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  1. Hope someone can help. If they want to venture to Warren County I would be able to show them a couple state land spots.
  2. njbowhntr

    FS: Quicksilver DFI Synthetic Blend

  3. I have (2) gallons of Quicksilver DFI Synthetic Blend oil. Boat is gone and these were hiding in garage. Never opened. $50 for both. Live in Oxford (07863) and work in Bridgewater (08807). Ron 908-489-2648 (call or text)
  4. njbowhntr

    New rifle

    The 6.5 creedmoor is my next rifle purchase. And the Ruger looks like a heck of a shooter.
  5. njbowhntr

    Deer Corn 4-Sale

    I just showed the kids pictures of the puppies, that was probably a bad idea.... They want one now.
  6. Looks great. are you gonna be able to get upstream?
  7. I am looking forward to friday night. Gonna hit the same spot as tonight with the family. Riverside dinner and hopefully something on the fly, and hopefully the kids get some on the spinner.
  8. Brian, very nice to meet you today. The river looks great. Even with the stained water I did well downstream, but no fly rod today.
  9. Looking forward to the new thread. I fished there Sunday morning with no takers on the fly. But it was a nice quiet morning.
  10. njbowhntr

    Fly patterns

    Well here is the selection I have for Sunday morning.
  11. njbowhntr

    Fly patterns

    Well this is my first year back to attempting fly fishing. My plan is to hit the Musky around 5am -7am Sunday mornings. But need a little help with fly selection for the early morning hours. Plan is to stop at Shannon’s on way home from work today. All help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  12. njbowhntr

    Hi Mr. Snake

    Low on Coppermine. We did Vam Campen 2 weeks ago and that was a touch high but crystal clear. I was mad I did not bring my rod to Van Campen.