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  1. Quality air rifles

    Heavyopp I currently own a FX Streamline and have a Wildcat MKII on order. I’m in central NJ near Trenton if you would like to check them out.
  2. Quality air rifles

    https://www.precisionairgunsandsupplies.com/ pyramid air airguns of Arizona airgun depot These are some of the more popular websites.
  3. Quality air rifles

    Dunkleburgers only carries springers. Very limited pellets and accessories.
  4. anyone here cook on cast iron?

    Love my cast iron, wish I had some older stuff from relatives.
  5. Few items for sale, few items for free

    I’ll take the backpacks if you can ship them. I’ll pay for shipping.
  6. Remington R-15 30AR *price drop*

    Gun is SOLD
  7. Remington R-15 30AR *price drop*

    Final price drop to $800.00
  8. Well, made it through another joint surgery...

    Want me to drop off some predator hunting dvd’s?
  9. Must watch!! Awesome!!!!

    Great American!
  10. Well, goin to get the other elbow done in the morning...

    Good luck Wayne! Let me know if you need a hand with anything during recovery.
  11. Please Wish My "Adopted" Son Luck

    God bless all service men and women!
  12. squirrel have the toughest skin

    Looks tasty ! Congrats!
  13. squirrel have the toughest skin

    If you skin them right away, the slit under the tail method usually works. If you continue to hunt for a couple hours, it’s a little tougher to do. Just pull slow and it usually won’t tear off.
  14. Remington R-15 30AR *price drop*

    Price dropped to $850.00
  15. Looking for a good quality backpack

    I bought 2 different tenzing packs this year. The are built to last with a great warranty. And they offer so many size options.