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  1. Fox Lumber in Clinton, NJ. I have bought it from them for my trailer.
  2. Oxford got 2” or so. 31 was slush. 78 and 287 was like amateur hour.
  3. njbowhntr

    Dog Guy of NJ

    Family and I went away for the night. Wife contacted Dog Guy of NJ for a night of boarding. Our little puppers was in great hands. Phil and his family are very pet friendly. Rates were great and Phil is a great guy. I would recommend him to anyone that needs to board or train a dog.
  4. Deed in hand means nothing in the world of firearms. Ask NY. A friend of mine owns property in NY, his name is on the deed. And he can not bring a pistol to his house because he is not a legal resident of NY.
  5. You can not be a legal resident of 2 states. Owning property in another state does not exempt you from being a resident of NJ if that is where your legal residence is; drivers license, pay your state taxes and voter registration. If you are a “legal” resident of 2 states that could also fall under voter fraud. Now I am not a lawyer, but I love Columbo.
  6. Try shooting one of their CT series bows also. Sent some arrows down range with s CT5. Great bow. I am not in the market for a new bow, but like to shoot what is out there. Luckily the owner of the shop is the same fit as me. So I get to shoot a bunch of bows without them having to adjust stuff for me.
  7. That stinks. Was a nice day out though. I had to work. But I did get to shoot about 20 arrows when I got home.
  8. Drove from Piscataway to Oxford at 3:30pm today. 287 was mostly, but slushy spots, but people still trying to do 70+ mph. About 5 cars spun out and a lot of marks from cars that had spun out. 78 was covered with 2 tracks in each lane, so actually worse condition. But being it was in worse condition everyone stayed in their lane and we all did 50-55 mph. 31 was covered but moved at 35 -40mph. So for the area I drove in the cleanest looking road was actually the most dangerous. Had to hit the bank on the ride home and took a couple back roads, was very glad I have the worlds most innovative all wheel drive car.
  9. Sweet rig. That is one bow I wish I would have shot before getting my bow. I have read great reviews. And I love the PSE grip.
  10. Here is the link to the chisel cut chain: https://www.baileysonline.com/woodlandpro-18-chainsaw-chain-loop-33rc-66-drive-links-33rc66-wpl-33rc66.html The bags that the chains came in are generic so I was not able to get the part number off of them, nor find my old order receipt. I am using the WoodlandPro chisel on both of my bars. They cut great and sharpen quick also. Personally I feel I get better longevity out of them vs the Stihl blades.
  11. I shot about 50 arrows today, in the backyard. Playing with a new release so getting anchor and peep set.
  12. I run the 18” and 24” on my 362. I have encountered a few trees that I had to cut from both sides even with the 24”. Even with that bar buried the engine kept that blade spinning, in both ash and pin oak. But for the most part the 18” resides on the saw 90% of the time.
  13. What size bar do you have? I will look at the numbers on my chains tomorrow from Bailey’s.
  14. I run the same saw. She can cut some wood. Check out Bailey’s for replacement chains. I use their chisel blades. Cheaper and way better than Stihl chains.
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