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  1. I waded Easton area yesterday morning. Fished from 530-830. caught 3. very slow.
  2. Thanks for the info. I moved into my house in 2008 and the lawn was nice. Every year since it gets worse and worse. Now it’s more moss than grass. I’ve always used Scott’s 3 times a year and it’s not doing a dam thing. I’m in a heavily shaded area so I always blamed it on that. I’m going to try lesco this year.
  3. Do you know why it was closed? Hopefully it was just temporary.
  4. That’s dinner once a month in our house! We always add fresh chopped up peppers and onions. And potato rolls are a must!
  5. Great show. My wife doesn’t hunt either but she likes that show. I’m glad to hear it’s on Netflix.
  6. That’s great. I’m looking forward to helping those guys again.
  7. Will the state start stocking this section again in the future? Or will it continue to be up to the volunteers?
  8. I’ve heard that this is a phenomenal recipe and I was just telling the wife tonight that we need to start trying some new ones. Latley we’ve been making ceviche and absolutely loving it.
  9. Plenty of people in some of the spots I’ve gone to. It’s all timing. I was fishing a nice hole all by myself last week in the rain and I figured everyone would have stayed home because of the rain. Within an hour there was 6 guys on a weekday morning fishing right next to me.
  10. I have it and love it. I only use it for the free two day shipping. Whether it’s for a jar of salmon eggs, mouse traps, a oil filter a hose nozzle. Whatever. It saves me from a trip to the store which I hardly have time for till the weekend anyway. Well worth it for me.
  11. Reeltight

    RIP R Lee Ermey

    Terrible news. RIP MARINE.
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