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  1. Rdfhunter

    Occupied dwelling

    I would just like to point out that I didn’t post any of this train wreck.. carry on .
  2. Rdfhunter

    freshwater trolling motor is saltwater

    I’d be more afraid of the current killing your battery and sweeping you away . The creeks get really fast with all the rain we have had .
  3. Somebody once taught me that Cats are Nature’s ballistic jelly ..
  4. Rdfhunter

    2019 Lone Wolf's NEW Treestands and Accessories

    My hats off to guys walking in at 4am and setting up stick /locOns.
  5. Rdfhunter

    Truck undercoating?

    I have my truck bed done with a UV protection and it’s holding up great .
  6. Rdfhunter

    Truck undercoating?

    Go with LineX and you don’t have to worry about moisture.
  7. Rdfhunter

    what does everyone do for reading trail cam cards?

    iPad but mostly bring them home
  8. Rdfhunter


    CC is the past and there is nothing we can do about that now but rejoice in the fact that you got Murphy to save the day .
  9. Rdfhunter

    I sincerely hope that none here were impacted

    Christie is out and companies , after seeing the direction the state is going with your new governor, are going with him . I wonder how many would have left earlier without the tax incentives.
  10. Rdfhunter

    My new BFF

    Great looking Grey . Had a green nape years ago that was awesome .
  11. Rdfhunter

    Winter bow check in 01/01/2019

    Zone 27 .... with the devil’s tool .
  12. Rdfhunter


    Amazing that ppl can be so blind .
  13. Rdfhunter

    Private Gun Sale - New Process

    More guns sold on September 30th 2018 than any other day in NJ history and numbers still climbing.
  14. Yup , the whole fish & game will be obsolete.. smh . You knew exactly what I meant .
  15. You think that fish & game wants their job to become obsolete??? Genius ..