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  1. If they are apps that can help you why wouldn't you download them?
  2. YOu did well. I seen 3 still holding this morning.,
  3. This is exactly what you guys get when you trash a Republican Governor thus campaigning for the democrats. #phuckphil
  4. Keep up the awesome work Phil ... Double down on your moronic ideas ... Dontblet the haters get you down👍. On a side note Sweeney is even worse than Phil. #misschris
  5. I hope it gets worse. That's the only way anything will change . Keep up the great work Phil.. #misschris
  6. The one kind love eating turkey poults ..
  7. Murphy is the exact Governor that many on this website campaigned for ... I hope the taxing increases 10 fold ..
  8. I think that’s last year’s results to give ppl a general idea but I could be wrong
  9. I'd have no problem buying a Saltwater license if the fine for not having one was $1500 and had to go for hiring more COs.
  10. That's what you guys get for campaigning for him when you ran your mouths about Christie
  11. Nitro shot company 5,6,7 10ga blend out of my kicks
  12. Great pics... None of your Grandfather ? Hunting At 91, that guy rocks ...
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