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  1. hunt1940

    The slight "quarter to" shot - WORST ANGLE IMHO

    if you can make this shot , its a great shot !!i have 2 bucks a p&y antelope and a boone a crocket 623 black bear i made that shot on and they never went more than 30 yards. while using a 75 grain broadhead . it takes out top of the heart and both lungs.
  2. made diver duck tonight !!! salt water brine for 2 days. than marinade it in balsamic vinaigrette 2 days ...fried in a pan added to rice a roni...not to bad.. but usually just do the bacon wrap with cream cheese thing
  3. ok now everyone go order your cameras ...
  4. I just went back on , they back to $19.95
  5. Guys dicks has stealth trail cams on sale for $25 online. They had them for $19 on thursday with my rewards i paid $9.95 , So if your worried about stuff being stolen like we all are.its worth the $25.00 .
  6. hunt1940

    Best small game taxidermist?

    I would have to say sandy , no doubt hands down for k-9s
  7. hunt1940

    Favorite Movie Line

  8. hunt1940

    Favorite Movie Line

    "officer i would like to see the bail a little lower", these men are criminals ! NO THEY'RE NOT THEY'RE FOLK HEROS !!!!!! they're criminals !!! WELL MOST FOLK HEROS STARTED OUT AS CRIMINALS ...... SLAP SHOP
  9. easier now , but put a hurting on the the shops where you had to go ! like the little place out by stillwater ..oh the good old days
  10. I have a 1917 enfield made by Eddystone in 1918. i need stock parts such as hand guards top and bottom. Anyone have an idea where to get them ?
  11. hunt1940

    Savage 220 stainless

    davis sport in ny has them on sale now $399 -$499
  12. hunt1940

    Heated socks suggestions

    im seeing some pop up on facebook..google heated socks and they will come up.
  13. hunt1940

    FS: Charter Arms AR-7 Explorer Rifle 22LR

    wish you lived closer.
  14. hunt1940

    Cheap deer bait?

    if you look on north jersey craigslist, for sale, hunting ,,there is guy i get from up by the tractor supply in sussex..hes up over the ny border.6$ a bag of 50 lbs ..back right into the barn and leave money in the can.
  15. hunt1940

    Weird Ground Blind Find

    i once had to wait over night for a bad shot on a buck . when i went back in the morning found him along with a dead cat and kitten right next to it ?