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  1. I just helped my nephew fill out his app for his firearms ID card . I have never used the new system . What is next as far as his finger prints go . Will he be notified, does he need to go one his own ? I have no clue how it works. Thanks
  2. I have a set of almost brand new camo cover king neoprene front seat covers .. don’t have console cover went with the truck . Came out of a 2018 Silverado without electric seats . Believe it will fit 2014-18 Westwood Bergen county$85
  3. Local hunting and fishing shop owner mentioned they are talking about having the bear hunt this year just your not allowed to use bait . They are not killing the numbers they want with bait, why would they make it illegal to bait ?
  4. 100% agree , just buy the kit with new marker and led lights with the harness.. ...plus a little dielectric grease in the connection
  5. leave .....i'm building a house in NC as we speak for about $360,000 ..$2000 a year property tax .
  6. last time i looked esty had some , we were looking for a bear mount .
  7. I find baking them in the oven coated in flak seed oil works the best. I usually find lower heat longer cook time ie over easy eggs also works better
  8. When I Owned mine upstate ,I was always told the locals know the inside of you place better than you.
  9. love it as well. I listen to his pod cast all the time .You see a lot of shows not trying to add a cooking segment . only thing that bothers me is he comes off acting like he knows too much . And i'm not 100 % sure he is on the right. I,ve heard a couple pod casts where he explains dems are more for saving land and repubs are more for building . IE Ted Cruz.
  10. how did they look last year ? take a peace of paper and go into the middle of the trees and shake it onto the paper , check for mites ,you will see them on the paper .
  11. can be any number of reasons , were these [email protected] 'S ? If so did you cut the rope around the base ?
  13. where is everyone getting the di-cal ?
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