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  1. Took my boy out lasteeek for permit gun. As luck again would be on his side he took a nice pine buck I filmed most of hunt but not the shot.
  2. A5 2 3/4 light 12 my deer gun as a kid looks like I lost it. that's all good.
  3. All well here jay. May have to see you with this buck. The one horn spike he got in December seems to have disappeared at the taxidermist I brought it to still working on it
  4. My son and I sat most of the day in Colliers Mills we saw a giant buck at 11 o'clock with No shot. At 4 o'clock we had a nice eight pointer chasing some does past us he was able to get a 25 yard shot and put this sucker down . Some video too
  5. Every trail cam I buy stops working after a year or so
  6. i use to get those magazines as a kid in the early 80's don't no what ever happen to them. a friend of mine was in one in the late 70's for killing a tagged buck. buck was 12 YO I think.
  7. this is a small video after my son shot his first buck during 6 day. it also shows him calling his 5 year-old brother to share his enjoyment.
  8. I saw that buck hanging at the club what a nice buck
  9. That sure is My old deer gun don't think I'm getting it back
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