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  1. We drove from home to Sussex this morning for a bike race. We were on the road at 7:30am. Took 519 up. Deer were everywhere this morning. And on dead cub on route 206.
  2. I am taking the day off tomorrow to get my oldest out in the tree for a few morning hours. This is her first year hunting, hoping our luck changes and something comes in range. We are seeing deer, but just have not had a shot opportunity yet.
  3. I picked this one up off eBay, brand new for almost 1/2 price. Tags still on it. Right now I am shooting stock strings. I have a set of JBK strings coming in this week. Normally I shoot Threadz strings. This will be my second set of JBK, was impressed with the first set on my PSE.
  4. Bowtech Realm X. I pulled the cable guard and lubricated the plastics contact spots. Quiet now. When it comes time to swap strings I am going to lubricate all pivot points. For some reason Bowtech does not use lube, but they make a great shooting bow.
  5. No issues with the QAD. At present it is on the bow. I have a vibration noise on the new bow. So to rule out rest I swapped rests. That was not the issue. But have not swapped back to the Hamskea. The bow is tuned and ready to hunt. I may put the Hamskea back on after the season.
  6. The first dog tracker basically told him not good. Will not come out.
  7. Give Rich Stollery a call. Get a second opinion. Give Casey Florek, 732-850-8144,a call. Casey is in Jamesburg but a world of knowledge in that mans head, and he is my uncle by marriage. Ron Haines
  8. As some things are not thought out for planning. I also put part of the blame on the people that do not know how to follow instructions. Whenever I go there I find garbage all over the range. Boxes as targets and clay birds. That tells me that people are not following the 30” rule. When this is done bullets ricochet all over the place. I think this upgrade is more of a safety concern. I have heard rumors of bullets hitting all the way over by the Clinton Field office. Now I know that these rules are broken by a small percentage of the users, but unfortunately every sport or activity has these people. And they make it hard on the rest of the group.
  9. Merino wool base; minus 33 and Black Ovis. Heavy merino wool second; First lite. Grid Fleece from First Lite next. And then my Sleeping Indian wool if needed.
  10. Beautiful. Congrats
  11. Thank you for the offer. Luckily we can pull right up to this guy. I am leaving work at lunch. Help him load and then off to the Halloween parade.
  12. Pops, 74 y/o, sat in the wood shed on the property he rents on this morning. He has been seeing this buck chase does for the last 3 days. This morning the deer got a just a bit too close to the wood shed. The buck came on a lower trail 10 yard shot but almost like being in a treestand.
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