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  1. Yes Sir, great song! And we outnumber the shit 10 to 1 !
  2. That's for sure! My buddy bought one brand new and pure stock it would run very low 13's all day long! Good luck with it!
  3. Very nice! We've been catching a few in the Raritan.
  4. Mink

    Weed Whacker?

    Wow! I wasn't expecting this, I thought Stihl was going to be the choice. Thanks guys.
  5. Mink

    Weed Whacker?

    My old weed eater has bitten the dust ! Looking for a new whacker, mostly home use with occasional use on property in Pa.. Would love to get one with an easy line attachment, as that is the biggest pain in the butt changing line ! lol. Thanks!
  6. Let my son take the chevelle for his first date there, that girl is now his wife.
  7. CNN.....well then it must be true!
  8. I agree but these are not normal times, everything we believe in is being turned upside down, our liberty and freedoms are under attack. Talking about it here gives some condolence knowing that there are people of the like mindset . I hope it doesn't knock on your door.
  9. A lot of well intentioned people donated money to this scam, got screwed, and our great main stream media reports nothing ! Our Nation and what we stand for is under attack.
  10. My "OLD" waders are shot ! Thinking about just getting the pant style . Have any of you guys switched to just the pant style? Pros and cons? What brand did you go with ? Thanks!
  11. Black Rooster Tail for us!
  12. As our not so great president would say " Come On Man" ! lol
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