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  1. njbowhntr

    Compound Bow shooting ?

    Where do you live at? If you want we can meet up at Clinton or Pequest range to go over your whole set up and form. I have a pro press I can bring with if adjustments need to be made.
  2. njbowhntr

    10/16 Zone 7

    Ain't that always the way. Hopefully they follow the right path next time.
  3. njbowhntr

    10/16 Zone 7

    Good luck. Just call or text if you need a hand getting the big one out.
  4. TC Encore Pro Hunter topped with Leupold VX-III 3.5-10x40mm. Down the tube will be a 250 grain Barnes TMZ being pushed by 80 grains, by weight, of Blackhorn 209. The kids are super excited for this season with the muzzleloader. This year they will get to follow me on a couple hunts. Have a few state properties near me that have a great trail network. Still hunting with 3 kids in tow.
  5. njbowhntr

    Swamp Donkey Down

  6. njbowhntr

    Appalachian Trail - Tree stand safety

    Thank you for the reminder to not take things for granted. Family and I were up at the fire tower yesterday. Did not take Rattlesnake due to the amount of standing water. But also way too many people on that section for me. But good walk for the kids with lots of views.
  7. njbowhntr

    First Sit of the year zone 2

    Sounded like a good afternoon
  8. njbowhntr

    Out with my 4 yo son

    Choot’em. And have fun.
  9. njbowhntr

    NY buck down 10/13

    Congrats on a great buck.
  10. njbowhntr

    Last Bait Placed Was Yesterday

    My field spots shut down this time of year. Pops puts out corn a few days a week and friend has a feeder by his house, my dad sits over in a double ladder stand. This time of year when the acorns are dropping the deer numbers drop. Feed is always gone, but the sightings get limited. This is usually when I head onto a high mtn ridge, well high for jersey, and hunt oak flats. Luckily there are still just enough deer coming into the field to get the kids out and they get to see deer every sit. Deer may be 150 yards away and pass through field, but they at least see something.
  11. njbowhntr

    Zone 10.... Round 3

    This colder weather is nice. Got home and hung her up in the garage. The 3 kiddies helped me get her caped out last night. So the butchering starts later. It is amazing how much a deer can move. She was ever so slightly quartered towards me when I lined up the pins, at 23 yards. She spun enough to give a slightly quartered away angle of a hit. Did get both lungs so she did expire within 60 yards, less than 15 seconds. But amazes me how much they can move.
  12. njbowhntr

    Anywhere to try out releases?

    You can order releases from Cabela's and have a 90 day return window. I would not do this with clothes that I have actually worn hunting, but I have done this with releases before.
  13. njbowhntr

    Anywhere to try out releases?

    Honestly I shoot my MaxPro 4 better. The SX3 has taught me a lot about not punching trigger and pulling through the shot. But as I shoot the SX3 better I pull out the Max Pro 4 and find that I have improved with that one also. But I do seem to hold better groups with the Max. My shot sequence from what I have read is more of a command shooter. I get my pin on target. Then apply light pressure to trigger. As I feel my sight picture is perfect I give the final squeeze with my thumb to send the arrow. The SX3 has a great trigger on it. The weight and fit in the hand is great, fits hand like a glove.
  14. njbowhntr

    Zone 10.... Round 3

    Her is my oldest sweetheart with the doe.
  15. njbowhntr

    Zone 10.... Round 3

    Doe down.... this is Lily’s first time seeing daddy shoot a deer. Lily did great. Deer snuck in from her side. She froze and stayed perfectly still. Doe only went 50 yards. Looks to be back of lung to center of far lung.