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  1. Appreciate all the feedback I’m doing the muzzy hunt with Kokosing River outfitters I will post pictures of the trip (and hopefully a deer!) when the time comes.
  2. Drink as little as possible alcohol is a depressant so avoid drowning your sorrows it doesn’t help. My hobbies are hunting and fishing if you’re on this site I assume yours are the same, I would research and plan a hunt or fishing trip, talk to a few buddies about going with you can be like a reverse bachelor party. lots of good places in the US and reasonable because of COVID the planning/research will get your mind off of the divorce and give you something to look forward to...also will give you something to talk to your buddies about besides the divorce which sucks. Good luck!
  3. No I use granular... it was RX Clear 2 50lb buckets. https://www.amazon.com/Rx-Clear-Stabilized-Bactericide-Disinfectant/dp/B00OM8E7NC/ref=sr_1_25?crid=3QJ2QM1LVU78S&dchild=1&keywords=chlorine&qid=1620668889&refinements=p_36%3A2661616011&rnid=2661611011&s=lawn-garden&sprefix=Chlo%2Caps%2C176&sr=1-25
  4. Thanks for feedback so far... Pathman a few of the guys going have never killed a 100” buck so a 130” would be a monster for them. Glad to hear even if the weather is not good you at least are still seeing deer. Do you go with a guide or lease/own?
  5. Gents, Looking to book a hunt out in Ohio and wanted to hear from guys that have done both the regular gun and late muzzy season, which do you think is more consistent? I know weather plays a big factor either week but looking for guys that have experience. Also I read through some of the reviews on outfitters on here and have talked to a few already but welcome any new reviews or recommendations on places to go, or avoid. thanks!
  6. Triathlon competitors they have to do it all, running, swimming, biking all extremely difficult on there own, put them together and you have a tremendously athletic group of athletes.
  7. Goose was closed a long time in the 80’s and 90’s then was 1 bird when I got into it mainly hunting eastern shore of MD. Hunts over in 1 pull of the trigger most days. A lot of decoys will be up for sale in the next few months also some prime leases should become available.
  8. I got them from the Amish market by me but then found them at Costco for a third of the price check a few some have them in stock some don’t. https://www.costco.com/long-beach-folding-adirondack-chair.product.100470339.html
  9. I replied it’s still available
  10. Both are reliable I had the SBE II and III... I sold both and went back to Beretta Extrema II which has never had a cycling issue. The inertia driven guns kick way harder than the gas guns and difference in dependability is negligible today I wasted a few hundred dollars figuring that out.
  11. I have 2 boxes of almost full 180 grain ammo one is 18 rounds the other is 17... would take $40 or trade for a box of 165 grain 30/06 ammo, 20 gauge bird shot or 16 gauge bird shot. I’m in Somerset County by Six Mile run.
  12. JHBowhuntr it was the 3.5
  13. I recently switched from a 2016 F150 Limited with the 6 cylinder ecoboost to a Chevy Silverado Trail Boss 5.3 L V8 and the difference in power and pickup is substantial when you step on it. Not sure what the specs in comparison are but the Chevy is more powerful by far.
  14. The only people I’ve ever met that think unions are needed or a good idea are in a union. We the taxpayer did bailout Wall Street not too long ago so I guess it’s the unions turn. Anyone that thinks either political party is trying to help them is a fool...only way to fix this country is to end career politicians at all levels of government and have the laws and spending they do impact everyone directly.
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