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  1. Last year everyone was crying that the fluke changed there migration patterns after thousands of years to the north and southern fluking was terrible. I guess they changed there minds again.
  2. There were thousands on the water at Merrill creek a few days ago.
  3. If you guys were in hunterdon or Warren county I’d be joining.
  4. I hope your right! He's going to be my two sons first dog.
  5. We are getting ours from Indian creek in Sussex county. He came highly recommended by a few friends. He has 3 litters due in early July.
  6. Thanks for the info! I will definitely be making the fermented version.
  7. What’s the difference in the final taste between the two methods? What method do you think the claussen dill pickles are made with?
  8. I’m definitely going to be making these! Thanks for sharing.
  9. Wow that looks good! I always thought you had to cold smoke it. Now that I see how easy it is I’m going to be making a batch this weekend. Thanks for sharing
  10. Wow. Please keep us posted. I’ve been using percy nets for 20 years. Does it have the same weight per foot?
  11. Great news! We got my 10 year old a bow over the winter and he has been begging to get is license!
  12. Yes the water is still extremely low. From my understanding it’s going to be low till at least next year. You can still launch a boat without any problems.
  13. Is this the curing salt you use?
  14. I smoke bluefish and trout all the time. I use a dry cure of brown sugar and kosher salt then I put a fan on the fish for a couple hours to get them sticky. When you dry the ling in the fridge for 10-25 hours do you cover them or you just leave them on a plate? And do you rinse them off when you take them out of the brine? I would have never thought to smoke ling.
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