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  1. Triv

    Veterans day six

    Yowza! Congrats.
  2. Triv

    11/10 check in

    Decided to check a stand I haven’t hunted yet this year and it is torn up. Was going to hang and hunt but with this wind I decided my best option was to be on the ground. Made myself a perfect nest tucked into a fence line surrounded by briars. If I pull this off, I’ll be the man. Turkeys were the first test and I had one at 6 yards so I think I’m good. 81C66D03-4FE4-426E-A2C4-121617CA10B2.MOV
  3. Triv

    11/10 check in

    Zone 31. In stand now. Probably go for a walk in a little while.
  4. Triv

    Rut action success?

    That’s awesome Rusty. Not always about the deer.
  5. Triv

    Rage Mechanical Broadheads

    Hypodermics are nasty and I finally put my hands on the new ones and they are even nastier. They do damage.
  6. Triv

    Rut action success?

    I almost got a mature 8 this morning. Jumped out of my stand early and took a walk to a hidden field that has a big berm that runs down the one side. It makes it easy to sneak up and overlook the field. At first I saw nothing but then I caught some movement to my left coming through the brush and it was a doe coming right toward me and right behind her was the buck I’ve been chasing. They were coming right toward me. I got ready to draw but they disappeared behind a couple cedars. I waited patiently and I finally saw the buck going back the way he came. I drew back and waited for a shot. Had him at 38 yards. At this point the buck was looking right at me. I let the arrow fly and he ducked it like a dodgeball champ. Clean miss. Sucks I didn’t get him as he would have been one of my biggest bucks To date. That’s hunting though and it was an awesome experience. I’ll be back at it tomorrow. Just because its the rut doesn’t mean you can hunt stupid. You have to be persistent and you have to put the time in. If you do that, the opportunities will come. Pics are of the buck.
  7. There is some verbiage in the hunting digest about hunting lands.
  8. I would hunt it. If it’s state land and you aren’t breaking any other laws i don’t see how they could penalize you. Especially if it’s not posted.
  9. Triv

    Man vs moose

    Stud moose!
  10. Finally have some good rut activity going on. In south jersey. zone 31. Spike came in early and has been chasing everything that moves. Goofy 2 year old 7 strolled through about 1/2 an hour ago and I just now had a good looking young 8 pt under me. Deer are moving good. Come on!
  11. Love mine. Tweaked her out a bit.
  12. Triv

    Worst Stand Snack, Ever!

    But the bag says “No B.S.”. Are you sure you ate it right......
  13. Triv

    ROOKIE MOVES/List them here!

    No one listed the most obvious of all; climbing into your tree to realize you left your release in the truck or at home. I now clip my release to my bow every time I put my bow in the case. I also double check about five times to make sure it is in my pocket while walking in. Don’t even realize I’m doing it sometimes.
  14. Triv

    Blown Missouri hunt, self filmed

    Crazy how much bigger the bodies are on those bucks compared to what im used too. I just got back from north central Missouri and experienced the same thing. Full moon and moon rise post sunset really cut down the daytime movement. Really cool video. I love it there!