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  1. 28 lbs 11 1/2 beard 1 3/8 spurs My first turkey with a muzzleloader 15 years ago.
  2. That smiles says it all! Congrats and relish these moments!
  3. Pocket ranger is obsolete. Go to the website
  4. Pics please! I’m stuck at work!
  5. Fill up a cooler or two with lunch meat, hamburgers, hotdogs, PB&J, and cold drinks. The memories you make will stay with your kids forever and they will thank you for the experience years from now!
  6. F/S hard plastic decoy with super realistic paint job. Comes with stake and carry bag with straps. $30.00 located in Ewing
  7. The majority of hunting accidents aren’t new hunters. They are usually seasoned hunters who have become laxidasical with their safety practices in the field. A short refresher course never hurt anybody.
  8. Sometimes your the windshield...................
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