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  1. Are you reporting all your kills to the state ?
  2. Anybody who thinks it’s fair to have two diff bag limits should have their head checked ..
  3. The state needs volunteers to help stock so I’m not sure why one of the conspiracy theory guys isn’t helping to get the real story about the numbers being stocked ..
  4. They can tell by the bands being returned how much of the regular season is local birds or not But I’d have to agree that resident birds keep growing ..
  5. Looking to do a 16-20 bird hunt after the New Years .. leaning towards meadowview but does anybody have any recommendations? thank you ..
  6. Do you do an egg wash on the outside of the dough ?
  7. Neat idea but dragging against the fur adds resistance
  8. I assume you are kidding ...
  9. The state considers that selling deer . Do you really think that a butcher never thought to charge that way ?
  10. Not allowed to sell any part of deer in nj
  11. they short ppl’s deer and then would sell it... enough ppl have complained about getting next to nothing back from their deer.
  12. A&M busted for selling ppl’s deer meat by fish and game hartmans is closed .. elys for the price and turn around is the best . Locally in south jersey you pay $8 a pound for snack sticks and elys is 150ish for the whole deer . South jersey Sausage ( great band name) try Joes on landis ave . Bacon cheddar and the jalapeño cheddar are my favorite but they have a bunch other kinds. Whole deer turned into sausage will run about 150 depending on the amount of cheese, bacon , jalapeño they use .. just my 2cents
  13. Rdfhunter

    Wife Is Happy !!

    No back looks great but super $$$
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