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  1. 99.9% of my shots with the Muzzy and shotgun are under 50 yards so I’ve always sighted in at 50… I’m going on an out of state hunt and going to practice out further, but does anyone else sight in at 50 or 75 yards? Is there a benefit of sighting in at 100 if you most of your shots are 30-50 yards?
  2. You looking to sell or giveaway 🤪 the rest of the Blackhorn 209 you have left?
  3. I had similar results to Lunatic shot my first piebald this year and killed 2 big bucks one in NY one in NJ after. Definitely cool looking and I would kill more.
  4. My brother has a Traeger came with the lid dented they gave him a 20% discount he told me to buy a Pit Boss so I did, my grill is much heavier and seems higher quality so far… one thing I would say is if you don’t cook for large groups a lot get a smaller size I got the 1600 and it takes forever to heat up when cooking steaks at high temps.
  5. Duck hunting mentors are hard to come by most guys don’t/won’t risk having their spots burned. Having said that I would go with a guide to see what’s involved learn and see all the public land available to you to explore and find your own spots. Flights Cancelled and Ol Barney are two good ones in the area and good guys.
  6. Yup no idea what the problem was had to send in address verification documents it was a PIA... every other site I have took 5 minutes.
  7. Might be they are still verifying your information it took almost 2 months to verify mine...you can view the account and make deposits but can’t trade until you are verified, in your settings check to see what it says next to identity verification.
  8. I’ve owned a bunch of duck boats over the years just bought a new Duck Invader nicest one so far check them out before you buy... sorry don’t have one for sale. There was a duck hunting/decoy show in Tuckerton every year not sure it’s happening this year with Rona but usually a few boats for sale and to check out there since you have time.
  9. I use the muck boots year round and have had them for 10+ years... Also have a pair of Xtratuf boots they work well also no issue with cracking or leaking with either of them. I get the regular brown boots I don’t pay extra for camo that flakes and peels off eventually
  10. I know there are a bunch out there on marketplace and Craigslist but wanted to check on here to see if anyone has one they’re looking to part with... not picky on model but prefer 4x4... looking to stay in the 2k range. Thanks in advance
  11. Had this one right behind my garden this morning
  12. Call a few gunsmiths see if they have the part or can fix it...might cost you a little more but at least you’ll be able to use the gun.
  13. $150 isn’t free when you’re talking about 4-6 euros a year, and if you have the time or patience to do it yourself either Bushden method or burying them then why not? I choose to save a few dollars and do it myself when I can.
  14. The bleach will degrease it if you choose to go that way...if you go with the oil based spray paint you don’t need to degrease it.
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