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  1. No Country...in fact no combination of Countries has ever done as much for the black race as has the U.S.A. !
  2. Wow! What a pleasant surprise ! While driving through Woodbridge yesterday I saw a group with political signs and thought to myself ok more anti Trump garbage . No Way...it was all about Fake News and pro Trump...GREAT to see!
  3. There are scum that would kneel during this !
  4. Hey Dan, when we going cruising ? lol
  5. Thank You! That fish looks like a mirror image, even it's size !
  6. We both got a pretty good look at it, it was either a tiger or pure strain muskie .
  7. Same here and we have been fishing there for years!
  8. We were fishing for hybrids in Spruce Run when my buddy hooked into what appeared to be a muskie . It fell off at boat side before we could land it . It DEFINITELY wasn't a pike ! Thing is I don't remember the state stocking muskies there . The fish wasn't huge, maybe 19 inches . Any ideas ?
  9. Dan, Any idea on the HP of the motor ? Also what are you going to do with the small block?
  10. Looking good!
  11. Nice work Dan! How big was the striper ?
  12. What a great young lady ! Trump should find a spot for her.
  13. Mink

    If You Could ???

    That was mine too!!
  14. Mink

    If You Could ???

    If you could sit down with someone for a two hour conversation and ask questions or just talk , who would that person be . It can be past or present but no family members .
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