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  1. I think the F&G council is being held hostage .. if they don’t approve Murphy refuses to sign and our laws go back to 1950 or something.. think of all the changes since , ML, safety zone, bag limits , and on and on .. but will say that a frank virgilio owes us all an explanation as much as all sportsmen need to call the Governor
  2. Frank J. Virgilio And that’s the guy on the fish and game council that needs to hear us just as much as we need to bomb Phil ..1-609-292-6000
  3. Just stopped by to remind all of the sportsmen and state workers on this site who voted for Phil , you asked for this . He’s not stopping at the bear hunt , he will go after pheasant hunting program , trout stocking , trapping , predator nighttime hunting and the list goes on.. I know a bunch of the state workers swore they had to vote for him because of their pensions and he screwed you on them too.. #missChris
  4. Nope , they should all carry the same fine no matter the size .
  5. Swamp yankme , half the responses you quoted were In reference to other posted replies and had nothing to do with referencing the article. .
  6. That’s because local Aholes would call the police on kids playing paintball . God forbid kids have anything to do with “ guns” in their neighborhood.
  7. If F&G started a more aggressive cutting program hunters would lose their minds ..
  8. All the state orgs need to be on the same page too . New recruits should be the biggest priority.. Hell , only a handful of years ago the UBNJ wanted to kick youth out of November for their early gun days..
  9. Rdfhunter

    Feral cats?

    Without a doubt that if he kills every cat the supply of cats will run out even with the food source still being available..
  10. Rdfhunter

    Feral cats?

    All the studies performed are by cat loving tree huggers .. Cat A gets trapped and neutered returned and is still a nuisance for years until it dies naturally . Nothing stops this from happening with cat B,C,D and so on who are all neutered and returned .. Now trap and kill comes to play , cat A is trapped and put down , nuisance eliminated . The same happen for each cat that shows up , problem solved instead of dealing with the same cat for 6-8 years til it dies .. this plan is fool proof .
  11. Who was the UBNJ president who was busted for a turkey violation ? Was it baiting or not tagged , I forget . Maybe he can shed some light on this .
  12. Rdfhunter

    Feral cats?

    Lmfao , “ Even trapping and euthanasia has been shown to be ineffective if the food source isnot eliminated. “””.. without a doubt that is the only effective solution.. spaying a cat and waiting 8 years for it to die isn’t my idea as an effective control measure . I have a local cat nut who petitioned and is setting up a TNR in my neighborhood and now we all have to deal with her “ love for cats “ . FML
  13. If the TV is less than 3 years old you can probably swipe up on your phone and select “ screen mirroring “.
  14. Because they are able to gauge hunter participation by permit sales and not just by harvest ..
  15. Comparing a private business ( car manufacturer) to a government entity is silly . If the state has you by the nuts and only wants $$$ by your reasoning they could charger for your second or more does ..
  16. For those who think the Fish & Game is only about the $$$ , explain to me why they don’t charge for every doe killed ?
  17. You’ll need your captains license if you got clients on your boat.
  18. Are you reporting all your kills to the state ?
  19. Anybody who thinks it’s fair to have two diff bag limits should have their head checked ..
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