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  1. Mink

    Recommend Woodsman416 for tires or other auto work

    What is the name of the shop? Web-Site ?
  2. Mink

    Let there be light! And thicket!

    Very nice! Did you plant the grass?
  3. Mink

    Best Breakfast Sandwiches

    A lot of great responses guys! Some new places to check out for sure. Remember I was asking for places in North West NJ, but I'll keep the others in mind for reference!
  4. Mink

    Best Breakfast Sandwiches

    I've always liked the Firehouse Bagel shop on RT 206 for good breakfast sandwiches. Are there any other ones in that area that are good?
  5. Mink

    2018 Pheasant Allocation Pa. !

    Can't wait for Fall!
  6. Yep! Unlike the yotas with rotting frames!
  7. Mink

    Be American Buy American

    The thing that bothered me the most was that they "toyota" would win quality control awards while this was going on and the media said nothing about the issue. They all knew about the problem but very little was reported.
  8. Mink

    Be American Buy American

    There's well known 4WD Shop that won't put any lift kits on toyota trucks until they have their frames replaced. Good luck with your truck!
  9. Mink

    Be American Buy American

    Some of the toyota Forums have pictures of stacked frames and otherwise normal looking toyota trucks ready to be sent to the crusher before they started to replace the frames. But hey, if you like your truck enjoy it and have good luck with it!
  10. Mink

    Be American Buy American

    These kind of Threads could go on forever, one side attacking another ! Personally I would NEVER buy a Toyota truck . I just think there'r butt ugly, get the worst gas mileage out of all them by far, have had RUSTING FRAMES issues for over a decade now. Even if I could get over the fact of it being a Japanese company and I don't want it included in my outdoor plans I just don't think they are better trucks. But buy what you want! It always seems like toyota buyers have to convince everybody else how American their trucks are, never mind that there trucks are inferior. This Thread wasn't attacking any other brand but the guilty feeling yota buyers always chime in. Drive and buy what you want!
  11. Mink

    Gas Plant on the Musky ?

    I agree that there will be a lot of opposition to this, but everyone of us must make our voices heard to stop this before it gathers strength. This is insane!
  12. Mink

    Gas Plant on the Musky ?

    Discharging 1.5 million gallons of warmer water a day can't be good!