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  1. Droptine 26

    Coyote down

    Congrats! Most guys won’t shoot them cause they don’t want to screw up their hunt.
  2. Droptine 26

    Did a ground blind sit.

    Every deer I have ever shot out of a ground blind has been super exciting hunts! Congrats!
  3. Droptine 26

    Rutting buck hits the dirt, permit tag filled!

    Great buck Will! Congrats!
  4. Droptine 26

    Excalibur Micro crossbow in camoflage

    Great price on a great crossbow!
  5. Droptine 26

    Wtb fred bear razorheads

    Pm sent
  6. Droptine 26

    Maine Moose Down(pic heavy)

    Congrats!👍🏻 What an awesome animal!
  7. Droptine 26

    Oktoberfest 2018 photos

    Ahhh, your pictures bring back great memories! I was stationed there in ‘85-‘86.
  8. Droptine 26

    New Mexico Archery 6x6 success

    Congrats on a great Bull!! What zone did you hunt?
  9. Droptine 26

    nesco american harvest food dehydrator

    Let’s try $25.00.
  10. Just don’t use it anymore since I bought a smoker. Has 4 trays. Located in Ewing. $35.00
  11. Droptine 26

    One really cool squirrel!

    Cool pic! There aren’t any chemical waste sites nearby?
  12. Droptine 26

    what to look for in a kayak

    There is a kayak dealer in Washington, NJ on 31. Can’t remember the name. If your looking for great stability, look at the Jackson Kayaks Big Rig or Mayfly. I own a Big Rig and fly fish out of it all the time. Super stable and excellent quality.
  13. Droptine 26

    Night Eyes headlamp for sale

    HL08-R Red LED single headlamp kit. Includes batteries, shroud, and charger. $75.00 Bought new in the fall and only used it on two hunts. LNIB
  14. Droptine 26

    Chipmunk infestation

    Pellet gun!
  15. Droptine 26

    Headlamps for sale