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  1. This past weekend I attended the training to be a NICA (http://www.newjerseymtb.org/) coach. My wife and I will be running a team for the Warren County area. The ages for riders are from 6th grade to 12th grade. There is too much information to put into this one post. So I will keep it brief, I will try. The main reason for this post is we will be having a Try-It-Out day on Oct 13th at Stephens state park. For this day Trek bicycles will be bringing a fully stock trailer of bikes and helmets for kids to try out the sport. There will be a waiver that a parent or legal guardian will need to sign. At the try it out I, or another coach, will run through some bike basics to see there skill level. From there we will take them on a short ride through some trails, skill level appropriate. My wife is getting a flyer made up for the day that will add to the post later. I believe the trailer will be there for most of the day, but will confirm times with flyer. We will also have information on how to join a local team if it is something your child wishes to pursue. More information to follow. Feel free to contact me: Ron Haines 908-489-2648 (call or text) or [email protected] ****Updated the date to Oct 13th. Just got the confirmation from the league for this date. The flyer should be made up by Thursday. As soon as I have copy of the flyer I will post it here.******
  2. My daughter shoots a Hero. Very well built. Trigger is nice. I would recommend to any youth.
  3. Here is the markings on the bow. It is a Browning Cobra II.
  4. I have a Browning Nomad 45# recurve that I have been wanting to sell. Tonight I will get pics and specs for you. Bow is in very good condition.
  5. Be with my oldest when she gets her first deer, first season hunting. Fill the freezer with high quality lean New Jersey wildlife protein.
  6. Also check out Holmmade bows or Primal tech bows. 2 great guys that build beautiful bows at very good prices.
  7. Check out RMS for used equipment, huge rotating stock. Big Jim also has a large used stock. Both of these places also have extremely knowledgeable staff. Me personal, I am a used buyer. Being a compound shooter I buy used, disassemble bow, lube, new strings and tune. Being I wait for good deals I usually make money off of them, at least break even. But no matter what I have shot I still stick with my trusty PSE Source HD. When I set up a used bow I generally spend around $1000. That is bow, string, rest and sight.
  8. Little Lily has been out in the tree with me the last several years. Last year I got my first deer with her in the tree with me. She is not squeamish at all about gutting a deer. And her favorite part of the deer to eat is the heart. I am looking forward to the first day more than any other year of my hunting career.
  9. My oldest daughter went for her hunter safety course today. She did the course at Wallkill. Being it is suppose to be a Women’s course put on by the NWTF my wife took her, while I did house work all day. But my Bean is an official huntress. Passed all field courses and test. She is super excited for September.
  10. I am in oxford. They flew directly over the house, twice. First pass you could almost see the tail numbers. Amazing sight.
  11. A couple weeks ago I posted pictures of my daughter Lily practicing with her crossbow. Well 8am this morning we hit the Clinton range with a pair of .22’s, bolt and semi. We worked on the safe handling of a firearm at a range and some shooting. She did great on all aspects. Wife and I are so very proud of her. The tight group in the middle was with the scope. Others were with iron sights. So very proud of her.
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