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  1. There are a couple of wawa’s in Allentown pa that have it. Google it.
  2. What about the 66% more a year I will make from 46-51? That’s a huge chunk of money to leave behind. And I’m planning/ hoping to live way past 74.
  3. I will make over 3 times the amount working as opposed to being retired at 46. And at 46 the take home is no where near 60k a year if I retire.
  4. How old will you be in 2023 and how is your health? If you are young and healthy I would stay two more years. If your older and not in good health I would leave. I can leave at 46 for $1100 less a month. If I stay till 51 I will get the max. My plan is to stay till 51.
  5. Do they really take the public’s opinion into account when it comes to freshwater regulations? They totally ignore the public’s opinion when it comes to saltwater regs. Look how they ignored the public’s opinion on the fluke regs this year.
  6. Hopefully we get a good run. Last year was awful in that area. Every time I went nobody was catching anything and the old timers that fish every day said it was a terrible year.
  7. Of course they can. Many companies have multiple guys in one truck for the last 12 months. UPS had two people in the truck for over two months for the Christmas season doing deliveries. We unload and load hundreds of trailers a day at my job with two sometimes three people in a trailer. This state is a total joke. Just like the schools being closed. Total joke.
  8. Do you mix the flour with all the ingredients? or do you dredge the cakes in the flour then fry them?
  9. Liberty is scheduled to deliver to my house tomorrow. I shoveled a path for them but it’s not perfect. I’m anxious to see what’s going to happen........
  10. I called hackettstown and liberty last week. Hackettstown was 22 cents more a gallon. Hackettstown did say they can be here in two days. Liberty was over a week.
  11. The size of your driveway is important. You definitely don’t need a huge one if you have a small driveway. My driveway is over 300’ long and very wide. I have a Toro Power Max 928 with a 265cc engine. It is more enough to handle two feet of snow and it throws it far. I’m extremely happy with it.
  12. As long as you aren’t having accuracy issues and the serving isn’t separating badly there is no reason to change it.
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