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  1. I’m looking for an outboard mechanic. I have a 50hp Johnson. I need to remove and rebuild the hydraulic tilt & trim assy. I need both the upper and lower pins removed so I can rebuild/replace the assembly. The pins are stainless and they are seized in the aluminum housing. I’m located in Jackson and can send you photos. I don’t have the time over the next 2 months to work on it.
  2. Thank you Mrs Grit and thank you to all those who donated gifts. Congrats to all.
  3. Sorry to hear. Prayers sent to your mom, you and your family.
  4. All you need is a hooker and a maid!
  5. rebelboy


    Stay Strong, prayers sent to you and your family. God Bless
  6. Winter bow is definitely my favorite. It's even better when sitting in the stand listening to it snow.
  7. I’m sorry for your loss, prayers to you and your family.
  8. LittleM & Haskell_Hunter both make good points. I’ve been a member of UBNJ for a couple of years and thank you for your time. Time is a huge factor, most of my free time goes to helping a group of our youth. I added a hunter as my son passed the hunters education test a few years ago. I spent the weekend on my boat with my wife and son enjoying what few weekends there are over the summer. Just not enough time to go to a groups organized event.
  9. Awesome! thanks for sharing. It's great to see three generations out on the water.
  10. Will be doing a mix of striper fishing and deer hunting. Main goal this year is to have my son get his first deer. Possibly squeeze in a suicide run to upstate NY for some salmon. It’s been a while since I was up there. I was hoping to go to NC for a deer hunt but time this fall doesn’t permit it.
  11. Thank you, I should have hit refresh before I sent.
  12. Flewthecoupe is correct. 3rd pic down shows what looks like a sand eel. I was wondering what you used.
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