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  1. njbowhntr

    Permit bow buck.

    Congrats on a great buck
  2. njbowhntr

    6 day and 7th day bucks

    Congrats on some great deer
  3. njbowhntr

    My best 8pt buck from 12/5/18

    Congrats on a great buck
  4. Congrats on a great week.
  5. njbowhntr

    Well that sucks lol

    Another reason one why I do not use cameras. That sucks.
  6. njbowhntr

    12/8 Zone 7

    Sorry you did not connect
  7. njbowhntr

    Buck down

    Congrats on a great buck
  8. njbowhntr

    12/8/18 Six Day Check In

    No s’mores tonight. Tonight is Cinnabon’s over the campfire. They come out little crispy on the outside and doughy on the inside. Little touch of heaven.
  9. njbowhntr

    12/8/18 Six Day Check In

    Bailed on the hunt. Sat this morning till noon in 12 and zero. Decided to tune a bow and build a campfire.
  10. njbowhntr

    12/8 Zone 7

    Shoot’em up. Call if you need a hand.
  11. njbowhntr

    Last day 6 day success, again!

    Congrats on a great buck. By any chance were you in Readington? I was hunting by Round Valley this morning and heard 3 evenly spaced shots. I was in Dreahook.
  12. njbowhntr

    Anyone Archery Hunting this week?

    Saturday is a toss up right now. If I sit my ridge stand I will have the bow. But if I decide to walk a different ridge I will be taking the muzzleloader. But I do prefer the bow.
  13. njbowhntr

    New Triax needs tuning

    M7, where are you located?