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  1. Rdfhunter

    NJ State Land Legality Question...Input Needed

    The state owns the median strip woods on the garden state parkway , there are no posted signs but that doesn’t mean you can hunt it ... You’ll have to make some calls to the state F&G to ask.
  2. Rdfhunter

    Coyote down

    Well done sir ... Incredible trophy .. please call in / report the harvest to the state , it’s the only way we will ever get the season extended on them..
  3. Rdfhunter

    Feral Cats

    You guys should see how many come in at night at when Predator hunting ...
  4. This is good to know ...
  5. Rdfhunter

    Philly fans classless as usual.

  6. Rdfhunter

    Rifle Dipping

    He nailed it .. There is nobody better than camo solutions. He does more prep than any company before the dipping .
  7. Rdfhunter

    Nevada got it right...

    Real bows don’t have cams or wheels either
  8. If only we fully funded the teachers pension .
  9. Rdfhunter

    got my first (and second) crow!

    Well done sir ..
  10. Rdfhunter


    Pro tip... add hops yeast malt to your water
  11. Rdfhunter

    Thank you Fish & Game

    If you want to talk about another range , start a new thread . You’re just going to confuse ppl into thinking that the range I’m speaking of is really range 14
  12. Rdfhunter

    Thank you Fish & Game

    you figured it out , it's all a lie... the fish & game paid for a metal sign as a money grab to fine and confiscate centerfire guys... winner !!!
  13. Rdfhunter

    Thank you Fish & Game

    tnats their way of say ppl are scumbags and will burn it .
  14. Rdfhunter

    Thank you Fish & Game

    Did I say there was plenty of mud ?
  15. Rdfhunter

    What type of tree?