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  1. Triv

    Catch and Release

    Blows me away that grown men are scared of snakes that weigh 3lbs max. If your scared, push it off with your boot and get on your way.
  2. My neck of the woods. Depends we’re you’re looking. The Maurice goes from the Delaware bay up to Union lake. In Millville below union lake dam, before it gets brackish, you can catch lmb, smb, stripers, cats, crappie, pickerel, etc. union lake is the biggest lake in south jersey fed by the Maurice. Once you get above Union, it gets smaller and you have the access points mentioned in previous comments. Those spots get stocked with trout although I‘m Sure they just die off once the water gets too warm. North of that is Rainbow Lake, which is another good fishing spot.
  3. Been crushing trout lately. Definitely doing this. Thanks for the info!
  4. Hello gents. I've been getting a fair amount of yote pics this year in a neighborhood patch of woods that I hunt. They’ve never been there before so I’m planning on taking care of business if all goes as planned. I’ve never hunted them before and im looking for any advice available. I’m assuming calls are the way to go. Any particular one work better than another? I can use my AR .223 right?
  5. Triv

    Buck down

    Wow. That’s one to be proud of! Congrats. Stellar buck! Character, mass, and those brow tines......
  6. Triv

    Buck down

    Way to stay at it. Piney buck? Congrats.
  7. 2018 pics. I have to grab the 2017 pics from my laptop. I’ll post them up shortly.
  8. Well, had this guy on cam in 2017 as a solid 7 pt. If we crossed paths then, he probably would have got it then. Last year I had him on cam a couple times Asba big 8. Maybe a little bigger than he was this year. I did see him one morning last year after hunting my stand. I got out and walked over to an overgrown field that always holds deer in the morning. Don’t you know he is trailing a doe and coming right at me. As they both stepped behind a red cedar, I set up and got ready for a shot. Would have been a 20 yard chip shot if they continued on the path I thought, but of coarse that never hap
  9. Headed out in 28 in a few. Target buck was on cam last night so I know he’s close by. Good luck all!
  10. Always awesome when you put a plan together and it works. Great buck. Congrats.
  11. Check this guy out. The piece of wood is a 6x6.
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