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  1. Who shoots one? Started way back in the day shooting a 2 prong rest, then a whisker biscuit and finally a QAD Ultra. Now I have no issue with my Qad drop away rests, but I like to try out new stuff. So looking for some feedback on fellow archers that have shot both. I have tuned a bow that had one on it, but only shot about 20 arrows through it. And it seemed solid and quiet.
  2. I am in Oxford. I just reread that post. I will not be taking to shop for install. But I am up for a Pequest shooting meet up to get to know some people off of here.
  3. And now I have to keep telling myself it will be great on the PSE I already own. I do NOT need a new PSE Evoke 35. I do NOT......
  4. Now I just have to find time to shop install. Between 10 hour days at work and softball/baseball I can not even get the lawn cut. I have shot Spot Hogg sights before. My last few sights have been Montana Black Gold sights. MBG has brighter pins, but the Spot Hogg’s are built more stout.
  5. Well several weeks I ordered a nice Spot Hogg Hogg It 5 pin. And she arrived today, Woohoo!!!!
  6. Here are the pics. This one was on the Kaiser trail.
  7. I have seen them on the Kaiser Trail and Copper Mine Trail. Pics are on phone. Will try to remember to post later.
  8. We love the cabins up there. We spent a long weekend there every May. Family loves it. Kids love the ice cream at Jumboland. And do not forget a sammich from Dale’s, or the fried chicken.
  9. I will be out driving around with 2 of the kids. We might drop a couple lines later in the morning.
  10. Very nice. I am getting ready to unload my Bowtech and start looking into another PSE.
  11. Fox Lumber in Clinton, NJ. I have bought it from them for my trailer.
  12. Oxford got 2” or so. 31 was slush. 78 and 287 was like amateur hour.
  13. njbowhntr

    Dog Guy of NJ

    Family and I went away for the night. Wife contacted Dog Guy of NJ for a night of boarding. Our little puppers was in great hands. Phil and his family are very pet friendly. Rates were great and Phil is a great guy. I would recommend him to anyone that needs to board or train a dog.
  14. Deed in hand means nothing in the world of firearms. Ask NY. A friend of mine owns property in NY, his name is on the deed. And he can not bring a pistol to his house because he is not a legal resident of NY.
  15. You can not be a legal resident of 2 states. Owning property in another state does not exempt you from being a resident of NJ if that is where your legal residence is; drivers license, pay your state taxes and voter registration. If you are a “legal” resident of 2 states that could also fall under voter fraud. Now I am not a lawyer, but I love Columbo.
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