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  1. 3x18x50 . its on the box picture.
  2. Brand new Zeiss conquest 6 3x18x50 . Still in box with warranty card and never been mounted . Will throw in $150 zoom adjust . New atleaat $1850 , asking $1400
  3. buddy and i were ice fishing , only guys out there had 4 tip ups total. one of mine was black plastic. gave me a ticket for not having my name on it.....not happy
  4. I would like to trade for 223 if possible
  5. Actually just heard back this morning , he backed out.
  6. got it just waiting to hear back from the person who was before you , if not your up next
  7. im sorry , i just saw this. they are mostly loose some in boxs and have a battle pack of 6 boxs unopened... ill even trade for 223 or even 22 . i really dont care just looking to get rid of it.
  8. going to try my 835 but leave the choke what it is for turkey and see what happens
  9. what we did was get some of that clear green wrapping paper from a craft store. double it up and put it on high powered spot lights for hog hunting down south . should work well here , plus with the lights on our gun.
  10. checking to see if anyone has been out at night , if so how are they making out? Igot a farmer text me 2 days in a row he has the howling at night in same spot. I'll try to get up there this week to give it a shot.
  11. yes , shotgun only at night.
  12. did i read right shot gun only at night ?
  13. I have a mixed load of 308 about 420 rounds . dont have my 308 anymore so i,m looking to unload them. message me if interested, make offer.i'm in bergen county . thanks
  14. buy a cheap one from dicks or ebay or find a old broken one. use it as a decoy, grab a spypoint for $100 they work great put it up higher . you'll catch them for sure
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