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  1. Herd Buck

    What Brand Scope Is Your Favorite?

    Leupold are what I use... if I could afford it I’d put Swarovski on all my guns they are great.
  2. Herd Buck

    Powerbelt Buck

    I use the 295 hollow points this is a crappy pic but this is the entrance wound on the deer I killed Friday... no exit but huge entrance. Deer went about 60 yards after shot
  3. Herd Buck

    Powerbelt Buck

    I’m also new to muzzy hunting and have killed 4 deer with PowerBelts this year, not 1 deer had a pass through and shots ranged from 20-60 yards. Zero blood trails on any of the deer just a few drops at the site of the hit. all deer were recovered following the last path I saw them run. I’m also amazed at the lack of trail because some of the entrance wounds were huge. Im looking to try other bullets after this season because the lack of blood trails concerns me greatly. I’m shooting the 295 grain PBs with 95 grains by volume of BlackHorn 209 I’m amazed at zero pass throughs. Curious if you had a blood trail or if you saw the buck go down? Great buck and congratulations!
  4. Herd Buck

    Bourbon and Scotch collectors

    I’m making my way across the Asian stuff now...was on a Hibiki kick now I am drinking Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique cask, great stuff... not sure where you are located but there is a whiskey bar in New Brunswick called INC you can try some decent variety flights.
  5. Herd Buck

    T/C Thompson Center Strike Muzzle Loader and Aimpoint Sight F/S

    Sent you a message
  6. Got the coat as a gift 2 years ago and just don’t wear it. Size 44 (Large to XL) in almost new condition, I’m located in Somerset County. Coat cost $695 new I’m asking $400 Pm me with any questions
  7. Herd Buck

    Duck hunter stuck in Mud for 33 hours

    I got out to move the boat at Saw Mill creek and sank to my armpits in mud had to get out of waders and crawl into the boat... that sinking mud feeling is the worst feeling in duck hunting
  8. Hey guys looking into booking a whitetail trip next year and want recommendations from anyone that has been also anyone to avoid thanks in advance
  9. Herd Buck

    .243 rifle wanted to buy

    How much or pm me
  10. How much you looking to get for the Howa and are you looking for cash only or would you consider a trade?

    1. BCsaw


      $350 What is your trade or partial trade?

    2. Herd Buck

      Herd Buck

      I have an older 12 gauge Remington 870 wingmaster in great shape slug barrel only, or an Ithaca model 37 16 gauge in fair to good condition 

  11. Herd Buck

    .243 rifle wanted to buy

    Hey guys looking to get a gun for my wife and girls preferably a .243 bolt or pump, wanted to check if someone had one they’re willing to sell before I buy something new. Let me know what you have thanks in advance!
  12. fluke is more expensive than Kobe beef per pound
  13. Herd Buck

    Large Doghouse for sale $75

    Yes still available
  14. Herd Buck

    Large Doghouse for sale $75

    Yes $75 and still for sale had someone say they were coming to pick it up but they never showed
  15. Nomad any chance you would part with one of the .35 Whelens?

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    2. Nomad


      I appreciate and respect the offer.  Like I said I am really not looking to sell.  If I could get 1100 I would sell today, but I am expecting to get more than that in a few years.  Maybe I will be wrong, but I don't need to sell.   Thanks, Mark.

    3. Herd Buck

      Herd Buck

      Np it was worth a shot good luck with them 

    4. Nomad


      Thanks, good luck to you this season.