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  1. Great info so far... I haven’t heard any one mention using “xyz” attractant, etc Do you guys not use these types of things? Do you mainly hunt scrape lines, food sources, or just general deer runs? Personally I’ve never had luck with Deer attractant and have seen deer smell it (buck bomb in particular) and run off
  2. Good news Bucndoe! Does anyone know any butchers in central NJ that will take NY deer all 3 of my normal shops won’t take them
  3. It’s posted on most of the butchers I use website/FaceBook it’s guidance from the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife. check out Big Dog’s or Make the Shot Deer Processing.
  4. I’m heading up to Conesville, NY... what are you guys doing with the deer now that you can’t bring them back to NJ butchers? Obviously if you do your own not an issue, but what does everyone else going to do?
  5. Join UBNJ they have a bunch of cull hunts they did the hard part in getting the access... enjoy
  6. Ton of scrapes and rubs by me
  7. Seen a bunch of dead bucks on the road and am torn if I should try to use a doe in heat scent yet or just try to remain as scent free as possible what’s everyone else doing?
  8. 2003 or 2006 the guy I bought it from wasn’t sure/couldn’t remember
  9. The permits are a new requirement for everyone that hunts the park there are unlimited bow and yes they issue them to non-residents a bunch of guys from NY and PA are regulars. Ton of stands and people hunting the parks if you can go during the week you will be fine you can PM me and I’ll give you a few starting points to check out... I live right by six mile and hunt it often
  10. Thanks I’m going to try without it
  11. I’ve always used a mask but hate it in the early season as it’s too hot even the light ones... for the guys that use face paint or have used both is there any difference? is a mask really needed at all in your experience?
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