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  1. depends where your located...davis up north 129 south..
  2. all black panther martin , i cover the dots with a sharpie
  3. got one for Christmas..its sits on top of my caribou mount.
  4. i got stopped down by our house in little egg on a sunday, warden was great let me keep them and we both agreed it was one of the dumbest laws.
  5. try to stay at the 500cc or under mark, for the most part they have back up pull starts.
  6. one of their best..i still shoOt my LD
  7. can you make it jjjjjjjust a little bigger please
  8. if you can make this shot , its a great shot !!i have 2 bucks a p&y antelope and a boone a crocket 623 black bear i made that shot on and they never went more than 30 yards. while using a 75 grain broadhead . it takes out top of the heart and both lungs.
  9. made diver duck tonight !!! salt water brine for 2 days. than marinade it in balsamic vinaigrette 2 days ...fried in a pan added to rice a roni...not to bad.. but usually just do the bacon wrap with cream cheese thing
  10. Guys dicks has stealth trail cams on sale for $25 online. They had them for $19 on thursday with my rewards i paid $9.95 , So if your worried about stuff being stolen like we all are.its worth the $25.00 .
  11. I would have to say sandy , no doubt hands down for k-9s
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