson last night.   
    Grandson Jake and he Father bushnlo went out yesterday afternoon while I was cutting fields and call me Last night that Jake took his 1st Deer a nice mature Doe. Now I got to get him on a buck as soon as I finish cutting fields.

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    B B reacted to nb6624 in 14 point Sussex buck   
    I've been watching this buck for the past few years and this year he made a real good jump. He was a just a ten last year scoring 130. This year he is a 14 that probably goes 155. Ill tape him later. But was able to slip into his area and knew he was close from cell cam pics. He came in real early and gave me a 30 yard shot. He went about 40 yards and piled. As I waited to climb down, I had 2 different bears trying to drag him away. 
    This buck was highly visible from the road and the amount of spotlights and road gawkers had me nervous he was doomed to outlaws. But I got a cell pic that the guys shooting from the road missed him and I was back in the game.

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    B B reacted to TheBuckStopsHere in Big 8 Down.   
    Was able to connect on this big 8 (2 add’l stickers making him really a 10) Sunday. Grossed 149-2/8”  25” and 27” beams. 22” Spread.  Deer this caliber deserves some respect and appreciation. Complete Jersey Giant!    Thanks for looking.

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    B B reacted to Deer Tracker Darren in Deer Tracking Darren   
    Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. Seeing how I've introduced myself, it's only fitting that introduce the real stars of the show, my hounds.I have 4 Wire-haired  Dachshunds and a Bavarian Mountain Hound. Oldest to youngest my veteran Theo 9.5, Nikka 5.5, Axel 3.5, Callie2.5 and the and newest member to the pack Rita 1.5.

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    B B got a reaction from Russ 11 in Great Opening Day   
    Freakin awesome!!!! Congrats to you both.  Can't wait to see the mount when it's done! 
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    B B reacted to Russ 11 in Great Opening Day   
    We did some doe management in the morning and then my son took this great looking 8 in the evening .  He made a good shot at 20 yards with his Halon and buck was down within 40 yards .  Doesn’t get much better than that .  

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    B B got a reaction from BowhunterNJ in 2021 New Mexico Archery Deer and Elk   
    You had me at.....

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    B B got a reaction from Rusty in 2021 New Mexico Archery Deer and Elk   
    You had me at.....

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    B B got a reaction from JerseyJaysTaxidermy in Velvet bucks mounted up   
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    B B reacted to JerseyJaysTaxidermy in Velvet bucks mounted up   
    Velvet mounts are some of my favorite! Love early season capes!
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    B B reacted to nmc02 in Sig Sauer P226 .40 For Sale   
    One of the best made handguns out there...good luck with the sale
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    B B reacted to JerseyJaysTaxidermy in Deer Remount   
    Had someone call me last summer with a mount they had don't in NY and just picked up. They were very unhappy with the mount and asked me if I can get a skin and redo the mount. @gobblergetter had given me a cape to use and it worked out perfectly for thus deer. Here's some before and after shots:
    Original mount had poor nosepad detail, nostrils filled in, eyes were shaped poorly and sunken in at different angles, ears were not "aggresisve" like he asked for, brisket/armpits out of whack. etc.
    I tore it apart (easily as there seemed to be very small amounts of carpet glue used)
    The lip and tear duct slots were deemed out too large as well which would (with no glue) pull out over time.
    I used gobbler getters cape and bought new materials to use on the remount and did the aggressive pose the client wanted- he was thrilled when he came today. Shame he had to pay twice to get it done, but happy it's finally what he wanted.

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    B B reacted to Kype in new canoe order   
    my old discovery 119

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    B B reacted to Kype in new canoe order   
    i use to have an old town discovery 119. camo of course. but sold it years ago. used it for river fishing, duck hunting, and trapping. 
    old town came out with a discovery sportsman 119 a couple years ago. called a few dealers.placed my deposit and the solo canoe should be here by the end of september. this newer version has the same hull design but with more features like storage, rod holders, and seat with backrest.  looking forward to getting it on the rivers. 56 pounds. 

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    B B reacted to Bonefreak in FOR SALE - Minn Kota Riptide Salt Water Trolling Motor   
    Hot steaming deal!
    I will put it out to my bass club…freshwater guys …but it would work well for tournaments…maybe need to trim down length of shaft tho
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    B B reacted to tpr1921 in My newly planted Trail Plots and Food Plots are looking good.   
    Photos from this morning.

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    B B reacted to DV1 in An American Hero   
    Not to be picky, but there are quite a few Politicians who are actually legit hero's: former Military, including fighter pilots, Green Berets, SEALs, Rangers, as well as 'normal' service men and women.
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    B B reacted to optowalt in A Marine Friend sent me this.   
    You never know when the moment will choose you.....
    Mary and I were seated in the 1A&B bulkhead seats for our flight to Salt Lake City (connecting to SEATAC) as the plane loaded in Philly.  Just a regular flight like any other.  Mary and I were talking and over her shoulder I noticed a guy in line, coyote brown day pack with a MARPAT poncho liner rolled up and lashed to the side, khaki vertx cargo pants, crocks and a 2/5 Marines T-shirt.  What stood out to me was that he was carrying a folded American Flag.  My blood turned cold.  "Mary", and I gestured towards him as he moved down the isle somewhere in the rear of the plane.  She turned around and then she looked back at my face and she knew too. "You think"? Asked Mary
    "Philly is the closest airport to Dover AFB", I replied.
    Mary and I sat in silence staring at each other for a few seconds and then she said "I'm going to take his seat and send him up here, he needs YOU, Chuck".
    Before I could even reply she was out of her seat and moving to the rear.  A couple minutes later this Marine is standing next to me and he says "I was told to report to the bulkhead".
    "Hey man, I'm Chuck have a seat". We shook hands.
    Long story short, this Marine was a Company Gunny in 2-1 Marines and had just escorted 10 of his men to Dover AFB.  He was on his way to Pendleton after being relieved by other escorts to take his fallen Marines to their various places of internment.  
    We talked and I listened.  This was his 6th deployment and he had worked Abby gate with his Marines for the past couple weeks. The things he saw at that gate are indescribable.  He called it playing God, as they plucked At Risk Afghans out of the crowd.
    He was the Marine captured in a meme giving children drinks of his bottled water.  He was still in shock, his hands were still stained from the MASCAL.  The weight of that flag in his lap was almost overwhelming to me as I sat next to him.  I struggled with my own emotions as I got him fed and a cold beer and some water.  And then I let him rest, he was so impossibly tired.  Misha and I looked after him while he slept.  After we had been flying for a couple of hours he woke up to go to the bathroom. He got up still clutching the flag, then he turned and looked back at his seat and then at me.... questioning.  I nodded that it was safe for him to leave it.  He set the flag on his seat and went to the bathroom.  Now I was alone with the flag that had been over a coffin in a C17 hours earlier.  This symbol of it all, the whole damn 20 years sat there next to me and I couldn't hold the tears back anymore.  I texted my Marines, Jake, and Paul others and told them that fate had made me a Ranger Buddy of Marines tonight.
    My thoughts were with the Gunny, it hadn't hit him yet.  Mary and I could see it in his eyes, he was running on auto pilot. Where do we find such men????
    I checked with Delta to see if there was a late flight from San Diego to Seattle but the last flight of the night had gone, so going the rest of the way to San Diego so he wouldn't be alone was out of the question as I would be stuck there until tomorrow.  I made sure that his unit had transportation waiting for him when he arrived there, and we parted company in Salt Lake to head to our connecting flights.
    I'm writing this not to virtue signal but to remind everyone that outside of their life and its problems, there are men holding the line, doing what must be done no matter what.  While my family stands down a hurricane and there is nothing I can do to help them tonight, God put me on a plane with a lone Marine carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, and Mary Pressburg made sure that for at least a couple of hours of his journey, that he wouldn't have to bear the weight of that flag alone, and I love her for it.
    Sitting in 1A wasn't the mission I deserved, but it was the mission that I needed tonight.
    Semper Fidelis
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    B B reacted to Hunter115522 in "13 Beers Tributes" - Your thoughts?   
    It's easy to be cynical nowadays, no doubt about it. I'd be lying if I said I'm not guilty of it myself. However, we can't always look for ulterior motives in things. Sometimes, as hard as it is to believe, people really want to do the right thing.
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    B B reacted to hunterbob1 in RIDES FOR MILITARY MEN/WOMEN   
    Thought I'd pass it on.Saw this on  my local community bulletin board.🇺🇲

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    B B reacted to Roon in You Know...   
    Season is close when you're at the point of trying to find something in freezer for dinner. Lol 
    Last bag of dog jerky nastiest stuff on deer but the dogs LOVE it

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    B B reacted to Lunatic in "13 Beers Tributes" - Your thoughts?   
    I can’t believe what I just read 
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    B B reacted to fab in Two very good hunting beagles, free to good hunting home.   
    I am arranging pick up tomorrow just FYI.  I will keep everyone posted 
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    B B reacted to BowhunterNJ in August 2021 Giveaway #1: 50 Post Minimum Member's Choice of $50 prize!   
    Winners have been drawn!  Congratulations to @deadonshot2, @nb6624, @TheGreek!!!

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    B B reacted to BowhunterNJ in August 2021 Giveaway #2: 1000 Post Minimum Member's Choice of $100 prize!   
    Winners have been drawn!  Congratulations to @smittty, @cantw82start, and @Swamprat!!!

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