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  1. That's an incredible distance to track a bird ! It also shows the tenacity of wild birds. I hunted with Chip when he was just months old, I knew then he would be something special.
  2. The only surprise is that this guy is still alive!
  3. Hi guys, my wife has started a bird feeding station n our yard . Any recommended places and type of seed to purchase . She has been buying the seed at one of those Wild Bird Seed stores and it seems pretty expensive . Is having corn in the mix a negative? Thanks!
  4. Can't be...there's nothing on news about it!
  5. Wow! Never heard of that, thanks!
  6. I didn't think that old dam really restricted any upstream travel . Always a nice pool there. Always enjoy the information !
  7. We were concerned because if you look at his front shoulder it looks like some sort of mange!
  8. This nice buck was taken on trail cam on my buddy's property. Does it look healthy to you?
  9. Yes Sir....don't know if these were new guys releasing the birds, but every one of them should be fired ! They took no effort in their work at all . I witnessed it three different times !
  10. I believe the Farm Bill Biologist only has jurisdiction in a few South Jersey Counties which never were prime pheasant areas!
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