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  1. Very nice ! Looks like you been hitting the gym! lol
  2. As soon as Trump calls out corruption in Baltimore the media drops it .
  3. Have you seen any lately ?
  4. From time to time people mention the wild pheasant population around Giants Stadium . But has anyone seen any pheasants there lately ? I was talking to a fellow who works maintenance in the area and he sid he hasn't seen any since Super Storm Sandy . Have you seen any anywhere else ?
  5. Funny stuff, but what isn't funny is that this piece of shit ruined peoples lives.
  6. Maybe they just feel if all the immigrants crossing our border don't have to follow the law why should they....why should anyone!!
  7. At least some media stations are reporting it, that is until they are told to stop!
  8. Just good members of our society having fun. It's out of control my friends...hear the laughter from the bystanders!!!
  9. How many of you would be willing to attend an America/Trump rally ?
  10. Want to really call out the Dems, just say ok let's include Europe in their open border policy and see how fast they change their tune!!!
  11. And we're told not to feel good about it for the "obvious " reason !
  12. What's really disgusting is the narrative the scumbag Media plays out, like it's only Trump and a few crazys offended by this. Can you imagine if the Dems had won the Senate along with the House!!!!
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