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  1. Promoting illegal hunting. Such a responsible person you are.
  2. Try calling the main office. This is not the place to get an answer like that. The “I read it on the Internet forum” will not get you out of a ticket.
  3. Sorry. I read a post that was worded different. But was able to explode the sign. Looks like I will get to do some good shooting. And still have the Pa range to go to also.
  4. Already a member. Great place to shoot.
  5. Well I guess I need to buy a 6.5 Creedmoor now. Everything else I have is some version of a .30; .30-30, 30-06, 300 Win Mag, 308.
  6. I use the Clinton range year round. And it was a shit hole as of late. More people shooting holes in the roof and leaving trash. Everyone says it is the states fault, but in a way I do not totally blame them. Granted everyone here adheres to all rules and regulations while at the range, but we are only a small fraction of the licensed hunting community. And not to mention the amount of non licensed people that use it. The Clinton field office has been hit by bullets from people not using the range properly. I drove back there and saw the improvements. It will stop bullets from being shot above the backstop. But the jack wagons are still going to shoot holes in the new constructions. And then it will get closed again because people make it a liability for the state. I could only imagine the insurance costs of running the ranges in this state.
  7. With a family of 5 I usually shoot 6 deer a year. And we eat it all. This is a strange year for me, normally freezer is full by Thanksgiving. Then I get bow ready for 3d, which I shoot for fun.
  8. We do several times a year. We have an 8 person Big Agnes for car camping, we are a family of 5 plus dog. We have a 5 person Kelty we use to sleep on the AT camping spots. Over this coming year we would like to get 2 backpacking tents. Cooking wise we have 2 propane stoves, a JetBoil and an MSR burner.
  9. Just stopped in the Clinton range on ride home. Fence is down, but they have up a sign stating range closed still. Construction signs are gone. Job trailer still there. They look to be in clean up mode.
  10. Very nice. I got got a set up a couple years ago in hopes for learning how to fly fish. It has not worked out yet.
  11. Back on the bicycles and running for me. Being a coach for a youth mountain bike team for spring and cyclocross racing in the fall. Starting tomorrow at 4:45am I will be in the gym before work. I hit a big slack phase when archery starts. And now it is time to increase strength and cardiovascular strength.
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