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  1. I want to try and get into fishing freshwater from a kayak here in NJ. Looking for recommendations on a good fishing/recreational starter kayak. Depending on my level of interest then up grading. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I saw this!! Want to add it to my bucket list.
  3. The fabric for my Primos blind has finally died. But, the support rods are still in good shape. Free to who ever wants to pick them up. Send a personal message if interested. -Thanks
  4. Sorry I've been away. I think the county limits the permits to 1,000 although they told me they never issue all of them. There are 5 parks/areas that allow hunting Thompson Park in Monroe Phillips Park in Old Bridge Jamesburg Matchaponix in Monroe Van Dyke Farm in South Brunswick
  5. I'm hunting the Middlesex County Parks for the first time this year. I don't anticipate getting out much until December/January for late bow and muzzleloader. Just looking for an opportunity for additional days in the field and add more venison to the freezer. Does anyone have recommendations on which of the parks hold better potential? Scouted by aerial maps and am going in on foot starting tomorrow. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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