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  1. check gunbroker , i just bought my daughter a weatherby element for a great price.
  2. you dont find it odd that this is the dame 11 districts where Romney didn't get 1 single vote and where black panthers were outside polling sites ?
  3. Well it's 5 days away and to be honest i'm scared if Biden wins. so my question is .Who do you think wins , not who do you want to win.
  4. malfunction or not ,that was a great shot , dont understand why it didnt die sooner.
  5. He’s in the pockets of the anti’s it’s pretty simple , it hard to figure out .
  6. see , my line of thinking is to keep the anti's from setting up and protesting the check in sites. i'm sure once you call and give tag info they will tell you where to bring it..just my 2 cents.
  7. how long have you been putting in for a tag ? good luck .. i used to hunt bears with the old owner of ALLAGASH,
  8. Charlie 973-634-1389

  9. you have no idea lol
  10. I hope everything works well , their customer service sucks big
  11. Is the black river skeet range open ?
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