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  1. got a $85 fine for not having my name on a black fiberglass tip up. We were in the back of waywayanda and this officer tracked all the way in the snow to bust my hump...
  2. they will get to about 18`20 feet ,,, but every green giant you show me that deer don't eat , i will show you 5 they do . If we get any kind of snow that doesn't melt ...all bets are off. I own a deer repellent business i see it all the time.
  3. Does a great job , I think he’s like 15 years old .
  4. Did a great job on mine Connor !! Got it back in less than 3 months .
  5. FIRST...Great choice of gun i have 3.. All with Vortex scopes , their return policy is second to none if anything goes wrong.
  6. its every make !!! there will always be lemons. like the f350 dump i bought brand new. 4000 Miles exhaust manifold both cracked ,6000 mile trans blew up..horn would go off in the middle of the night ...on and on . now my 94 ford has been great . just like my gmc. !
  7. hunt1940

    Cell Link

    just fixed mine..in the future go on their web site and watch the video how to upload new firm ware.
  8. this time of year 2 ozs cool days 3 ...
  9. kills everything , like i said clover takes 2 apps , i even use it for poison ivy . best used with a sticking agent , but a squirt of dish soap work well only AFTER you mix q4 in the sprayer
  10. they sell smaller bottles if needed , but q4 goes along way.
  11. jersey jay is 100% on the money , go on amazon buy q4 . this time of year 2oz to a gallon . after you mix it in the sprayer give it a shot of dish soap to help it stick . Q4 kills everything , clover it will take 2 apps . Thats all we use . I'VE been in landscaping for 30 years and its the best product I've ever used.
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