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  1. Saddle ain't for everyone, neither is a hang on stand, that is why they have ladder stands and for those that can't get off the ground, good ole pop-up ground blind!
  2. I picked one up, Christmas gift to myself when they were on sale last year
  3. I fletched with Gateway Rayzr feathers, those arrows weighed in at 316 grains, 70 lb draw bow. That bow can handle lower for those that want more speed.
  4. Saddle isn't for everyone, neither are hang on stands and that is why pop-up blinds are available, stay on the ground, have heaters, coffee makers and move around undetected and nap on the ground if you wish... really rough it out there!
  5. Once you get dialed in, you could take a nap! lol I don't see that, arrows do flex coming out of the bow and it does whip around when it hits the deer.
  6. Saddle manufacturers are out like 10 weeks right now, saddle hunting is exploding!!! My last hunt with one, very comfortable and everything is under 5 lbs!
  7. Thank you, not a pro staffer though. I went to the Game Butchers in Lebanon, no fee over 50 lbs til 9/27. Thanks everyone, glad you enjoyed it.
  8. This is the first Excalibur I have tested because they were so loud, some Excals hit over 90 decibels, the Matrix Mega 405 should have come with ear protection that thing was so loud, sounded like the world's loudest tuning fork... TING! lol
  9. Mission Sub-1 XR Finish: Realtree Edge Hawke SR Etched Reticle, Variable Speed, 2-Color Illuminated scope with rings. 3 Mission bolts w/nocks/field points Mission 3-Bolt Quiver Mission Soft Case Mission Cocking Rope No trades Chester area $1200.00
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