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  1. Triv

    Catch and Release

    Blows me away that grown men are scared of snakes that weigh 3lbs max. If your scared, push it off with your boot and get on your way.
  2. My neck of the woods. Depends we’re you’re looking. The Maurice goes from the Delaware bay up to Union lake. In Millville below union lake dam, before it gets brackish, you can catch lmb, smb, stripers, cats, crappie, pickerel, etc. union lake is the biggest lake in south jersey fed by the Maurice. Once you get above Union, it gets smaller and you have the access points mentioned in previous comments. Those spots get stocked with trout although I‘m Sure they just die off once the water gets too warm. North of that is Rainbow Lake, which is another good fishing spot.
  3. Been crushing trout lately. Definitely doing this. Thanks for the info!
  4. Hello gents. I've been getting a fair amount of yote pics this year in a neighborhood patch of woods that I hunt. They’ve never been there before so I’m planning on taking care of business if all goes as planned. I’ve never hunted them before and im looking for any advice available. I’m assuming calls are the way to go. Any particular one work better than another? I can use my AR .223 right?
  5. Triv

    Buck down

    Wow. That’s one to be proud of! Congrats. Stellar buck! Character, mass, and those brow tines......
  6. Triv

    Buck down

    Way to stay at it. Piney buck? Congrats.
  7. 2018 pics. I have to grab the 2017 pics from my laptop. I’ll post them up shortly.
  8. Well, had this guy on cam in 2017 as a solid 7 pt. If we crossed paths then, he probably would have got it then. Last year I had him on cam a couple times Asba big 8. Maybe a little bigger than he was this year. I did see him one morning last year after hunting my stand. I got out and walked over to an overgrown field that always holds deer in the morning. Don’t you know he is trailing a doe and coming right at me. As they both stepped behind a red cedar, I set up and got ready for a shot. Would have been a 20 yard chip shot if they continued on the path I thought, but of coarse that never happens. After waiting for what felt like forever, I see the buck heading back in the direction from where he came. I regrouped and waited for an opportunity. I ranged an opening at 40, and waited for him to get there. As soon as I drew, he pegged me. At that point I should have known I was screwed. I settled the pin right behind his shoulder and squeezed. Soon as I hit the release he ducked and turned and the arrow went right over his back. He hauled ass and I didn’t see or get a pic of him until the end of the season, which fortunately gave me the assurance that he would hopefully make it to this season. Fast forward to this year. I set my cams out and no trace of this buck until 10/26 when he was starting to think with the wrong head. I was pumped. Unfortunately I had a handful of pics from that day and he was gone again. Here is where “the game changer“ comes into play. I bought my first cellular cam this year; a Spypoint Micro. I got it when Dick’s was doing the trade in thing, so it cost me $100. It’s not the best, but as long as you keep fresh batteries in it, it gets the job done. Sure enough, on Friday night, guess who shows up on my cam on three separate occasions throughout the night. I was pumped. I changed my plans around and by 5:30 Saturday morning I was hanging from the side of a tree in the dark. I didn’t see him that morning and honestly didn’t see the quantity of deer I’m used to seeing, but I did see a couple small bucks going nuts. It was on, and there was no way I wasn’t going to be set up in that piece that afternoon. After getting some stuff done, the clock ticked 2, and I was off to the woods! Climbed in about 2:30 and saw my first deer about 20 minutes after. It was a doe skirting my piece, and don’t you know, this SOB came in following the same trail a few minutes later. I couldn’t believe it. He broke off her trail and slowly came right at me. I could have shot him 10 times but he was literally walking straight at me. Dude was like 20 feet from me when the arrow flew. It was enough to make me almost fall out of the tree. I have a decent spot in a very unsuspecting area, but it is not typical for me to see the same deer year to year. I’m still amazed that I ended up filling my tag with this guy. Checkmate big boy!
  9. Headed out in 28 in a few. Target buck was on cam last night so I know he’s close by. Good luck all!
  10. Always awesome when you put a plan together and it works. Great buck. Congrats.
  11. Check this guy out. The piece of wood is a 6x6.
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