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  1. Deer bait $125 each bin Bagged apples 2-5 gallon buckets in each bag $10 Bagged cob corn 2-5 gallon buckets $12 each Located 321 route 537 colts neck Call 7324257006
  2. Only doing bins 125 321 route 537 colts neck 7324257006
  3. Deer bait available Call Kyle 7324257006 $5 per 5 gallon bucket apples $6 per 5 gallon bucket sugar beets $6 per 5 gallon bucket whole cob corn Apple bins 125 In watermelon bin Address 321 route 537 colts neck
  4. Colts neck 321 route 537 call 7324257006
  5. Call me I have a shit load Of apples 7324257006
  6. If you don’t want to buy my apples go to the next guy. Writing and canplaining about it here seem like your going after something that your not going to get at that price in your head. Thanks for your comment
  7. I pay legal Americans to pick them and myself.
  8. If it’s to much for you that’s ok but when you write something like this it feels like It a attack and not Opinions do you know how much it cost to pick apples up ,not a easy job takes time. what about the cost of the trees maintenance etc the cost reflects the labor and it’s all done by white guys .
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