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  1. Large Doghouse for sale $75

    Is this still available?
  2. Large Doghouse for sale $75

    Thank you for showing me the price. Maybe I do need to go for that eye exam.
  3. Large Doghouse for sale $75

    How much?
  4. Tuning

    I do my own, if you were closer I would love to help you out. Let me know what you buy and when, there is a chance I could meet up with you. I have a hitch mount for my bow press. Also call Woodbridge Archery and Arms, Dominic. I have used him in the past. Great guy and great with a bow.
  5. To hell with legalities. Sounds to me like a bunch of guys getting together for a gentleman’s bet of fishing. And your friends just so happen to hand you a couple extra bucks for a good cause. Have never fished for shad, but there is a first time for everything.
  6. 99 out of 100....

    Should be more social and less media. As I type on a public social media forum. Haha.
  7. Farmers' This morning

    So who made it to the shoot this morning? I made it out with a hunting buddy this morning. We were there are 7am and started shooting by 7:15am. Great course they had set up, really liked the longer shooting.
  8. Farmers 3D Shoots

    To me it does not matter how people shoot it. I shoot the course several times a year for pure fun. I have never handed in a score card. But I do agree that judge the distance is the best part. Luckily I have only lost one arrow there in the many years I have been shooting. That is not saying that I have not gotten my share of 5’s though due to bad judgement.
  9. Farmers 3D Shoots

    I just looked through old sent emails. My correspondence was with Judd Callahan. I have the one that states about individual classes for championship. But you only compete in that specific class for your championship. So you not shoot hunter and compete from the reds for final championship. I have the sent email about the rangefinders, but not the email I received back from them. So definitely ask.
  10. Farmers 3D Shoots

    Also want to add that I was told you do not have to shoot farthest stake either. You can shoot from any stake and qualify for that class.
  11. Farmers 3D Shoots

    Negative. Spoke to them last year about this. I was told that you can use a range finder at any qualifying shoot. But that range finders are not allowed day of championship. If this information is incorrect, then the members of Farmers need to update their rule knowledge. I used the email address from their website when I asked the question.
  12. Farmers 3D Shoots

    Distances are not marked. You are allowed to use a range finder.
  13. Farmers 3D

    I am unsure if I will be making the shoot this weekend. Would like to do it, but not sure how the schedule is gonna work out. Farmers is good cheap fun. What time are you guys looking to start shooting?
  14. For Sale 2007 RAM 1500

    Clean truck. Good luck with sale.
  15. Splitting maul- 6,8,or 10 lb

    I also have a splitting wedge to help with the big stuff: https://www.highlandwoodworking.com/gransforsbrukssplittingwedge.aspx This thing is razor sharp and has a twist in it.