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  1. Mink

    Gas Plant on the Musky ?

    I agree that there will be a lot of opposition to this, but everyone of us must make our voices heard to stop this before it gathers strength. This is insane!
  2. Mink

    Gas Plant on the Musky ?

    Discharging 1.5 million gallons of warmer water a day can't be good!
  3. Mink

    Gas Plant on the Musky ?

    That would be catastrophic for the trout downstream, I wonder how it would effect the newly started shad run ? This shouldn't be allowed to happen, PERIOD!
  4. Mink

    Pike Reproduction?

    Interesting that there is very little information from F+G on natural reproduction of Northern Pike in NJ. They say it's sustains itself by collecting eggs from donors and raising them. Good to hear that some reproduction goes on.
  5. Mink

    Spinning Reel ?

    Thanks for the feedback guys! I was just looking for an " extra" reel to add to my arsenal , it wouldn't be my go to reel and just wanted to know if it was junk.
  6. Mink

    Pike Reproduction?

    Some great information guys, thanks!
  7. I know the state has successfully introduced Northern Pike in some NJ waters. I was wondering if there is any natural reproduction going on. Years ago I had heard rumors about one body of water but it was never confirmed.
  8. Hi Guys, I was thinking about adding some new equipment to my fishing supplies. I was shopping for spinning reels and saw that Dicks has 50% off on an Okuma Stratus V .Are these any good ? It's a real good price but I don't want to buy junk.
  9. Right on the money brother!
  10. It's a shame, I love the looks of the Dodge Rams and I'm a GM guy !
  11. Mink

    Very nice jersey brown trout

    Thank You Sir! I'll be sure to get a copy of that read.
  12. Mink

    Very nice jersey brown trout

    Would the trout released from the Musky Hatchery have a better chance to reproduce ?
  13. Mink

    Very nice jersey brown trout

    Thank You,very informative!
  14. Mink

    Very nice jersey brown trout

    Man, that is depressing! None of the trout we now stock reproduce ? Very informative but none the less depressing, I always thought releasing the trout in the high quality streams was helping the population.
  15. Mink


    Nice fish FLDBRED, Hey if the bass were in season and you caught that monster, would you keep it , figuring it might be a record ?