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  1. Droptine 26

    what to look for in a kayak

    There is a kayak dealer in Washington, NJ on 31. Can’t remember the name. If your looking for great stability, look at the Jackson Kayaks Big Rig or Mayfly. I own a Big Rig and fly fish out of it all the time. Super stable and excellent quality.
  2. Droptine 26

    Night Eyes headlamp for sale

    HL08-R Red LED single headlamp kit. Includes batteries, shroud, and charger. $75.00 Bought new in the fall and only used it on two hunts. LNIB
  3. Droptine 26

    Chipmunk infestation

    Pellet gun!
  4. Droptine 26

    Headlamps for sale

  5. Droptine 26

    17 of them? Painful to look at.

    I’ve got a couple of real nice air guns.........
  6. Droptine 26

    Headlamps for sale

    All lights are in excellent condition and include halo shield, batteries and charger. Wicked Lights Scan Pro Red led $55.00 SOLD Wicked Lights Scan Pro White led $55.00 SOLD Wicked Lights Scan Pro gen 1 Red led $45.00 SOLD Night Eyes single beam Red led $75.00 Located in Ewing.
  7. Droptine 26

    Quality air rifles

    Look what showed up this afternoon....
  8. Droptine 26

    Pohatcong trout

    Got to loves the smiles!
  9. Droptine 26

    Quality air rifles

    Sound good
  10. Droptine 26

    Quality air rifles

    Heavyopp I currently own a FX Streamline and have a Wildcat MKII on order. I’m in central NJ near Trenton if you would like to check them out.
  11. Droptine 26

    Quality air rifles

    https://www.precisionairgunsandsupplies.com/ pyramid air airguns of Arizona airgun depot These are some of the more popular websites.
  12. Droptine 26

    Quality air rifles

    Dunkleburgers only carries springers. Very limited pellets and accessories.
  13. Droptine 26

    anyone here cook on cast iron?

    Love my cast iron, wish I had some older stuff from relatives.
  14. Droptine 26

    Few items for sale, few items for free

    I’ll take the backpacks if you can ship them. I’ll pay for shipping.
  15. Droptine 26

    Remington R-15 30AR *price drop*

    Gun is SOLD