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  1. I’d get a Prime, free strings for life, great guarantee on the bow itself and haven’t heard a bad review.
  2. Herd Buck


  3. Figured I’d check here if anyone has a working quad they are willing to part with, I have two kids and need another machine. Something in the 250-400cc range not looking for anything too big. PM me if you have something.
  4. Thanks guys tables are spoken for Yoda was first in line and is picking them up Friday.
  5. I’m located in Somerset County by Six Mile run, we are redoing our living room and looking to giveaway the coffee and end tables they are in good shape normal wear and tear. The coffee table top lifts up so you can eat off it easily
  6. Awesome gun. Can you do a pistol transfer on a Sunday?
  7. I’m going to be down in Cape May in June and am looking for a recommendation for a half or 3/4 day charter... looking for a private boat for 6. Thanks in advance
  8. I’ll be there with a few others... always a great time, my brother donates a bunch of Snap On prizes.
  9. I’m a SHU alumni... we always play well in the Big East Tournament then suck in the NCAA. Go Pirates
  10. If I don’t get any takers I’ll just keep it, just a shame because I never wear it.
  11. Bump... had a few guys interested but no follow through coat is still for sale or would trade for a .22, a Muzzleloader, bow, etc let me know what you have
  12. It’s crazy every week I read on here about someone getting something stolen yet everyone hunting public land can’t get away from all the stands left in the woods
  13. Rjtfd I live right by the park and hunt a few sections of it, let me know if you ever need a hand or want to get out together to scout or once the season starts
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