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  1. Stay away from mercury. Honda and Yamaha are both phenomenal motors. If you can get the suzuki for a great deal get it, otherwise pick one of the others.
  2. You can bring meat to hunterdon deer butcher in pittstown. He makes all that stuff. It’s good too.
  3. Yes it’s a real question. The “point” would be to introduce two young boys to pheasant hunting without having to spend $400 at a game preserve or having to deal with the orange army with two young kids on a Saturday at a WMA during stocking season.
  4. Are you only allowed to release them for dog training? Or can you release them and go hunting for them without a dog?
  5. I spent several days at Clinton this year and there were very few birds. Everyone I spoke to said the same.
  6. I just showed that to my kids. They loved it! Thanks for posting!
  7. Pattern master choke tube and federal premium buckshot gave me unbelievable patterns.
  8. Some great ideas on here! I never thought of doing anything to my sled until now!
  9. If it’s a nice buck absolutely. I want to know how big it is. I weigh fish when I catch them too.
  10. I’ve gone to quite a few butchers in the northern half of New Jersey and a couple in Pennsylvania and i’ve always gotten back 25 to 30% of the deers field dressed weight in boneless meat. The more silver skin the butcher trims off the meat the less you are going to get back. If you do a terrible job field dressing that is also going to effect how much you are going to get back. I can’t tell you how many deer I see at the butcher shop that the guys do an absolutely horrible job of field dressing. Shot placement also plays a big role. My buddy goes to a butcher in Monmouth County and he said there’s a sign that says you get back 20 to 25% of your deers hanging weight in boneless meat. I’ve also noticed that a lot of guys I hunt with and guys I run into at the butcher shop always think that their deer is way bigger than it really is.
  11. Yes, it will be getting fixed and definitely only a one dog house.
  12. I’m putting a deposit on a german short hair pointer pup and I need to choose a male or female. The dog is going to be a family pet and a pheasant dog. Any pros or cons to either sex?
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