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  1. hunt1940

    Savage 220 stainless

    davis sport in ny has them on sale now $399 -$499
  2. hunt1940

    Heated socks suggestions

    im seeing some pop up on facebook..google heated socks and they will come up.
  3. hunt1940

    FS: Charter Arms AR-7 Explorer Rifle 22LR

    wish you lived closer.
  4. hunt1940

    Cheap deer bait?

    if you look on north jersey craigslist, for sale, hunting ,,there is guy i get from up by the tractor supply in sussex..hes up over the ny border.6$ a bag of 50 lbs ..back right into the barn and leave money in the can.
  5. hunt1940

    Weird Ground Blind Find

    i once had to wait over night for a bad shot on a buck . when i went back in the morning found him along with a dead cat and kitten right next to it ?
  6. hunt1940

    Outfitter tips?

    f Great topic. I went on a wyoming archery pronghorn hunt. Shot a nice goat the first day, than it started !! the rest of the week i hung out with the guide or went out with my friend for his hunts.Any way if the owner didn't tell me every minute of every hour we were together that his son( the guide ) works for tips. the end of week i refused to tip him . When i got home my booking agent had called and wasn't happy .I told him tell your owner maybe he shouldn't follow his clients around begging for tips .
  7. hunt1940

    Cameras stolen!!!!

    if you can post as many pics at the local delis etc...
  8. hunt1940

    How much Tinks 69 doe-in rut to use

    agreed ..does hate it and takes the buck with them. best thing i ever used is a real tarsal gland cut off a buck. if you know your butcher ask him to keep some for you .i freeze them when im not using them.
  9. hi...saw your post and wanted to let you know if you already dont..fish and game have basically turned a blind eye to bow hunting in bergen county as long as you obey the game laws..so shot that thing...i'm in westwood with a swamp behind my house and was given permission to cut thru the neighbors , but the other neighbor has a big mouth so forget it.



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    2. hunt1940


      ok cool...i've been a member of ubnj for years and i've seen it first hand the big wigs get the best treatment. i really don't get involved with them much i basically just support their efforts. but if anything happens can you please let me know ? like i said i'm in westwood.

    3. Rutting Buck

      Rutting Buck

      Absolutely no problem  I imagine the UBNJ won't hunt the property for free.  I don't know what they are going to do but i think having this bring money into the town is better than spending money

    4. hunt1940


      thanks ..needs to fill the freezer.


  10. hunt1940

    Another Bergen’s county Beauty

    nice...i do deer control and landscaping in river vale , there is a giant ten over near the golf course the cops have been trying to get ..lol
  11. hunt1940

    Scumbag in Voorhees Z49

    i kept all my old trail cams that take film and use them for decoys to catch the bastards, you might want to try that..see if you can find some on ebay.
  12. hunt1940

    Bear hide products..

    what can be done with the paws ? ear muffs ..what else is there ?
  13. hunt1940

    Bear hide products..

    yeh its tanned i ended up just doing a shoulder mount. i have no room for anything bigger. i know there a companies out there who make stuff . just looking to find if anyone knows any
  14. I have left over bear hide and paws from a giant I shot in 16. Does anyone know anybody who might be able to make things like ear muffs for my daughter and stuff with the claws or nails etc....I really don't want to see any go to waste. or even ideas what could be made would be great. thanks
  15. Manhattan euyonmous ....i own a landscape and deer repellent business hands down their favorite . if we have a hard winter just cut them in half and let the deer graze and they bounce right back.