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  1. I haven't hunted NJ A while , I've been in Ny. This year i decided to try to help my buddy get a bear on our club property . Noticed today you can not hunt bear from a blind , when did this change or was it always this way
  2. very nice , i did the same . only thing i did i different was tack welded the washers to the i bolts and used a piece of thin rubber where the came together in the middle
  3. What a nightmare and disgrace the NRA has become. Infighting ,people stepping down talk of the Pres misusing money etc etc !
  4. smoke for a couple hours than wrap it in foil for the rest,,dont over smoke it
  5. headed out sunday to put out some test baits
  6. hunt1940

    Archery Stuff

    arrow length ? and witch size
  7. for sure, we get phone calls from them all the time , they say they only give out 3 company name when people call for a estimate... we had a friend call and 7 companies showed to give them an estimate,,correct stay away.
  8. just ordered 4 falken wildpeak at3 ..285 70 r17 got great reviews some say best tire for the money $180 per on amazon free shipping
  9. google q4 herbicide....theres a website do my own .com has quarts sizes.
  10. no... i go threw 5 gallons a year (own a landscape company) spray it in beds ,lawn etc. on laws just try not to do it 90 or hotter may burn the lawn a little, but works great
  11. nutsedge it is..go online buy q4 .its expensive but kills everything including crabgrass, this time of year 2 1/2 ozs a gallon of water and a squirt of dish soap to help it stick. spend the $$$ but you will have the gallon for a while.also knocks the shit out of poison ivy.
  12. very strange band ...first band stunk live and now with the new guys they are great live..but again strange they have songs like "sound of madness " witch is great...than they come out with stuff like "get up" witch should be played on z100..i have seen numerous times most recently with godsmack and tell you something that man can sing ..
  13. looks like you got lucky and the pvc to the manifold didnt brake....good luck on the rest of the system.any questions let me know.
  14. simple fix ..go get a rebuild kit for a couple bucks and 10 minutes of your time. than figure out what else is broke dues to not winterizing. not sure where your located or just order one online..
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