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  1. I completely agree with this Matty. I've been advocating for this for a few years now as well. I just put this exact thought into the UBNJ survey that came out where they asked what issues you would like to see UBNJ get behind. I have been very fortunate to take 4 deer this year, 2 bucks and 2 does all with my bow (I didn't think I would get to get out at all after October 13th when we had our first baby girl! ) The 2 does and 1 buck were all out of a county management program while the last buck was off a wma. I have been seeing fewer does (and deer in general) on the wma's I hunt the most so I have no desire to take does off of them. Between the rough winters we have had the past few years and the coyote population I think the does need a break right now.
  2. I woke up to at least 2 different birds gobbling for opening day of trout yesterday morning in North Jersey.
  3. Fished the flatbrook for 3 hours with my dad in the morning. We had 2 nibbles but that was it. We only heard of people really catching them in one spot, other than that we saw 2 fish caught. The water was high, murky and running fast. The wind really picked up as the sun got higher.
  4. Sounds cool. If you don't have one of those sewing awls I used, they are the only way to go for this custom stuff as far as I'm concerned. They're only like 12 bucks on amazon too. Once you get your ideas together make sure you post them up. Maybe we can help out
  5. Thanks Matty! Putting one of these together would be a lot of hand stitches! I would have to use my awl because I would use the heavy duty waxed cord for this job. I'm not up for that (at this time at least lol).
  6. If anyone has an old anderson or big buck tree sling laying around and would like to sell it, please pm me. Thanks!
  7. And is it going to be open to hunting? The article implied that but didn't state it. And are they fixing the bridge?
  8. Nice! I had one come out just as it was getting dark last friday night. I couldn't make out much detail but got to watch him walk around and then down a log. Also saw some tracks in the snow.
  9. Has the coyote population in NJ been quantified? Not that I know of. Scientifically speaking (no emotional responses, please), how many is too many? Scientifically, too many is when they have eaten most of the available prey. At this point the predators will die off and eventually the cycle will swing back to the prey. Regarding any answer to Number 2 above, is that opinion or science-based fact? Science Coyotes do prey on deer, is that a bad thing? No, that is nature. Should "all Coyotes be killed" because they are perceived as killing too many deer (as it seems by reading some of the aforementioned posts)? Or are there other reasons? Are those other reasons supported by science? All coyotes should not be killed. Do you think that the majority of deer hunters (or people who hunt deer) are primarily concerned about sheer numbers of deer available for THEM to kill and are pissed that the coyotes are cutting into that number or are they more concerned about the ecosystem as a whole? The majority of deer hunters are concerned the coyotes are cutting into their number. I kill deer as well. Should I be looking over my shoulder when afield? IMO we should all be looking over our shoulders during gun season in NJ
  10. That is still a good deal. I just picked up a couple. Cabelas has the 6mp trophy cams for 99.
  11. In the tree. The snow melted quicker than I thought it would!
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