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  1. Mink

    Favorite Irish Song !

    Hey fldbrd, go have another Guinness! lol
  2. Looks like a 4 inch Kieteck in her mouth...that's a real good bass Dan. After they start feeding heavy again that fish could put on another 1/2 pound!
  3. When I said this I didn't mean politically or fake news , think John/Robert/Martin !
  4. They are not going to let him win in 2020 ! If it looks like he might...well they will stop at nothing .
  5. Mink

    New Member

    Welcome aboard ! Good luck with the Musky!
  6. I'm proud to speak out for what I believe in and I'll never waiver!
  7. Well thank you! The reason for the reference is because it's for the most part people on the left that support disgracing our National Anthem and Flag are the same people that believe killing new borns is their right.
  8. I wonder how many of these same liberal puke think it's ok to kill a baby after 9 months ?
  9. My buddy went to the John Melencamp concert at the Arts Center and he said the piece of shit went into a political rant and took a knee . So scratch another one off !
  10. Dan, that male to female ratio looks about perfect . Correct ??
  11. Just make sure you check the frame !
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