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  1. The Country is under attack right now and these are difficult times that may change our way of life forever. An outdoor Site was one of the few places that you can go to and find people of the same mindset . It hurt to see that even here it wasn't of the utmost importance. I guess supporting police and our Nation isn't top priority . Sad really sad, this is why the left is so strong. We are constantly being told not to vent and speak up.It may not have been the Site's intention to silence anyone, but that's exactly what happened ! The Left wins again.
  2. The ONLY thing I will ever kneel for is the good Lord! Goodbye NFL !
  3. I knew what you were getting at. This was one of the few places that you could vent your frustrations and know that 90% of the people here felt the same way.This is a troubling time in our Country and it's getting harder and harder to say what's on your mind without being attacked. It just got a little harder !
  4. I agree ! Heck we're even being silenced here!
  5. He has to win or our Country will never recover!
  6. With all the BS going on its always good to fall back on things we love!
  7. I would say the two Supreme Court Justices was huge!
  8. NYC will soon be like Detroit!
  9. The MSM could stop all this in a week if they reported the facts . Even the more conservative news only touch on it . WHY?
  10. Watched two hours of local MSM and not one word of this!
  11. This is close to home guys! NO MEDIA COVERAGE!!!!!!!
  12. I was fishing the Passaic River today for catfish . I caught 14 bullheads and 2 channel cats . Hard to think that the channels aren't reproducing . The first channel was about 6 inches , the second was 21!
  13. If you care about the outdoors and the environment at all this has to make you sick!
  14. Correct! These people are doing it right in your face and don't care a rats ass about what you think!
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