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  1. Are there spots that tend to produce sheds year after year or is it More random? I’ve never found one not even by accident in all my years in the woods.
  2. I went with the cutco for the always in the backpack and the custom buck attached Just because
  3. Also guys have 6 months to sit and wait for a big buck to make a mistake... in the past you only had a few days to kill a big buck and if it didn’t show in those handful of days you were SOL. Now once you get a picture of a buck you just sit and wait months for it to show up again
  4. Thanks woodsman exactly what I’m looking for!
  5. Thanks for the replies. Haskell top priority is high quality fixed blade if I can get it with antler handle that would be ideal.
  6. Looking for reviews I wanted something functional as I plan to use it but also want antler handle for the looks. Buck has one for about $300 but I wanted to see what else is out there and some reviews. Do you use the knife or is it a show piece? thanks in advance
  7. Less deer today and more food creates bigger bucks... plus what everyone else said.
  8. 90 grains by volume and 290 grain Barnes spitfire t-ez sabots great accuracy and results on deer out of my t/c impact
  9. I have a Remington Spartan 453 for sale looking to get $300 for it; it’s 12 gauge shoots everything 2.75 to 3.5 I don’t use it and have too many others. If for your son I may have some flexibility on the price. Pm me if interested
  10. Trying to kill a buck with the shotgun, I’ve killed with every other weapon, muzzy, bow, crossbow and rifle but for some reason the last 3 years whenever I bring out the shotgun I only see doe. I even changed shotguns because I thought the first one is bad luck!
  11. Appreciate all the replies and tips, washing with baking soda great info I used one of those natural earth scent wafers and cannot get the stink out of my clothes! I'm going to try the last month of the season and see what happens
  12. Some of the places I hunt are very limited by the available trees so I’ve felt it’s better to hunt from the tree and use bait rather than set up on better sign on the ground. I don’t hunt the ground due to ticks and always felt it was a disadvantage, scent and can’t see as much. though after reading and seeing a lot of successful ground hunters I’m thinking of changing tactics. What do you do different hunting from the ground if anything? Is scent control substantially different? Is natural blind best option? Just sit against a tree? Any advice is appreciated.
  13. Love the muzzy but if you’re only going to hunt a few days a year with it and want minimal hassle get a shotgun. You can hunt in the rain no worries, multiple follow up shots, zero thought just sight it in and go, no measuring, no throwing out pellets you didn’t use, etc. most people can only hunt a few times a year even with the long season so the extra time you can go doesn’t mean you will.
  14. You only looking for a Stoeger? I have a Remington Spartan 453 in 12 gauge I’d let go of pretty cheap. PM me if interested I can send you pictures it’s barely used.
  15. Thanks Mike but not interested in a black powder rifle I have a few already appreciate the offer though
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