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  1. Spring cleanup

    Toolbox sold. All else is still available.
  2. Check and see if the vent at the street is clogged. I have cleared many blockages with a stack plunger.
  3. Spring cleanup

    I have a bunch of stuff to get rid of. Toolbox no keys works smoothly will fit a full size truck. -50$ Fortress anchor retails for 150$. -75$ Small fluke anchor boat up to 16ft. -20$ chain binders. -20$ trailer pigtail tests fine for a tractor trailer. 30$ Rear shocks fit 11-14 f150. Came off truck at 25,000. Nothing wrong with them 40$ Du-ha brand back seat organizer. Will fit a 99 and up f250 supercab. 60$ Game cart. 35$. All located in Burlington county. More to come. Hunting and fishing stuff.
  4. Don't Buy from Dicks

    I officially used my last gift cards I got for christamas last week on a set of waders so I’m officially done. I had 160$ to use. I ask for them at Christmas for hunting licenses mainly now I have to find somewhere else. They destroyed the guns because they could probably make more writing them off in taxes than returning them. Also I’m sure they are sitting on a lawsuit from the last shooting so this is a way promote themselves and cut costs on the lawsuit.
  5. I picked up tonight a pair of breathable stocking foot waders and was wondering what socks work the best? I’m used to boot foot waders and have some med-heavy Merlino wool socks I wear. I’m worried my feet will die with the neoprene feet, socks, and wading shoes. Any help?
  6. Super Duty Supercab rear seats?

    You’ll be fine with a booster seat. The new ifs are coil overs not torsion bars which are a lot nicer for modification. The new leveling kits and lifts are bolt ons. I’m not a fan of GM’s front ends because of the torsion bars.
  7. Super Duty Supercab rear seats?

    I owned a 06. Had enough room for an adult to sit. They are alittle tight for an adult but a kid would be fine. If your running car seats look for another vehicle it gets tight. If you don’t need a 3/4ton get a half ton truck and you’ll save enough to get a super crew. The new ones may have more room, I’m not sure. I know my 1/2ton supercrew two grown adults and sprawl out and take a nap back there.
  8. Anyone with kids have new Ford Explorer

    We have a 14 explorer and love the truck. It has the third row and it’s nice. Most of the time when we use the third row we only fold up half the seat and just pop the rear hatch it’s only a kid sitting back there anyway. I hardly think they are the poorest quality vehicle like one guy posted. Have had no problems (knock on wood) with it. The only thing I hate is ford sync, my wife has no problem with it. I hate it so much I made sure I bought my 14 f150 with the cheap sync radio so I could put a aftermarket stereo in. I have talked to others that had competitor vehicles and heard the same gripes. The 3.5 eco-boost motors are very responsive. Ours came with the 3.5 but no turbo. Still a good motor and drives fine. The first purchase if you buy one is weather tech style floor mats. All the floors shaped like bowls. Spills and water off your shoes goes nowhere. Buy a new used. You will get the most bang for your buck. I only buy vehicles with 20-30000 tops and keep them for 10yrs. Most of the time they are in the 200000 mi range by then. Have any other questions let me know.
  9. NJ Assembly Passes Six Gun Control Bills

    There were four more bills introduced yesterday. I was told they have 33 bills total ready. This state sucks ass. I’m sorry I can’t bring them over. Alittle help someone. Chris
  10. First Time Rod Repair

    Remove the eye and try and space the tip even like it originally was even if you have to cut alittle off the rod, I’ve done it more than once. It will work fine. Chris
  11. Help!!

    Awesome!!!!!!! Worked great. Thanks.
  12. Help!!

    I’m a simple man I will wait for you to figure it out. Done yet? Lol
  13. Help!!

    How do I get it out of mobile mode? I am not liking this!
  14. The nj rifle and pistol clubs sent a legal letter to the school district demanding them to immediately rectify the situation or face legal action for violation of their constitutional rights. I hope the make and example out of the school district. Chris
  15. All around hunting dog???

    One suggestion if you are serious about training the dog, I will offer you this advice buy a good starter pistol. Make sure it’s over a 100$ new. Or your wasting your money. I can show you the pile of crap in the closet of broken pistols.