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  1. hunt1940

    Bear hide products..

    what can be done with the paws ? ear muffs ..what else is there ?
  2. hunt1940

    Bear hide products..

    yeh its tanned i ended up just doing a shoulder mount. i have no room for anything bigger. i know there a companies out there who make stuff . just looking to find if anyone knows any
  3. I have left over bear hide and paws from a giant I shot in 16. Does anyone know anybody who might be able to make things like ear muffs for my daughter and stuff with the claws or nails etc....I really don't want to see any go to waste. or even ideas what could be made would be great. thanks
  4. Manhattan euyonmous ....i own a landscape and deer repellent business hands down their favorite . if we have a hard winter just cut them in half and let the deer graze and they bounce right back.
  5. hunt1940

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    read this morning her brother has ties to fusion gps .....NEXT !
  6. hunt1940

    Wayne area deer heard ?

    Was wondering if anyone can tell me about the numbers of deer in the Wayne area ? The reason I ask is i'm thinking about expanding my deer repellent spraying business a little south of Bergen county. I'm already in lake community's in the Bloomingdale area so a little further south won't hurt. Before I advertise I would like to get some feed back on people who know deer and if they do a good amount of damage to the landscape in this are. Thanks
  7. hunt1940

    3D Target

  8. hunt1940

    Imperial Whitetail 30-06 mineral

    never seen anything like what they do to ani logics mineral dirt 180
  9. hunt1940


    i just got a good deal at palmetto state armory $49.00
  10. i know i've seen this topic posted over the years and with google research etc. I still can find any info on catching and eating NJ craw fish . Have people done it or do they do it etc ? is it worth it and are they good to eat ?
  11. hunt1940

    GA Hog Hunt - Success

    i agree i just got from hog hunting in nc , wild hog is some of the best meat.
  12. hunt1940

    GA Hog Hunt - Success

    cant find website or info...do you have any ?
  13. hunt1940

    Bear pelt - Free

    message sent as well
  14. hunt1940


    wait and see what happens ,states like nj ,conn ,ny cali all have been mishandled for years and its time the federal government puts the problem back on the shoulders of the assholes who run these states , that's what thats about.
  15. hunt1940

    Last chance for NJ bear ... maybe for a very LONG time

    wish my bastards would show up in day time hours !!!