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  1. Congrats Wayne! Hope your recovery is going well.
  2. Used to ride that enduro before I went in the service back in ‘84.
  3. A ball cap is considered legal, but it isn’t 200 sq. inches. Too many idiots in the woods to rely on just a ball cap on top of your blind, especially if I have my daughter with me.
  4. The thick silver skin should be trimmed off and thrown away. The smaller skin between the muscle groups will break down during the cooking process in the pressure cooker.
  5. Might be able to clean channel with a torch tip cleaner.
  6. Intrepid stove. $50 missing 2 pins on one door and ceramic handle on damper. Located in Ewing 08618.
  7. Yup! They killed Al-Baghdadi in a US raid. Pending DNA confirmation.👍🏻🇺🇸
  8. 08618 Ewing. Sure can, I also have a Streamline in 25 cal. I have a carbon fiber tank I fill at a local scuba shop.
  9. Fx Wildcat MKII 22 cal. shooting JSB hades 15.8 grains at 935 FPS. I did install the slug barrel, it didn’t shoot any of the slugs I tried very well, but it did stabilize the pellets better at farther ranges.
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