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  1. They’re out gathering food for the little ones. I had a pup wander out into the street in front of me last night, and it just sat down. As I drove around it, it scampered off the road.
  2. Seriously? Your asking for financial advise on this site? Call your accountant or financial advisor later today.
  3. Here’s mine on a fishing trip to the Flatbrook early last spring!
  4. Are these legit or fell off the back of a truck?
  5. For what you explained you want the gun for, why not build a tack driving shotgun. Great for deer and predator hunting.
  6. Your choice. The only thing we won’t do is drag out the bench for you shoot off of. Just make sure your child can cock the crossbow on their own.
  7. What about the rest of the hide?
  8. Congrats Wayne! Hope your recovery is going well.
  9. Used to ride that enduro before I went in the service back in ‘84.
  10. A ball cap is considered legal, but it isn’t 200 sq. inches. Too many idiots in the woods to rely on just a ball cap on top of your blind, especially if I have my daughter with me.
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