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  1. Mink

    Closing pheasant farm just sad.

    It seems every year Fish and Game has less to do, they probably love this!
  2. Mink

    Latest Dropping Chestnut

    Yes they are and quite a bit!
  3. Mink

    Latest Dropping Chestnut

    Fldbred, Are your 15/16 th's producing nuts yet ?
  4. Mink

    Latest Dropping Chestnut

    Fldbred, as you know I am a chestnut enthusiast like yourself . Having them drop in late November is just awesome. Deer love chestnuts almost more than anything else and think what a help to wildlife this would be ! I'll be talking to you soon ! lol.
  5. Hey Guys, I was up at our deer camp yesterday and our electric stove that we also use for heat isn't working. The Pa. deer season is Monday so might not have time to fix the stove. Any recommendations on an electric heater ? We have a toaster oven for the cooking! Things always happen at the last minute!
  6. Mink

    Pa. Snow Birds

    Nice looking birds! Are them from a SGL ?
  7. Mink

    Good luck tomorrow

    Hope the rain stops!
  8. Mink

    Medicare ?

    Thanks for ALL the advice given everyone ! These are trying and stressful times for sure . We are all going to be faced with these discussions at some point. You would think there would be classes or something, given to help with this. Asking the staff at the hospital is less than helpful...everyone tells us something different. Thanks again EVERYONE!
  9. Mink

    Medicare ?

    Thank You!
  10. Mink

    Medicare ?

    Thanks a ton guys!
  11. Mink

    Medicare ?

    Thanks Buddy! As you well know it's a stressful time!
  12. Mink

    Medicare ?

    Thank You! Would spend down her own money include the value of her home? Again thank you!
  13. Mink

    Medicare ?

    Thank You! We're not in a position to pay for care. Would medicare cover a nurse coming to her home?
  14. Mink

    Medicare ?

    I could sure use a little help! My mother in law who is 92 and can longer take care of herself. My wife has been doing everything for her for the last 3-5 years . This morning my MIL could not even get out of bed. What kind of options does she have as far as care. She owns her own home and is on Medicare . Thanks a ton for ANY helpful ideas!
  15. Mink

    Congratulations Justice Kavanaugh

    God Bless America !