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  1. Stopped watching the NFL when they started the kneeling ! NASCAR our last hope.
  2. Mink

    Any badgers here?

    I think there is a big issue with CWD out there.
  3. Mink

    Secret Society

    Lol! How do you edit that. Never mind got it!
  4. Mink

    Secret Society

    He knew and they eliminated the threat !
  5. Oh my! NJ deer hunting certainly has changed !
  6. Nice work ! Have you caught any Flatheads out of there?
  7. It's all working out just like "they" planned ! Biden was a throw -a- way president from day one ! And they put someone that even Democrats didn't like as VP . This whole thing was a scam ! The sad and scary part is that some Americans bought into it!
  8. Very fair question ! We are all waiting for the answer,
  9. It ain't over till it's over my friend ! A lot of smart powerful people are FINALLY waking up !
  10. He is certainly a great woodsman . We bought our Rem 760'S because of those boys ! Did you know that they mentioned crossing a cougar track while tracking a big buck. Never heard them mention that again .
  11. I've been climbing into deer stands for more years than I can remember and at this point I enjoy watching them almost as much as harvesting one. So I was thing about bringing a camera along with me now . So many things on the market it's pretty confusing . Not looking for professional grade , just simple and EASY to use and share . Any suggestions ?
  12. You guys have big appetites ! lol What is the first picture ?
  13. I wish it were as simple as them being stupid and incompetent but everything they've done has been on purpose!
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