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  1. jmanlights

    140" buck

  2. jmanlights

    Goose Hunting

    I most certainly will!
  3. jmanlights

    Goose Hunting

    More than happy to take anybody who's willing to go! We have a couple extra layouts
  4. jmanlights

    Goose Hunting

    Looking to link up with some others hunters for goose hunting. We run a good full body and silo spread. We also hunt snows with a couple hundred socks and full bodies. We hunt some farms in the Allentown area. We would like to hunt South zone but are pretty unfamiliar with the area. If you would like to link up to get after some honkers let me know!👍
  5. Tried to call John but no answer,will try him tonight

  6. jmanlights

    Avian x wigeons

    4 Drake's 2 hens. Never hunted. $50 located in Manchester.
  7. jmanlights

    Avian Artistry

    That would be great. Just curious to why he never reached out to me
  8. jmanlights

    Avian Artistry

    Does anyone know what happened to John Barton from avian Artistry? I dropped a snow goose off like 4 years ago and gave him $100 deposit. He doesn't answer or return any of my calls.
  9. jmanlights

    Full body Canadians

    I have 16 flocked headed full body Canadian goose decoys. They are flambeaus "the judge" series. There are 12 feeder and 4 active style. These decoys were bought two months ago and only hunted over twice. Looking to get 200.00 for the whole set. Located in whiting nj