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  1. They want a Federal Police Force and if that happens it's over !
  2. Mink

    Participation awards

    Should be quality over quantity , some of these big bucks have a lot of useless garbage Posts!
  3. Be patient , when something doesn't make sense" like this current market" it never lasts ! The people throwing down this crazy money for houses that aren't worth it are going to get spanked!
  4. My son is going through the same thing! People are not acting rationally, it's as if they just don't want to lose .He wanted to move before next years school starts .I'm pleading with him to hold off and not make a mistake that will haunt him for years.
  5. Mink

    Way To Go Sweden !

    The three that stood should be hailed as heroes!
  6. Mink

    Way To Go Sweden !

    Would be nice if they don't even score a goal!
  7. Mink

    Way To Go Sweden !

    Never thought I'd route against a US team ! After disrespecting our flag the women's USA soccer team lost to Sweden 3 to 0 ! Nice work Sweden! Looking into it further it seems they did it after the anthem....just play soccer!
  8. A lot of people are going to regret buying homes at these insane prices!
  9. Lumber prices continue to drop and new home permits are increasing. How do you think this will affect our housing prices? The price of existing homes right now is insane!
  10. Here's just a drop in the bucket of what we give out in Foreign Aide , you know the raciest Americans ! Here are the 10 countries that receive the most foreign aid: Iraq ($1.17 Bn) Jordan ($1.16 Bn) Syria ($819.37 Mn) Ethiopia ($806.91 Mn) Afghanistan ($760.17 Mn) South Sudan ($749.53 Mn) Nigeria ($739.50 Mn) Dr Congo ($672.06 Mn) Yemen ($633.60 Mn) Kenya ($591.36 Mn)
  11. For most of us it's scenes like this and something we can't wait for each year!
  12. Mink


    All of this is "our" fault !
  13. CHEVY has been dominating , hope it continues!
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