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  1. Starting to see a lot of Biden Sucks signs show up already ! Someone painted Biden Stole It alongside RT 287, they were painting over it yesterday.
  2. You Tube even removed many of down votes and later admitted it, but it didn't help!
  3. If you accept this election fraud then you are part of the problem !
  4. I agree.....but our votes don't matter, and they know we believe that and they don't care . They are breaking down everything we believe in.
  5. Just like 9/11 we must never forget Nov. 3 2020 ! Two tragic days in our Nations history . "They" stole an election from the American people .
  6. Nah.....nothing more than white privilege ! There are no good white males in America !
  7. Mink

    Defund This!

    I think we all know those type of people.....heck we have a couple right here !
  8. Mink

    Chevy Dealership?

    She was thinking about the Traverse !
  9. Mink

    Chevy Dealership?

    Lol.! That's EXACTLY what I did today!
  10. Mink

    Chevy Dealership?

    My wife is in the market for a new Chevy, but I really hate dealing with the nonsense at most dealerships . Do any of you guys know of a straight up dealer and or salesman? Thank You!
  11. They stole an election from the American people, the silenced an American President, the allowed cities to burn all summer , they really don't even give a fock that you know. I seriously doubt what they told us about 911 was even remotely true. The Republicans are as bad as the Democrats and Trump exposed them all . It's going to take time but we can change this, at least a good portion of America has woken up .
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